Club of Rome was originally founded at a meeting in David Rockefeller‘s house in Bellagio, Italy, and promoted alarmism over population growth.

Its 1973 book, The Limits to Growth, coincided with the creation of the Trilateral Commission, also by Rockefeller.

They are still at it…

This text is taken from the Club of Rome’s 2002 report, ‘Planetary Emergency Plan: Securing a New Deal for People, Nature and Climate.’

In that the Great Panic of 2020 (pandemic) is currently dominating the new cycle, don’t think for a minute that ‘radical climate change alarmism’ has gone away.

To the contrary, it is just waiting for the massive funding that will be sprung during the Great Reset.


The Planetary Emergency Plan 2.0,

updated to include insights from

the covid-19 global pandemic,

makes the case that we are unequivocally

in the midst of a planetary emergency.

The plan provides ten commitments

to protect the global commons

and public goods as well

with ten essential transformative actions

to drive systems change

and stabilize the earth.


For 10,000 years, human civilization has grown and thrived because of Earth’s remarkable climate stability and rich biological diversity.

In the last 50 years, human activity has severely undermined this resilience.

Our patterns of economic growth, development, production and consumption are pushing the Earth’s life-support systems beyond their natural boundaries. The stability of these systems – our global commons on which we so fundamentally depend – is now at risk.

The science is clear that we are now accelerating towards tipping points and that the consequences of inaction will be catastrophic for humanity.

The time to act is running out…

This is a Planetary Emergency. The definition of an ’emergency’ is a dangerous event requiring immediate action to reduce risk of potentially catastrophic results.

The impacts of climate change and ecological destruction are more severe and are manifesting themselves earlier than many scientific predictions in previous decades had foreseen. The most authoritative global scientific assessments conclude that without major interventions, the risks will soon reach a critical stage.

We need to stabilize the climate at 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures, halt the loss of biodiversity, slow polar ice sheet melt and glacier retreat, protect critical biomes and store more carbon in soils, forests and oceans.

This is how we will guarantee the long-term health and well-being of both people and planet.

To do that, however, our response to this complex emergency must reflect the intricate links between life on our planet and the systems that regulate it.

It must address the convergence of crises and tipping points which have created this Planetary Emergency. We have no more time for incremental, siloed policy action.

2020 is a “Super Year” for international policy action.

It is the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

It is the first opportunity for nations to increase climate ambition and meet 2050 net-zero goals.

A new treaty on the oceans will be agreed.

Biodiversity targets will be announced.

And 2020 will mark the beginning of the decade to scale action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

This decade must be a turning point, the moment when the world bends the curve, averts the impending disaster and opts instead to embark on the fastest economic transformation in our history.

Declaring a Planetary Emergency provides a new compass for nations and injects the essential urgency into decision-making.

It will ensure that all action from 2020 will be taken in light of its impact on the stability of Earth’s life-support systems, and be underpinned by the social and economic transformations needed to secure the long-term health and well-being of people and planet.

While our efforts should be global, our responses must be local.

They should be tailored to local needs, resources and cultures to ensure they have maximum impact and work to everyone’s advantage.

A Decade of Action – Emerging from ‘Emergency’

The existential risk is ‘real.’

Yet, the opportunities to not just avert disaster but to rebuild, improve and regenerate are readily available.

History has shown that humanity is remarkably resilient.

We are well adapted to respond to disaster through cooperation and innovation. But the potential consequences we face this time are different – we have a narrow window to act now to reduce risk or avoid catastrophe.

We don’t know how to reconstruct,

  • the cryosphere

  • the hydrological cycle

  • the rainforests

  • coral reefs

…and all other life-support systems on Earth.

Once the emergency fully manifests itself, it will simply be too late to reverse the breakdown.

As well as halting climate change and protecting nature, these efforts will improve health, livelihoods and equity and create more livable and sustainable cities and rural communities.

Our proposed commitments and underpinning action are of the scale needed to respond to the emergency facing people and planet.

Our aim is to protect the Global Commons through 10 clear commitments, and ensure they are met by immediately implementing a set of transformational policy and market levers.

This is our insurance policy to emerge from emergency and guarantee a just transition for all.

We invite nations to discuss the case for a Planetary Emergency Plan.

We propose such a plan be founded on the urgent need to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050, while halting biodiversity loss and protecting essential Global Commons.

Such an initiative is consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty and improve quality of life. We can emerge from emergency to a world which benefits all species, within planetary boundaries and leaving no one behind.

This is the world we envisage, and the world to which we must all aspire.

The Rationale For Emergency Action

The science is clear:

the climate and biodiversity are fully integrated and interdependent.

Every year since the Industrial Revolution, land-based and ocean ecosystems have absorbed close to half of all emissions from fossil-fuel burning.

Without nature’s ability to absorb and store our GHG emissions, we would have already exceeded 2°C of warming, with potentially disastrous consequences.

Breaching this threshold of warming could push the planet towards irreversible and catastrophic biosphere feedbacks

When climate change alters a chink in the planetary system, it can set off a chain of negative feedback loops. Increasing droughts, for instance, are reducing the ability of tropical forests to store carbon, making them more prone to fires, releasing yet more GHG emissions.

The significant ‘loss of the Cryosphere has reduced the albedo capacity of key Earth systems to reflect heat away from the planet.

The higher the temperature, the more permafrost thaws, with greater emissions of both CO2 and methane, leading to even greater warming and triggering further negative feedback loops.

At least one million species risk disappearance, many within decades.

Food chains could disintegrate and vital ecosystems collapse. Species diversity and ecosystems integrity play a fundamental role in regulating the climate, water cycles, carbon sequestration and food production.

The increase in costly, extreme weather events around the world is symptomatic of the increasing instability of our climate system.

Accelerating sea-level rise from polar ice sheets threatens millions in more intense storms. ‘Loss’ of mountain glaciers and snowpack threaten reliable water supplies for billions, from the Indian sub-continent to the American West.

Fundamental changes to the environment threaten to undermine the progress we have made in health and life expectancy. More heat stress, for example, reduces labor productivity and causes more deaths, particularly in mid- and low-latitude regions.

Fires from intentional burning in agriculture spread to neighboring farms and forests, damaging soil carbon capacity and productivity.

Declining crop yields in tropical and sub-tropical regions will increase under-nutrition for many millions, stunting children’s growth. Land-use changes, pollution and temperature rise are causing more infectious and mosquito-borne ‘diseases’.

Current economic assessments of planetary changes are deeply concerning and global economic and societal risks of accelerated planetary pressure are unimaginable. Yet we know that the costs of action are far less than the cost of inaction.

The tools we need to respond boldly to the Planetary Emergency are readily available, and they will reap significant societal and economic benefits.

The IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C (SR 1.5) tells us that remaining at or below 1.5°C remains physically, technically and economically within our reach if we act at sufficient speed.

Over the next 10 years, we can steer our development path onto one which benefits all humanity and allows economies in transition to leapfrog and immediately seize the opportunities from a low-carbon, ‘well-being’ economy…



  2. IPCC Special Report on 1.5 Degrees of Global Warming (2018), IPBES Global Assessment (2019) and IPCC Special Report on Climate Changen and Land (2019)






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  1. UN Agenda 21/2030, The Great Reset, EVENT201, COVID-19: There's more to this conspiracy than meets the eye. There is a big picture. Let's not get lost in the details. The big boys have a plan–a 500 year plan: 1776+500=2276CE. And the midpoint of their plan is just 5 years away in 2026, the year the USA celebrates 250 years of sovereignty. The online book 2276CE: The Future is Calling (2020) outlines The Plan. That is, The Plan will abrogate the future of the whole world! We are simply living in the midst of its unfolding.

  2. Here’s a different cup of tea, related to tackling the environment – and climate issues. A different way to tackle the issue with worn-out systems, the ragged paradigm on planet Earth that leads to decay, abuse of power, artificial inequality and designed poverty.
    The Club of Rome, the United Nations, all those making plans and agendas for the management of planet Earth’s environment and security of resources or living conditions, these are often compromised institutes looking through binoculars holding it upside down.

    ” … it is unscientific to accept the concept of a biosphere and to reject the concept of noosphere. The noosphere is as much a part of the earth as any other sphere, such as the hydrosphere. Indeed, by virtue of its being the cause of most ecological woes and the seat of all ecological action, the noosphere should, from the ecologist’s standpoint, be the most crucial layer. Its health and its protection from man’s own perversity should be one of his concerns. For obviously noospheric pollution is the source of all pollution.”
    P. R. Masani, “The Ecology of the Noosphere …” (1995)

    An event that took place last July. “Timeshift 2020: Activating Galactic Culture on Earth” with the introduction of Jose Arguelles’ prayer to the 4 directions, audio, and visual presentations by the team working for lawoftime, participating in the July 2020 timeshift event:

    The Law of Time is based on the work of Josey Arguelles who worked tirelessly, to teach the Law of Time: natural time, based on the 13 Moon Calendar of 13 x 28 = 364 days plus 1 Day out of Time, celebrated as the day to release debts and to focus on forgiveness, July 25th, followed by the Newyear’s day of the 13 Moon Calendar July 26th, the day when the Sun and Sirius rise above the horizon while close to each other.

    The following is from a post, found in the link below this text:
    “Star in Constellation Leo named “José Argüelles-Valum Votan”
    This just in! On the Day out of Time, Kin 213 (July 25, 2011) representatives of the Planet Art Network in Russia received notice from the director of Russia’s “Star Almanac” Campaign that a star in the constellation Leo has been named “José Argüelles”.

    The Certificate states:

    July 25, 2011, Moscow
    It is hereby confirmed the entry into the catalogue of celestial bodies “Ros Astro”
    on assignment ninth magnitude star in the constellation Leo, with coordinates
    169.07190 2.88857
    José Argüelles
    Record registered in the name of José Argüelles.
    Registration data published under the number
    EE0711-2395 in the annual “Star Almanac.”

    The certificate is dated on the Day out of Time, the only “holiday” on the 13 Moon/28-day calendar, a day to embody Time is Art and Peace through Culture, to which José Argüelles/Valum Votan had devoted his entire life on Earth (and now still from the other side of the veil).

    Further synchronic notes are that this occurred in this first Overtone Tower of the Green Central Castle of Enchantment, also known as Merlin’s Tower. Kin 213 is the Red Overtone Skywalker, which indicates a Quetzalcoatl Return.

    This day was also the completion of the 24th year of the Dreamspell Count which began in 1987, 24 being the number assigned to our local star, Kinich Ahau, Velatropa 24 – as well as the number of Valum Votan’s Gregorian birth date: January 24 (1-24). Also, note that July 25th marked the 124th day since Jose’s passing”.

    “The historic process is changing dramatically before our eyes … Mankind taken as a whole is becoming a powerful geological force. Humanity’s mind and work face the problem of reconstructing the biosphere in the interests of freely thinking mankind as a single entity. This new state of the world we are approaching without noticing it is the ‘Noosphere.’”

    V.I. Vernadsky

    The Internet is the third-dimensional reflection of the noosphere, a form of proto-telepathy. When the noosphere is fully activated, then the human species will experience telepathy as a collective norm.

    “A transformation, triggered by the completion of the Great Cycle has already taken place, signalled by a shift in the resonating frequency; this shift announces the end of the Great Cycle and gives a premonition of the brilliance of our galactic, solar and planetary reality in the following era which begins with 2012 AD … Our planet thus enters into its next evolutionary phase, securing itself a place as a new member of the galactic community.”

    José Argüelles, The Mayan Factor.

  3. Club of Rome can indulge them selves in fairy tales as much they like.Jesus will come down from haven to save this Planet from destruction as he could not save him self from the cross.Nice fairy tale from Piso family in year 65 AD.This Planet is ruled by fat cigar smoking in striped suits power and money hungry creatures.They have done more destruction in 300 years then their relatives Primates in 36.000 years.We are at the cross roads,what do we want Fred Flintstone age or Cyborg age?? Whichever we chose Mother Earth will pay the price if we do not address Homos Erectus erection.

    • Hello dr fungus, I’m afraid that your melancholic view on our present condition is keeping you from choosing an active approach and to make a difference. Hence your fatalistic view in the last sentence of your comment, that it doesn’t matter what we choose. You sound as if your own presence has no impact or meaning, while you’re clear in expressing what’s wrong in this world, from your perspective. And thus, you know what it is that is wronged.

      How would you address Homos Erectus erection? Running around and chopping off men’s family-jewellery?

      I believe it’s worthwhile to ponder the age of Mother Earth and her journey through time and space. As far as I’ve understood her condition and role, as a nurturing being, no doubt, to me she’s capable to take care of herself and won’t be on her own in that effort, especially at this time. Although I’m not a believer in doom and gloom, extinction, Mother Earth is quite capable of taking care of herself first, when the hour of her survival arrives.

      The fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes on her body, will help her to release the fleas from her body if she’s making her choice to survive. And by joining your choice of jargon, I’m prepared to re-locate or bi-locate when needed, for those fleas are us, humans.

      Instead of investing your energy in possible doom scenarios, better make a plan for a brighter future, for yourself and for those you’re with. Don’t wait for others to make a choice for a Fred Flintstone age or Cyborg age, it’s your choice that matters, and while living amidst the choice of others, no matter if it resonates with yours, you’ll know the contentment of having done as much as you can and practice service to others, while you’ve found the affinity in your heart for yourself. See what I mean? Does it make sense?

      • HI DEVON thanks for your reply.If you did not follow my comments from past we are not Godly creation.We are half Animal half Alien,our digestive and reproductive system is from Animal and our body is from Alien. We are not naturally evolving species,we are hybrids.85% of world population is R.H. positive there for we need to be controlled.Due to 300 years of industrialisation which needs more and more customers to buy their Mother Earth destructive products.Deliberately made not to last,so you keep coming back for more to feed their greed,which results of power in wrong hands and Planet destruction.And at the end of a day they will say oh it is not us customer wanted it.More then 100 years since plastic was invented supermarkets stop giving you plastic bags to save environment.Then they come to brilliant idea selling you plastic bags.So Homos Erectus and his erection and lust for $$$ need to be controlled as Mother Earth can only save it self to take its clothes off and become barren Planet like many others in the universe.If this does not satisfy you please be my guest to disagree.Regards and thanks again.

        • Hello dr fungus, thank you for your response. We’re looking through different glasses, I believe. To me, it’s not about being satisfied with your response/view or about a disagreement with it. I guess you’re describing most of our circus acts on planet Earth’s accurately. It’s what you choose to conclude and act upon that matters to me.

          Keeping my focus on what’s wrong in the world, brings me to misogyny and worrying. Where attention goes, energy flows, is my experience, see? When I’m clear on what’s wronged in my world and the world at large, I’m indirectly aware of what it is that I wish for, long for to appear in it.

          The effect of pondering what’s wrong and evil, prevents me from using my creativity, in order to create conditions that mirror what I wish for, what it is that I choose.
          That’s my experience in life so far, speaking as an elder.

          One of my teachers once said, in the classroom “There are two ways to find the truth, by swimming with the current, downstream, and by swimming upstream to the very beginning, the source”.

          It seems, to me, that you’re swimming upstream and in that way you’re able to see all the history of wrong-doing as well. Projecting that on the reality that shows up when going downstream, is a mistake. For when I’m such a projector, I’m separating myself from the creation of my reality.

          To me, all the disharmony and destruction, the evil doing and programming behind it, by 4th dimensional beings tinkering with our consciousness, is one large recommendation on a gigantic billboard alongside my highway of life:

          “Now, this time, do it differently. Know that your reality can change in a blink of an eye, by moving from resistance to surrender, liberating yourself and see the world with changed eyes”.

          Surrender? Yes, the surrender to my inner capacity to create my reality, walking on a path with ?

  4. You Stand Corrected, It’s actually been the Last 80 Years Human activity has Severely under minded Earths Resilience. The Plan should be ‘Leave Well enough Alone’ & Stop Funding Everything because it Always leads to Corruption. The Earth will Always Take Care of Itself.


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