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I wish to share some paradigm breaking knowledge, about astrology, horoscopes and modern natal chart readings. Having been recently studying with an amazing teacher of alchemy and astrology, i became aware to the fact that modern astrology incorrectly positions the stars in the sky. How does this work, you may be asking?

So as far as i am aware, we have been are reading and presenting the stars in the sky, via natal chart readings and horoscopes at a different angle to how we actually percieve them above our heads. Simply put, they do not acknowledge the 23-24 degree tilt of the Earth on its axis. This means that the stars are actually, physically in a different part of the sky then we are being told. Thanks to the brilliant platform Stellaruim, a starmap engine that can be downloaded for free on mobiles and desktops, we can correctly place where the planets are at any point in the sky going back or going forward, bar an unknown act of God. Many of us do not own a telescope and have not been taught the knowledge of astrology and astronomy. Many of us do not know where each constellation is and how to spot them. To be honest, most people these days, have all but forgotten about the stars. Sure we have all sat outside on many a night and pondered how and why they are there, losing ourselves in the vastness of the universe, however, most of us simply do not give them enough attention. This is what the issue is. This lack of attention creates the environment for false and misleading information to rise, if we do not keep an interest in it. It seems this has been the case in this modern era. So few people actually know the planets, stars and constellations we’ve forgotten to acknowledge where actually are in relation to the constellations they are transiting. For example we are told that June 21st is the last day the Sun is in Gemini and the 22nd June is the first day of the Sun in Cancer. This picture is a screenshot of the Solar eclipse on June 21st 2020 from the perspective of central Mexico 8am.

As you can see, the Sun is coming out of Taurus and moving INTO Gemini. It is clearly not moving into Cancer, So why are we being told that the Sun is in a different place in the sky? Why are we being told on the 22nd June that we move into Cancer when the Sun clearly isn’t?

It seems that, like with the modification of language (as presented in previous published articles, on my blog), there has been a deliberate plan to confuse the masses with incorrect information, most notably concerning the occult wisdom teachings and alchemy. Both of which are directly associated with astrology, symbols and signs, which are ultimately letters and words which are spelt, as magic spells. I believe certain people were entrusted with the scared knowledge and they have made these arts exclusive to just about all of us. Through studying with this teacher, i have seen presented, countless corrupted teachings, in alchemical artworks coming from freemasonry with misleading information. Even the freemasons teachings have been corrupted! I believe this level of engineering has been going on for thousands of years. If you were someone, or a group that had “the power and knowledge” and you wanted total control, would you share that power & knowledge with everyone else? If we knew the truth of these things, we wouldn’t need governing, we would be autonomous beings who know who we are, what is of fact and what is of fiction.

This is what i feel has been going on and as the layers of this Genetically Modified Onion are peeled away, the picture becomes clearer and clearer. At what point do we stand up and take our power back? Do you want to continue living in a society that breeds confusion and misinformation to keep us from our potential? Can you see this corruption and why its been orchestrated, as a possibility?

The most gifted of astrologers and alchemists will acknowledge the importance of knowing these occult teachings, that by knowing the stars, their attributes (archetypal energies), their relationship to each other and their reflections encoded in all great stories of humanity we can unlock the philosopher’s stone, we can transmutate from lead into gold, figuratively speaking.

It seems that the Bible and all mythological depictions, are a collection of stories based on the astrological cycles of the ages. As we begin to know the constellations and the stars and their positions, through studying alchemy, grammar, etymology – researching where the words come from, we can truly unlock the mysteries of the past, and dispel the engineered spells that have kept humanity in the dark ages for such a long time. Remember once one knows how a trick is made, it no longer holds its power.

So coming back to the star signs, why is it important to know where The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are in the sky when you are born? They provide a template for our personality, development and life journey. It is the oldest knowledge.. Why do you think all great cultures studied the procession of the Earth and the great spheres? Clearly they knew their significance. With all our modern technology, they quite likely eclipsed us with their knowledge and reverence to the heavens above. To draw on one of the oldest truths passed down from the Hermetic teachings, as above, so below. What goes on above us directly effects what happens below, they are the same.

It is my wish that with this information, we all take a keen eye to know where our planets truly are in the sky and particularly where they were when we were born. Even if we don’t use a telescope, lets harness the electronic tools we have today, to better understand the nature of things. Alchemy is after all the science of nature and intimately connected to astrology.

Stellarium is a great starting point to introduce yourself to the world of astrology. It is not perfect however, as it has wrongly included a thirteenth constellation Ophiuchus. This, by all accounts, is another red herring. The magic circle, better known as the Zodiac has only ever had 12 houses so be aware of these modern modifications. We must all do our own research to know the truth for ourselves, by following the trail of information back to its roots, specifically the words used to describe the celestial bodies, constellations and mythological stories. The truth is out there, we just have to keep digging to find it.

It does not ultimately matter why the information was modified or even who it was, as long as we know now the trooth of things (i spell it this way to highlight the truth comes from the root of things). In time, all this will be presented and understood, so the entire World is singing the same song. Until then, thank your lucky stars you heard it at all, as for thousands of years this information, like the bastardization of language has been subtly altered to keep us in confusion, from truly knowing ourselves.

I encourage you all to do your own research. You can find my previous posts on my blog about Claiming Life and the re-education of the word. If you wish to contact me to correctly place your planets, follow the original article link to find my email.

May we all be free from confusion so we can manifest Heaven on Earth.



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  1. Hi
    I am working with the real star constellations since 1993. Unfortunately I never could make a break through, it’s way too powerful knowledge once you understand that this method shows your true curriculum of your life.
    I tried to talk to astrologers, and even some physics because it is a fact that Western/Tropical astrology has nothing to do with the sky, but they all had very lame excuses why they are not interested. It’s quite an ego game, I also had to go through it after working for 10 years with Western Astrology. But the facts were mind blowing!
    I write a blog with a free full- and dark moon reading at since close to 2 decades….

  2. Hello Dhara Wood, please, can I suggest to keep in mind that you and I may have tasted the two sides of the coin, during our lifetimes, being male and female? I’m not denying the content of your comment, but placing men and women in such a black-and-white contrast is often a sign of much emotional charge. I’ve lived many lives, as a man and as a woman, often in power-games. Tasting the painful and the triumphant results of those games. It’s how I came to insights about how I can choose a different path. Now.

    Men don’t share the same view on reality as women, they’re uneducated in finding the balance of these two qualities within them. Women are in the same boat, isn’t it? We’re programmed to express only one side of the duo while trying to figure out how to include the men in our lives, as a mother and a wife. Without them, we can’t make babies, it takes two to tango. Remember the book “Men come from Mars, women come from Venus”?

    To me, we’re trained by our ancestors’ programming, based on personal suffering and triumphs, in that duet, not knowing how to be free and choose in freedom. To this day, we’re all trying to figure out what works for us. Men on one side and women on the other side, also in the virtual world.

    To give an example of real-life experience, and I’m smiling about the humorous push-and- pull in this mix of friendship and business-relationship, in the last 2 years of living in Britain, I’ve found a landlord, whose large family, 7 children, came with the package.

    It’s a British so-called upper-class man, a single child, going to boarding school at the age of 7, with huge blank spots in his consciousness and a strong masculine presence. Icicles grew on the hem of my skirt often, when he and I were in the same room. When we just met.

    In my naivety as a Dutch woman, unfamiliar with a class system such as the one ruling in Britain, not mingling with that class, the wealthy part of the British population, I expected “upper-class” people to be well educated and civilized. English literature often shows the polite and almost cold-civilized tone in conversations, in this wealthy circle.

    To my amazement, they tend to show up as most unconscious and largely uninformed about the world of life in the streets, people just saying it as it is, like vendors in the marketplace, quick-witted and loud. They can be fully unaware of their motive when it’s about impulsive behaviour, such as drinking or all sorts of initiatives in service to self. Not the true “gentile” of the old nobility, mind you.

    Since I’m fond of mingling with people in the streets, bus or train, shop or bus-station, talking to people of all types, colour and lifestyle from a young age, meeting upper-class people for the first time, in Britain, who truly feel superior and act upon it. The 5 years I lived in Britain until March this year.

    My latest landlord, who has shown a golden heart underneath all the pomp and circumstance of his upbringing, invited me to his farm in Normandy, while he was away. The last weeks of my stay at the farm, I’ve worked with him on the land and with the geese, accompanied by his only son.

    The icicles have melted, but there are still buttons pulled and pushed, by this strange man who manages to keep his emotional side in the fridge, until…. suddenly, he treated me on pears with chocolate ice, after dinner, one day. After I mentioned one of my favourite desserts. Partly showing off and partly expressing gratitude. Boy and gentleman both. His children are similar in this mix it seems.

    We shared the home, the cooking style of each other, and the French dinners, late in the evening, outside, with crackers and cheese afterwards. I can’t think of enjoying cheese after eating my dinner. My former landlord loves old-age stinking camembert and we, his son and I, were instructed to leave it out of the fridge. Haha, Go figure!

    God works in wondrous ways, isn’t it? I hope you can laugh about this story, Dhara. The separation of these 2 qualities (feminine and masculine) seems to have been an experiment by beings who wanted to see how it works out on planet Earth. Curling their noses while smelling the stinking Camembert ? ?

      • Hello Ruth, the only thing I can say, hoping this will answer your question, is that memories and re-living of past life experiences have awakened in me, spontaneously, in trying times of triggers and much pushing of buttons.

        Giving proof to someone else isn’t easy unless that person shared in the re-living of a past life. The interpretation of such a memory is highly personal and holds meaning only to that person. In my experience, pieces of a puzzle fell into place, old and new ones, when I began to see a pattern of behaviour showing up in my life.

        Understanding of other people’s present and past lives isn’t always easy, just like when one grew up as a single child in a wealthy family, understanding the experience of one who grew up in a family of 11, in sober circumstances, is hard. There’s simply no reference, see?

        Remembering details of a pasts life, or the trauma in it isn’t very different from experiencing sudden lively memories of one’s childhood, triggered by an event that awakens them due to similarity of feelings, and perception. In short, resonance.

        To be clear about the significance of those memories, I’m never actively looking for past lives or memories of them. I am familiar with energy work and aura-reading/healing. In the training I attended, past lives were showing up only when there was a link between past life experiences and those in a person’s present life.

        I feel they’re best treated in a manner that brings clarity about if they’re meaningful in my present moment, my life now. That’s usually happening on an intuitive level, not as a mental exercise. I’m following Alba Weinman’s sessions on YouTube, on a regular basis, where hypnosis brings a client in touch with their higher self, figuring out what answers can be found about certain issues and life-experiences.
        Is this an answer to your question?

  3. Ophiuchus, the 13th astrological sign was known by Astrologers during centuries past as the serpent or Kundalini (life-force sexual creative energies) between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Thirteen signs and 28 days each month. Holy Grail and birth portal, women’s monthly cycles are 28 days and where Spirit enters the physical body provided for each Spirit by women. The Catholic Church was desperate to discredit women and removed the 13th month of Ophiuchus.

    The Catholic Church, servant to the dark forces, learned that the Goddess (Earth Goddess Sophia) had instructed women to learn to manipulate the Elemental forces for protection because males and church were abusing and murdering them. Jealous and fearful of what women had learned and can do (plus creating physical bodies/life) the church called us witches and burned us – millions – at the stake in the name of their jealous god.

    Blaming women for ‘the fall in consciousness’ the church instructed men to beat their wives daily, something that continues in some communities. The fall, however, was brought about by males who had sex with the animals creating the half-human-half-animals that were destroyed in the flood. Sex with animals continues today in many farming communities, etc.

    When it finally dawned on that evil church that it was losing energies and members, that they could not exist without women, they declared birth control a sin and removed the thirteenth month, creating the current numbering of our 12 months.


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