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    There are other options where the disgusting censorship does not happen!

    • Hey you can still get this video through Internet archive (wayback machine)…. Just Right click and copy video url (of video up top)… and enter that into wayback machine… you’ll find that this video was captured/ saved once… you’ll be able to click on that and view video…. If still uncertain about anything can always research how internet archive works; it’s staright forward enough though….. One Love.

      Ps. To view most of the vid, but in reduced quality, I also came upon a youtuber (*JENA*- F.O.F. #2) whose downloaded and is sharing it, titled: ‘Brain Manipulating Adenovirus. DREDDS=DESIGNER RECEPTORS EXCLUSIVELY ACTIVATED by DESIGNER DRUGS’…..Here’s link:

    • Hello george, see if you can find it here, or other valuable info, where the deleted video originates from:
      Both of these links were in the description of the deleted video in this post.

  2. What has been described in the video’s first four-and-twenty seconds reminds me of the comparison between snakes and ethnoreligiously rootless mankind.

  3. It seems that many of us are given a chance to see this video, 16 days “ON AIR”.
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  4. This is exactly why the ETs will destroy the grid and put us back near the caveman age.If the .0000001% won’t stop, the entire civilization will be wiped. Problem solved.

    • As all power is inherent in the people. this is more along the lines of an undeniable request. Our wish is your command. So, the only thing needed for evil to win is for good people to do nothing. Therefore, if you consider yourself a good member of the people and you do less than your best, you support evil. If you support evil you are evil.

      • Thank you, ron vrooman. Very well said. On our journey as members of the people, for the good in all, the bump in the road that still causes some of us to stumble and throws travellers from their seat is the fact that there are those among us that are so compromised (and brainwashed), that the awareness of evil and evil-doing is absent or in a sort of twilight zone state, where it’s known and not known at the same time. Those among us, who say that they win more on the gambling machine of evil in the casino owned by Diablo Rojo.

        And so, there seem to be different forms of Awakening. In those who awaken to their true self and capacities, to freedom of expression. And in those who awaken to their conscience, that was kept in the freezer, and to their heart, that was closed for a long time. By witnessing, first externally, the disclosure of crimes against humanity, children, life itself, then internally. Realising that they’ve taken part in it.
        It’s a white-hot fire in a hell I’ll never wish to see entered by someone.


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