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  1. This is nearly a month old ….. would be great to have ‘ and we know’ videos on a regular basis as he gives us the latest news as well as the latest q posts.

  2. I believe that the situation in the US is almost larger than life, far more hopeless and less able to be contained, due to its size and difference in lifestyle, even climate and economy.
    Europe, which is what I’m more familiar with as a Dutchy, seems to be in a different state.

    Hopefully, we won’t awaken with a start, punched in the face or punching others in the face, during riots and protests. Those that take to the streets and act out their anger, will be met with anger. With enforcement and violence. The brutality of the US police, recorded by surveillance cameras, is unbelievably gruesome. I think I understand why US citizens own a gun and hold on to it, on their property.

    If riots and protests in the street is what it takes to take part in the Flowering of Human Consciousness, the true Awakening, that involves the transition into greener pastures in peace, I can’t tell. We’re in uncharted territory regarding the scale and intensity of health-hazards, restrictions on our freedom and autonomy, isn’t it?

    We need to see all this for what it is and to me, more than ever, it’s true that following the events happening all over the world, is a bit too much to ask and too overwhelming to take in, on a regular basis. I’ve had my daily dose, no doubt the choice is entirely my own.
    May the force in kindness and perseverance be with you and with us all.

    • What you are seeing on television is only what the “media” packages and presents for consumption. They are not telling you that these rioters are a mercenary army literally bred for this purpose or that the GF “spark” for this revolution was piece of kabuki theatre. Completely fake and staged. And Americans understand that unlike the EU nations, we have to be able to defend our rights to keep them. Otherwise we will lose them as surely as the British and Dutch have. First Amendment rights may be morally the highest, but our Second Amendment rights are the guarantee. The slight pestilence you see on the news would not last 10 minutes if/when the armed nonmilitary populace choose to end it.


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