Part 2 From Speak Project and Kim Possible:

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  1. I have a fair proposal to Kim, I never believed Trump had the Virus or that he was in the hospital. I myself am tired of ‘The Powers that Be’ treat us like children that can’t handle the truth, including you, due to the fact you said you would “Release the tape of Trump in Northern Greenland to Anyone that ask” excluding any of us “because the message is encrypted anyways” I say Release the Tape anyways & Prove to ‘The Common Folk’ you Speak The Truth! Otherwise it looks to me your just communicating with the Cabal as your trying to Break Codes.

  2. “Truth shall set you free.”

    That is what the plan-demic scam is all about, fear programming of people to accept the killer vaccines (population reduction agendas: BIOWEAPONS) so they can blame the deaths on the virus.

  3. I agree with the previous commenter that this seems a bit fishy. There doesn’t really seem to be anything that proves that what she’s saying is true, other than some other random guy in the same video saying so. And in some of the youtube comments the channel isn’t responding in a heart-centered way.

  4. 18 min. in part 2, a question is read pertaining to mandatory vaccines, Kim answer is basically “were working on it” (not to be). What people need to understand about Any Vaccine is that it is Not mandatory now! Never Ask the question, so I have to now doubt who She & “Tank” say “They” are. I had spent a lot of time yesterday looking at many earlier videos on their site. Starting to sound a lot like another grab of this “Free Falling” were in. I also viewed Anna Von Reitz in 2019 & found holes. I expect No Holes!


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