By Tasha Shayne,

Millions are familiar with the face on the surface of Mars photographed in the red planet’s Cydonia region, but official explanations leave much to be desired and many wondering whether if it’s an artifact from an ancient civilization. But now there is a new face to ponder — one revealed from the melting ice of our planet’s frozen South. What’s being referred to as the “Antarctica Face” is causing quite a commotion among UFO hunters, skeptics, and scientists.

Antarctica Aliens or the Remnants of an Ancient Civilization?

The alien face of Antarctica is a sight to behold. It was discovered by Blake and Brett Cousins, who operate the YouTube channel “Third Phase Of Moon.” The pair has become extraordinarily successful as UFO hunters who frequently scan Google Earth for alien images captured from outer space. The brothers have amassed an impressive following over the years with their videos and commentary on UFO sightings and other strange phenomena, that is also reflected on their Facebook page boasting more than 750,000 followers. As of the first week of September 2019, their video on the Antarctica face alone (originally published on August 20, 2019) already received more than 350,000 views.

The Cousins’ mission, according to their Facebook  description, is “to bring unfiltered video, messages & research in the field of ufology directly to the public!” The video of the Antarctica Face is certain to bolster their success and fan base, as well as bring attention to what is already a growing and well-established center of speculation.

In the Cousins’ video of the strange satellite images, Blake states, “It appears to be a massive, ancient structure of some kind of face that is being revealed for the first time on Google Earth.”

The Cousins’ YouTube video is captioned “Grey alien face captured in Google Earth map in Antarctica,”as there are clearly facial features that resemble an eye (with the possibility of the second eye just below the snowy landscape), a nose, and a mouth. Above the face may be a helmet.

Although interest in the Antarctica giant face in the mountains is growing by leaps and bounds, the image is actually not new. The satellite depiction by Google Earth was originally recorded on September 28, 2012, in the Admiralty Mountains not far from Daniell, Hallett, and Adare Peninsulas on the USA’s McMurdo Station side of Antarctica, as noted on the website of famous UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe. “The McMurdo Station,” the website noted, “is a United States Antarctic research station on the South tip of Ross Island, which is in the New Zealand-claimed Ross Dependency on the shore of McMurdo Sound in Antarctica. The half-mile-long alien face is in the Admirality Mountains at the latitude/longitude upper right between Adare and Hallett Peninsulas.”

A Giant Face or Pareidolia?

Of course, skeptics are always quick to point out that the face is merely a product of erosion, which only looks human because our brains developed to see such things — much like seeing faces in the clouds or interpreting meaningful imagery out of a Rorschach test. The technical term for this is “pareidolia” and is the effect that causes the mind to interpret shapes, structures, and patterns as images that seem familiar.

Live Science explains, “There are a number of theories as to the cause of this phenomenon. Experts say pareidolia provides a psychological determination for many delusions that involve the senses.

Google Earth Mysteries waiting to be seen

The coordinates for the giant face in the snow, that is but one of many google earth mysteries, are 72°00’ 36.00’’ S, 168° 34’ 40.00’’ E, and several Google Earth enthusiasts have suggested that the alien head is about 3520 ft long.

One writer noted, “Sporting what seems to be a proportionate set of eyes, a nose, and a mouth, the eerie ‘visage’ has captured the imagination of conspiracy theorists who contend that Antarctica is home to all manner of esoteric secrets. Numerous observers were quick to note that the potential face bears an uncanny resemblance to the famed ‘Face on Mars’ that is said to sit in the Cydonia region of the Red Planet and was first photographed by NASA’s Viking 1 back in 1976.”

Curiosmos, explained, “Antarctica has become a repository for conspiracy theories, leading many people to speculate about the true nature of the frozen continent. One of the most famous conspiracy theories concerning Antarctica is the alleged, supermassive, snow-topped pyramids lurking in ‘plain sight.’ These alleged structures – which geologists say are no more than natural formations  — are said to be the remnants of extremely ancient civilizations that inhabited Earth before our ‘civilization’ came into existence.”

Scientists have reported that Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tons of ice since 1992, and it could very well be that the thaw is beginning to put the frozen South in a new light. Will we start to see more remnants of an ancient civilization as more ice melts?



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  1. That face looks to me as a design of someone with a great sense of humour, clever making use of the collective expectation to see aliens pop up one day. Not a hairy white Bigfoot or Yeti, no, a proper alien with a face which characteristics answer to the image most of Earth’s population has of an ET, that one in the image above.

    Now that Antarctica is the buzz of …… all sorts of rumours, assumptions and possibly true testimonies, of alien encounters, bodies of humanlike beings of great height, and artefacts, even an ancient spacecraft, below the surface. I’ve found this buzz/info mostly in Corey Goode’s reports, and possibly those of Peter Pan… eh, David Wilcock.

    • Wilcock and Goode have been talking up their Antarctica story for at least 5 years now, intermixed with Moon Mars and beyond, tales, and it is an in depth story cross verified with other whistleblowers. One which, after reviewing their evidence in light of my own studies in ufology in general; I have to say, it is,, either, the most elaborate, most complex, most coordinated with other whistleblowers whom appear to corroborate each other, line of BS or,, it is true, at least some of it. I believe the latter, ‘at least, some of it’ is very likely true… If so, we have to consider, that possibility exists, that maybe, just maybe, a lot of,, or all of the Antarctica story, no matter how outlandish it may seem, “could” be true (without of course direct evidence). The fact is Wilcock has brought a lot of disclosures and some, of it, as I said has been cross verified with other whistleblowers, so…?

      This is an interesting picture, like the alleged pictures of pyramids under the ice or yes, face on mars but, we just have no way of knowing what it actually is unless someone whom has actually been there, starts talking putting their livelihood and reputations on the line – with pictures of it,, “on location”. Otherwise it is, a nice speculation, and it does ‘play well into’ the Goode – Wilcock Antarctica Ancient Aliens storyline, as it does,, personally, with my own huge library of photography of Unidentified (Areal) Phenomenon.
      But, is it true? Is any of it true? Is all,, of it, true?… or none of it, and this, like the Face on Mars, just another “coincidence” of light and shadow as NASA assserts (if not, undoubtedly the military’s already got a team planting explosives to blow the face off the mountainside. That, I’d bet, good money on)..


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