There are those who don’t see a swift swamp draining going on. This is understandable if you’re not someone who’s paying attention to all the signs. When you understand how deep and wide the swamp is, and that it is global in reach, you get a better picture of how coordinated the group of control is and how they work. Remember the small club that you ain’t in?

The swamp runs deeper than anyone ever imagined.


If you’ve been looking at human trafficking arrests worldwide,  then you’d appreciate the effort that’s going on. Further, a swift severing of the head of the snake or the hydra octopus would not yield the desired results as the level that carries out the orders of their puppet masters has been decades in the making with a new replacement ready to fall into line should the present minion be removed. This is the beauty of the web.

There are hundreds of thousands of employees that work inside the government and many are Deep State operatives that diligently work against the Trump Team at every turn. There are sleepers everywhere.

President Trump and the Alliance’s assignment is to not only “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C. but to take on the globalist cabal. Cleaning up DC is a legal nightmare for the Alliance and Trump administration, but the President carries special wartime powers given to him by virtue of still being under a legally proclaimed state of war against terror. Trump uses this judiciously, but he does use it. As when he invoked the Executive Order “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption” on December 21, 2017.


Step by step, the President and team behind him have been doing a strategic takedown that gets represented in the media as acts of a stooge. True to Sun Tzu strategy, “Appear weak when you are strong and strong when you are weak.”

The executive order that Trump enacted allowed any group or individual to have their assets seized if they were involved in human rights abuse or corruption. Human trafficking falls clearly into this distinction. Human trafficking as explored in depth in the documentaries Fall of Cabal and Out of Shadows strikes at the heart of what’s really going on in our reality, better known as the 800 pound elephant in the room. More like the 800,000 children who go missing from the United States each year according to the International Tribunal for Natural Justice, the INTJ.


Worldwide, the number is closer to 8 million children missing and being sexually trafficked by International pedophile rings.

Please explain how the mainstream media misses this fact, yet will run reports ad nauseam on other crime stories, school shootings, and peaceful protests? They show their bias over and over again through what they report and what they don’t.

The media are not your friend and as shown in Planned Chaos episode 1 on the media, are working against you. They serve their masters. As such, they keep you focused on a shiny object that rarely ventures outside their respective narratives or countries. For instance, in regards to children that go missing, India reports between 60,000 and 90,000 depending on the report. The Huffington Report meanwhile reported back in 2016 that 180 children go missing every there.


So what does human trafficking translate into? Depends on the part of the world you’re on. In some regions, it turns into slave labor. According to Time Magazine in 2017, 40 million people are trapped in it. This includes slave labor like garment factories in China, mines in India, fields in South East Asia and Africa. According to the Time article, 152 million children are subject to child labor.


But Human trafficking also goes into Sex Slave trafficking where victims get branded and tattooed.  These are evident in the brands of NXIVM sex cult that got exposed last year with Allison Mack when charges were brought against her and cult leader Keith Raniere.

This precluded the charges brought against Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. But sex trafficking is only part of the human trafficking story. Remember all those associated with the East Coast couple and Pedo Island? There’s also those involved in sex trafficking who may turn out to be associated with Harvey Weinstein. That list goes on to include well-known Hollywood names. While the revelations of celebrities involved with sex scandals are tantalizing, one needs to equate celebrity and political luminaries as a kind of royalty of the United States. And that part of the swamp has got a lot to be worried about.

Some public examples of troubled celebrities this year include: Weinstein, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, Madonna, Kevin Spacey, Will Farrell, Chrissy Tiegan, Tom Arnold, Robert DeNiro, Rob Reiner, and others. If you think that they only suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome because of politics, you’ve got on rose colored glasses as the threat is much more severe.

Hollywood royalty begins the trail that leads to British royals. What a messy swamp year this has been for them! Prince Andrew’s sex scandals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s exit from royal life and move to California, rumors of financial problems, and   general royal chaos all in public view. And on top of all of this, the legitimacy of the Queen’s rule is being questioned by a man, Joseph Gregory Hallett, who claims he’s the rightful heir to the Crown. He proclaims to be here as fulfillment of Biblical prophecy and has a similar charge as President Trump, to drain the swamp.

The cabal tried repeatedly to initiate a physical war, but have had their assets seized in what could be identified as a financial war.  Following our longstanding accounts of the financial reset and global currency reset, it should come as no surprise to our readers that this current banking system is going through major battles between families, secret societies, high tech stake holders, intelligence agencies and even galactics.

This video featuring Kim Goguen, an intel provider with a deep understanding of the front-end and back-end of the system, describes the levels both as well as the various points along with an overview of the key code holders. She claims to be involved as a benevolent key-holder to the system that is in flux at this time. We present her information because of it’s alignment with other sources though we can’t verify her claims. However, it’s worth listening to the explanation of the design of the system and use your discernment as to the validity of her other claims.

It’s also worth a watch to understand the power of 3, 6, and 9 as well as the universal code of balance. One does not exist without the other and the high-level banksters and bloodline families are in a very real war – a war over loss of assets that set off much of the planned chaos this year.

In the global system of control, swamp draining means taking down not only people, but the support and supply lines. If there were a physical, traditional war going on, it would be easy to see the battle lines that get drawn on a geographic map. With the battle against the global cabal involving assets, back channels, literal underground cities, and horrible atrocities, it’s much more difficult to see the battles.

It’s our contention that the war, if it were to go public, would very much expose the criminal cartels or cabal as many lump them into. But the battlefronts are global and as already stated, the mainstream media does everything it can to keep you focused on a very small part of the picture, as is their role as magician’s assistants.

In this battle, criminal cartels mean financial cartels, drug cartels, terrorist, gun runners, human traffickers and anything that can be profitable. One thing to learn, is that any item of value can become a cornered market. We saw this in prohibition. The Kennedy clan made their empire by smuggling whiskey from Ireland. More recently, we’ve seen the cannabis market try to get cornered by big pharma. Jeff Bezos put mom and pop bookstores out of business then, much of retail. And he is proceeding to put mom and pop health food stores out of business.

In fact, when the dust clears on the global pandemic, the few large chain stores like Walmart, Target, Amazon, Costco, Whole Foods, will be in positions to endure, while many small and medium sized businesses will perish or be in peril – many will have to get loans or aid to survive. Bill Gates and Big Pharma want to force mandatory vaccines on the world, he buddied up with the WHO and Anthony Fauci who will also rally this desire, so consider this a monopoly also. In all activities, as always, who will benefit but the banks and elites?



As seen in the State of California, they burn strategic rural areas to get people to move into cities where they can be monitored with cameras on every street light and building and even the devices in your home controlled by a Smart Meter. They will likely say it’s to preserve nature. They want a mandatory vaccination that will track your every movement and be required for you to buy, sell, or trade. They want to provide food and supplies from federally owned farms taking land away from any family farms and private business. (It’s been done before!)

Why? So they control who can have what, and how often. They control your health and even consciousness by what’s in the food, water, the air we breath and the signals coming from your phones, computers and tablets. The chipped vaccination they wish to impose will determine if and when you can have children and how many and, ultimately you, by determining how long you will be allowed to live. This is a long game with the ultimate goal of total control and a One World Order.

So, the previous scenario describes order out of chaos. This was a plan that was laid out well in advance, even most recently launched as “Operation Sunrise” in reverence to the cabal’s worship of the Satanic Black Sun, SS or SchwärzeSonne in German, and their overlords. This information is provided by United Network News agents Steffan Rowe and involves Goguen’s reported activities.

According to those who really follow geopolitics, there has been a battle waging to take it to these elite power centers. The top power centers have been exposed and many would argue have been neutered. This is why understanding this is so important to consider at this crucial moment.

When President Trump came to the office of the President, it is said that he was being spied on. This charge is currently being played out publicly. Trump has very publicly been stating over and over again, that his team was spied on and they were caught doing it. The mainstream paint Trump out as a crazy, conspiracy theorist, and liar.

However, in an act that’ll leave the mainstream media with a lot of explaining to do, on October 5, Trump authorized declassification of the FISA report and coinciding Senate Hearing documentation which grilled former CIA Director James Comey on his agency’s failed protocols in attaining the FISA warrant.  Such information appears to implicate the plan as having been directed by the DNC vis-a-vis the Clinton Campaign.

He’s been saying this for a while and he has been charged with lying by the obedient mainstream media. This, of course, is the largest story in the past 50 years in the U.S.  and will make Watergate look like a children’s water balloon party. There’s simply no denying now what we’ve been reporting on for over three years from our insiders like Benjamin Fulford, Robert David Steele, Cobra, and anybody seriously following Q.

But here’s some supporting information to consider. Trump evacuated his campaign headquarters and returned back to Trump tower for the duration of his campaign. The claim is that his campaign offices were tapped. This also is the claim from his White House remodeling project.

The FBI used an established practice known as “Two Hop” surveillance to get permission from the FISA Court to spy on one member of Trump’s campaign staff , Carter Page, which then allowed them to hop levels and expand their spying to more desired targets in Trump’s inner circle.



The long list of violators and conspirators are known among those who listen to the developing story and certainly Q has provided the names through public officials statements. Those on the list include: Strock, Page, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, all the way up to Biden and Obama.

So Trump is reported to be backed by certain factions of the military, Pentagon, and Intel agents. To expand your thinking, one need understand that there are factions within factions. Just as stated in our racial episode, there are good cops and bad cops. There are good CIA agents and bad ones. There are good politicians and ones on the take. There are good dems, bad dems, good republicans and bad ones. This is human nature. But so is the temptation to profit, control and look the other way. Just like in a gangster film, the saying is, “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.”


This, of course is far too simplistic because the business of profit, when it involves all the points previously mentioned, becomes very personal to the lives of everyday people. While those who suck on the teet of government and make deals to enrich themselves, many people struggle.

The U.S. is expected to see massive exposure of criminal activity this Fall. We’ve already discussed a lot, but there will be more. Look at how vast numbers of people are now turning to say, “Help us police!” and question the judgment of local mayors who’ve shirked their duties trying to score political capital as they’ve been instructed to do by their party puppet masters who have so much at stake in this election.

For people to see the moral turpitude of their elected leaders, they need to really be near dire straights. This isn’t only true of the U.S. but obviously around the world.

However, how the world goes, is largely based on the actions of the U.S. Or more specifically, the actions of Donald J. Trump since 2017.

One thing that the President did have going for him were loyalties in the NSA. A unique opportunity presented itself with the mandates to surveillance people. This was a plan of the deep state and it turned into an Achilles’ heel under the few people that seemingly went behind their directors backs to the small team close to the President. This isn’t the first time this had been attempted. Patriotic and Constitutional minded intel agents had gathered intel and made cases against corrupt politicians before, but those cases were largely paper trail ones.

In the digital age, records were now gathered digitally. And all of it could be gathered. One such agent that contributed to getting the information was NSA director of ThinThread, NSA former Agent Bill Binney.


Binney was put into position at the NSA to utilize the data to profile anyone in the U.S. When they found out that unwarranted searches were happening to regular people, his team knew it was wrong. They coordinated to get information about these activities from corrupt factions around the world and within the U.S. This documenting of evidence is fundamental to any criminal case charge. The difference here, was that the evidence could be in the form of emails, photos, phone conversations, videos, and anything digital that could be surveilled.

Even from deep state operatives. The work Agent Binney and his team did was the game changer. The real kicker though is the ability to recreate any digital communications that ever occurred . This is understandable if one accepts quantum physics and that all things are connected and accessible especially in our magnetosphere. But that’s another conversation. The patriots take heart in thinking that they “The good guys” have it all, and it’s all certainly possible.

This allowed data, stacks and stacks of it, to be compiled against the global criminal cartel or deep state. This is what they did and why Trump is blatant and comfortable in saying that they got it all. With this information, team Trump was able to go around the world and meet with leaders to give them the option of compliance or capture.

This clear turmoil caused by providing Trump with dirt on EVERYONE, created the slew of resignations and firings at the FBI, CIA and other intel agencies that kicked off when Trump took office. Of course, these were reported as resignations in defiance. These scenarios played out throughout his presidency and shortly after the treason trials commenced, Ambassador Yavonovich and Lieutenant Vindman stepped down. These criminal grifters were used to running things their way for their benefit.


Here’s the swamp that’s been drained:

FBI resignations and firings

State Department resignations

Generals and military personal who’ve stepped down

Ambassadors who’ve resigned after fully admitting before congress that the President didn’t go along with their long established plans

The trips of peace to North Korea

Iran exposure

Trip to the Crown

Saudi Arabia

Peace in the middle east


These are the people who hate Trump and what he’s involved in doing. So the question is, why did they go from loving him as a television icon saying “You’re fired” and hanging out with the Clinton’s other regular elites, to making him  public enemy number one? It’s irrational, but you can’t make sense outta nonsense. Was it a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

This video put out by Charlie and Colleen Freak goes into great detail about how Trump, the NSA, and the team behind them took down factions of the cabal early on in Trump’s term. It’s worth a watch.

Upon  examining the evidence, one would takeaway that Trump has been bad for their corrupt “business as usual”. And why not? He didn’t need to take the job, and he’s not indebted to lobbyists. So consider that something else is at play. The swamp is global, and this isn’t even taking into account the financial cabal  that can’t stand the man.

Because of the hubris afforded to Trump by his friends in high places and those backing him in what’s known as the Alliance, the actions he made towards his foils at the George Bush Sr. funeral might take on new meaning.  Each envelope probably contained the same threat allegedly used around the world: “we have it all”.


Insiders say that the message actually read from George Bush Sr. himself, “I’m sorry, they have it all.”

Perhaps this is just wishful thinking in regards to what the notes said. Maybe someone should track down Obama and ask him. Or ask Joe Biden. Wouldn’t that make a great debate question!

At Bush Sr.’s funeral, Trump came in late and the flag on the casket was untidy. This is thought to show the irreverence for the former CIA director who’s life choices put him at the center of Deep State activities – don’t forget that the CIA deals in running drugs, guns, and other things through their coordinated supply lines where they corner the market on high demand items.

So, while it’s easy to say that the man is lying or feeble. He’s got the guts to troll these clearly surprised funeral attendees. Remember this example from the 2016 campaign trail?

Ok, so back to the other types of child trafficking. Breath deeply.  Trump has a classic ability to troll people. That’s well known. Mocking satanists. That’s less well known.

So what’s happening in this video? This is modern day vampirism. The drug of the elite, is adrenochrome.


The best kept secrets are the ones in plain sight.

Adrenochrome is like giving yourself a blood transfusion. The feeling is reportedly euphoric. You’re ingesting the highly activated blood of a young child into your system. With the properties of heightened adrenaline, the blood is like a shot of fresh young blood.

Adrenochrome is sometimes sold in powder format. You have to mix it with warm water to activate it. This is what high priestess Abrahmovich instructs one to do. And then drink the elixir slowly to feel it go down.

Makes you look at the foolish Trump a little differently, eh?

By the way, here’s the numbers of arrests that have happened under the Trump administration verses the number of arrests that had happened under Obama’s administration.


The way that things get ignored by media and investigators is through a tight group of SES or Senior Executive Services members.   The swamp draining has been historic. It’s reached around the world.

It has created strange alliances.


If you haven’t been noticing it, where’ve you been?  It’s time to wake up. The sooner you do and help others, the sooner we can deal with the problem.  But there also lies a disturbing potential out there. What if we don’t act on the information? Isn’t that consent?  To remain silent and do nothing is acquiescing to evil.” Silence is consent.

In the war that we have seen reaching the surface lately, for example the bombing of Beirut, Lebanon, did you know that within that same week there were bombings of similar scale in 6 other cities around the world?

You probably didn’t. Do you remember the incoming missile alert that terrorized Hawaii in 2017. Or did you know of the missile attempts fired at President Trump’s plane as he was en-route to meetings with Kim Jung Un?  They were  shot off the northwest coast of the United States as these tweets confirm. Not likely because the mainstream media do not report on these items because they are part of the problem, and those who are being exposed by the Alliance who can’t endure Trump nor the spotlight shinning on them more and more.

When it all comes down to it, the Military Industrial Complex became too powerful. The banking tricksters got too much money. Wall Street generated too much wealth. Silicon Valley has become the surveillance arm of the controlling class, bloodline families have become possessed with their power, Central Bank families became influenced by evil. Celebrities made deals for their fame and many people in the club had to pay the price to gain access to their power.


They all expanded the clubs and just like college  fraternities, you had to pledge something to become part of the system. Meanwhile, regular people they look upon with scorn. When President Trump tweeted out, “In reality, they’re not after me, they’re after you. I’m just in the way,” it’s clear that he understands that the people that they are gunning for are us.

The long game uses an elaborate web to maintain what they call normal. All taxpayers’ hard-earned money is transferred through the Rothschild-owned Central Bank to their privately-owned Bank of London, where it is then given to the privately-owned Vatican Bank and from there it is dispersed over their other Central Banks across the globe. In the process, insiders’ pockets from many public sectors are lined handsomely along with  those of large corporations. Thereafter, these tax monies have to be borrowed back to finance their own governments with interest attached. In other words; taxpayers have to borrow back their own previously paid tax money, but now with interest charges added.


The deep state is facilitated by top-echelon employees of over a dozen powerful agencies, like the CIA, FBI, NSA, IMF, CFR, BB, BIS, WHO, IMF, WB, top generals, admirals, and other military operatives, long-term congressmen, senators, members of parliament, Lords, directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO’s of most of the big multinationals, of which the majority of shares are owned by the Deep State. Whereas, all government agencies are what could be called their running dogs.

The Deep State’s satanic control is the result of a very well organized long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.



All together and well coordinated, they form the ruling Oligarchy around the world. The Ruling Pharaohs originate from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions that came out of Babylon and Egypt. They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal, who see us as their slaves and assets, to do with us as they please.


Insofar as their belief systems go though, they also understand that their time of ruling over us is at hand. This is no different than when the Pharaoh Ramesses allowed Moses (his adopted and trained Egyptian Mystery school disciple) to take the Jewish slaves out of bondage. The same thing is effectively happening now. For them, it’s a battle for life and death.


It’s biblical too.

So is Trump a modern day Moses? Only history will determine that. He absolutely does things that are in the interest of a global power reset away from the globalists and deep-state cabal. His record to end human trafficking and his attempts at peace are certainly to be applauded. The alliance records of indictments, and good guys in the FBI and NSA going after pedophiles and Antifa and MS13 criminals is to be applauded even if they’re released by governors. We believe that these are positive and encouraging signs. With what we’ve presented regarding Covid statistics from the CDC, it’s clear that logical quantitative and qualitative research need be done to understand the real numbers as opposed to the ones often repeated by the mainstream media. As well, it needs be understood that the bio and eco-wars are real weapons that have shown themselves this year.


Remember that an animal is most dangerous when it is cornered. This is the same logic to be applied to the many events of planned chaos that we see acting out this year. In any case, the fires, 5G towers, vaccines, microchips, quarantines, mask mandates, and on and on, result in the end goal of authoritarian control over the slave class. Real, imagined or made up, what cannot be denied is the level of intensity that our world is under. This is a battle of good vs. evil. This is more planned chaos.

We’ll get into the roots and depth of this evil in a future article. For now, rest assured that there is a swamp being drained and the plug is about to be pulled. Those fighting it are fighting for their lives and we see this as the distraction known as planned chaos.



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  2. It is the same old BS i remember reading articles a few years back on this site that Obama was the savior and he was the Devine angel what happened ? Now it’s Trump?

    It’s amazes me to see all this information that is put out there and so many powerful people out there knows what’s been really happening but still do nothing about it ?

    Thank you PFC for putting this information out maybe one day we will all be strong enough to Face the evil ones and make that change.

    But for now i will share and wait to see what’s next and who is next

  3. I attempted to read some,, of this but, it is so full of propaganda bs without facts…I just can’t… it sickens me,

    It’s seems to me this is, just another “controlled opposition piece” (albeit a series of them) meant to feed the Q followers with tidbits of fact, and a ton of supposition, insinuation, attacks of everyone not a ‘Trumpee’ and full of a myriad of the same “Q a nonsense” community ‘tripe’.

    One could I am sure, sit here and nit pick resea4ch8ng the full facts, and report a dozen typed pages of attacks on, the so called, facts, here, and if it were researched (if possible as it deals with a number of nebulous issues, like FBI agents fired, in each case, it is an individual, and one would have to go through the Human Resources department of the fbi files, read everything, then find and interview every single person fired from the FBI the last 4 years, to get the “whole truth” (if even possible) as to, exactly,, factually,, why each and every person fired over the last 4 years, were fired,, but, this article isn’t written that way, with “facts”, with first hand testimony, or anything pointing to truth, but, instead is full from what anyone with an open, independent, free thinking, mind, can tell, is full up with assumptions and supposition and insinuations, and apparently from the little I read, without real evidence, ‘again’ – gee ‘what a coincidence’, so is all the Q tripe I’v3 seen…
    No surprise, you can’t tell all, the facts, when running, or participating in,, a brainwashing campaign,, can you…

    I realize PFC should, try to run a balanced site, running articles from all sides but, this Trumpee mania nonsense, is getting absolutely ridiculous. There have been “hundreds” and “hundreds” if not seemingly, thousands of “pro-Trump” articles over the last approximate 5 years, and I have not seen even 1 article pro “any-other-Party”…

    So, is Prepare For Change becoming a propaganda arm of the Republican Party?, – ‘definitely’. I’ve hoped for years, it was not true but, I have to accept it, the Trumpees have co-opted maligned an$ brainwashed the whole of, truther movement. Which no doubt was a Republican dream, we were after all, the last ones telling the truth… That however, can no longer be said as this community is so overwhelmingly full of Republican brainwash campaign crapola, it’s truly truly “sickening”.

    I’d respectfully suggest, they run a more balanced site (like running a few thousand articles pro democrat pro green pro tax pro constitution party etc etc etc) but, the election is pretty well over, and PFC is now far as 8 am concerned, guilty,, of being a part f the lying Trump propaganda machine. I have tried to balance this by posting a plethora of comments pointing out facts and truth about the current occupant of the White House, attacking the propaganda and lies just as I tried to with Obama (from 2013 though 2016 & then thru 2020, which has changed everything, so much ly8ng, so many falsehoods, so much bs).

    Sorry, I don’t one bit doubt, that Mr Trump has fired,, anyone,, or everyone,, that spoke up against him, told the truth, or opposed him, in any way,, and has further undoubtedly appointed only complete Trumpee brainwashed mindless morons, in their place.. The guy is a raving egomaniac (after the absolutely disgusting debate performance that demonstrated without question, this man is,, a clear and present danger, to the United States, and it’s people (ps Biden’s performance no better, and we must remember, they are “performing” for the masses, trying to divide the people, which they both, have done very well, as both are, of course, cabal operatives).

    May God Help Us if Either,, of these worst possible Presidential picks, wins the election.

    • You sir are a controlled clown. Let me give you example of how some people thought in the past. There were a group of people in 1942 that were worried about this new guy and his very aggressive and controversial words and speeches. They didn’t wait for him to fulfill his words and threats, but decided (rightly) to leave the country for a safer place. While the rest kept on banging on about ‘policy’, ‘past’ and ‘rhetoric’ while he slowly subverted the people. If you thought I was talking about Hitler your’re right as well. But the same applies to China’s take over by the CCP. This is just a game (for now) but must be played out for the people to see. The majority of the population are in a state of ‘cognitive dissonance’. In other words: the reality would kill them if they admitted it.

      • Nicholas Heyke, You my sir are a controlled clown. There were a group of people who thought if they voted for Franklin Roosevelt he would keep them out of the War. So as FDR was spewing out his Rhetoric, in secret he was planning the “Secret” Pearl Harbor attack by antagonizing Japan in their Water Ways & Air. & He arranged for half of U.S. Navy Fleet not to be in Harbor the day of.

  4. House Of Cards Falling FAST !!!

    Please share with Everyone you know . Thank You .

  5. Very good report and videos giving good information I have seen most of them and know this stuff already but for those who do not it is all here. And it is a summing up for the rest of us.

    So well done and thank you!

  6. Much thanks for all your hard hard work to pull together this information.
    I will post on FB, hopefully it will not be taken down like other posts I have put on there.
    We need to get the truth out there.
    Boni Irwin

  7. Yeah Derek…you can look at the glass as half empty full or anything else…bottom line is that Trump is controlled by the same monsters that control the Liberals…just a game man…and you can act like you have it all figured out, but trust me you don’t have all the answers…neither do I but I sure as hell know that nobody including Trump is actually doing anything but rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic… Trump is a piece of crap, always has been always will be… do some research and see who the guy hung out with his entire life…yeah….the same swamp people you think he is going to take down…never going to happen….

  8. may god the one infinite creator / source bless all those of the light especially those at prepareforchange- cobra- etc..


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