Intro: Now that we’ve presented alternative information to consider regarding what’s at stake in our times (financial, fires, pandemic, riots, etc.), we’re compelled to examine a global phenomenon that has taken the awakened population by storm by providing clues, research and asking critical questions that expose the corruption we have presented thus far in Planned Chaos:  Q


Q deserves further inspection and scrutiny since so many people are aware of the information sharing entity and have been following the Q drops for 3 years since it first appeared on the anonymous boards in October of 2017. Q has given the game plan with predictions that have been months and years ahead of significant world events, and, whether intentional or not, Q has been a contributing factor to the polarization of patriots, conservatives and liberals. But can an anonymous source be trusted, or is it just another psy-op designed to contribute to planned chaos? How deep does Q’s information go?

On October 28th of 2017, an enigmatic Anon called Q posted on the 4Chan Anonymous Imageboard in the “Mueller Investigation” thread on the /pol/ board (aka, Politically Incorrect). The post alluded to imminent arrests of key political figures in the USA, as well as a developing nationwide uprising. By offering up information that has come to be known as “Q drops” or “crumbs,” Q has passionately enticed fellow Anons and a growing alternative community to hop on the Q trail.


So, who exactly is this elusive poster and what was all the excitement about? Was it just the beginning of a fad, or was Q delivering legitimate and crucial information?

From the very beginning Q has implied access to high level of military intelligence clearance. There is speculation whether or not Q is one person, or a team of people? Why would someone or a group with high military clearance choose to initiate a military strategy that involved posting incognito on the internet? Remember that small club we have talked about in previous episodes? The one you are not in? That small club has been around a very long time.


But what would happen if a group of outsiders formed in order to eradicate the elite club? Their goal would be to work together in order to infiltrate and take down the corrupted officials, networks, institutions and corporations that comprise the elite small club. Try to imagine if such a take down were to be successful, then it would most likely have to include a faction of military intelligence within its ranks. Q refers to this faction of military intelligence and the people who track and research the intel posts as “Patriots.”

Patriotism is at the core of the movement and hundreds of followers have posted and retweeted videos of themselves pledging an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. Q’s Digital Soldiers are encouraged to counter misinformation with facts as they engage in a battle of Information Warfare against the controlled, agenda driven narrative. Patriots are from all parts of the globe, walks of life, race, gender, and socioeconomic status.


Now, we are not asking you to outright believe this, but if we are to understand who, what and why Q  came on the scene and projected itself right into the heart of the American people – then we have to at least entertain the notion this may be happening.

So why the anonymous boards?

If Q’s goal was for direct, timely, secure and worldwide reach, the anonymous internet boards provide a perfect outlet for many reasons:

• Q would be able to bypass the corrupt media and speak directly with the public.

• To protect Q’s security, the information is shared anonymously.

• There seemed to be little censorship on them.

• The boards were very popular and received a lot of exposure.

• The boards allow for a two-way discourse with readers which is necessary to engage in Socratic dialogue and inspire critical thinking and investigation.

• The Anons have a reputation for being hardened skeptics and this would allow for deep investigation into the Q content thereby legitimizing the information.

Check out the Q posts for yourself to determine if the information resonates with you or not. Currently, the posts can be found at and You’ll find reoccurring phrases such as: Nothing Can Stop What is Coming; Trust The Plan; Good v Evil; Symbolism Will be Their Downfall; Biblical; Infiltration not Invasion;  Information Warfare; Digital Soldiers; Chess Game; Game Theory; God Wins, and the infamous WWG1WGA (Where We Go 1, We Go All).


As we covered earlier in our Media episode, faith and trust in the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been progressively waning worldwide as ordinary citizens have recognized the problems of humanity and the Earth have been steadily increasing. Not only was the anonymous posting community ablaze with excitement, but Q was inspiring a new brand of media exposure, the citizen investigative journalist.


Q has been indicating that the Deep State was so arrogant and so sure they could not lose the Presidential election, they became extremely sloppy and pretentious in their communications, documentation, etc. They literally have left clues and information everywhere to be found. There is so much open sourced info that it has been easy for citizen journalists to dig around in the dirt and find incriminating evidence.


According to Q Researcher Neon Revolt: “Q Anon engages in a Socratic style of posting, where Q will often present two (or more) seemingly separate topics, and challenge us to see if we can establish a relationship between the two, to ‘connect,’ as Q often says. This perhaps allows Q to side-step National Security laws, and create a sort of crowd sourced narrative that is, at the very least, closer to the truth than anything being reported by the Main Stream Media.”


Followers and researchers of Q posts often tweet “We are the news now,” because of a belief the Main Stream Media presents a skewed and biased version of what’s really going on.

As of this accounting, Q is beginning to approach 5,000 posts since its first in 2017. Those who are new to Q could not possibly have an understanding of the phenomena just by reading a few articles about Q.

In order to fully grasp the magnitude and breadth of the operation, a person needs to dig in and spend time comparing the Q drops with the actual events that have transpired during the time period following Q’s first appearance. Q is clever, leaving clues that are cryptic and subtle, clues that entice its followers to search for answers and make connections.



Since 2018 Q has moved the posts from the 4Chan board to the 8kun board. On 8kun the Anons, those reading and delving into the information, discuss, analyze and investigate in groups. The information then quickly spreads beyond 8Kun to social media outlets where it is shared, analyzed and interpreted further.

The Q movement has inspired citizen journalists, like Dustin Nemos and Juan O. Savin, who dive into specific topics often creating their own websites, writing books, uploading extensive youtube videos in order to bring alternative analysis of the current global situation to the masses. An interesting phenomena arises here in that information is spread that is an extension of what Q initially posted. This information must be seen for what it is: an interpretation of the Q material and so, open for debate and speculation.

As we have briefly shown, Q, with its possible links to Trump and high-level military intelligence, has emotionally infiltrated global society in many diverse ways. People from around the world follow Q and use social media hashtag #WWG1WGAWorldWide to express solidarity in the desire to know the truth and see justice brought to those who conducted crimes against humanity!

It is not our goal to categorically cover the Q drops in-depth. There are many amazing sources, such as these twitter platforms: Praying Medic (@prayingmedic), X22Report (@X22Report), and more, who have expertly and exhaustively researched and hypothesized each and every Q drop. You can also find other interesting analysis from YouTube channels Santa Surfing Beach Broadcast and Jennifer Mac. Our objective is to hone in on an aspect that we feel has not been covered adequately enough:

Are we currently in some type of temporal or spiritual battle?


Let’s go down the rabbit hole with Q and investigate.

In the three short years that Q has prolifically provided intel, the USA appears to be embroiled in an internal conflict the Main Stream Media aims to hide from its citizenry. If this is a war, then we are no longer in the age of trench warfare, tanks and airplane bomber raids. The days of old where physical soldiers lined up in defensive and offensive strategy to be pitted against each other, leaving great bloodshed and carnage, are not evident here.

No wonder the masses currently are confused about what is going on. According to our traditional definition of what constitutes actual warfare, what we are currently experiencing on the planet is extremely disturbing and yet, most humans would not make a connection to all out war.

If it is war, then what kind of war is it?

In a very strategic way, our world has been morally castrated. Values grounded in integrity are currently ridiculed and demonized on a daily basis. It is as if everything that humanity has stood for: respect, honesty, kindness, generosity, patience, discipline, honor and basic human freedoms have been crucified on an altar of anti-life transgressions. To drive humanity further into the gates of what could only be termed as hell, this planned chaos, this deplorable behavior, has been promoted as stylish in the media.



Clearly the powers that be hope we, the sheeple, will freely bow down to a collective consciousness, an archetype, that if we were to find a name for it perhaps we could call it Satan. You see, over the last few decades the ruling elite and its propaganda machine has intellectually made the term Satan sound fanatical. Only crazy people believe in Satan, right?

And now after they successfully banished the word from our vocabulary, they are currently dredging it up once again. Oh, not the old Satan that the religions warned us about but a new Satan, dressed up in pretty black clothes and pretending to be cool and “not so malevolent.”


Does Q talk about the Devil, Satan or evil? Absolutely, in the tradition of calling a spade a spade, if it looks like anti-life, if it walks like anti-life and acts like anti-life, then it is anti-life. And in the end the Deep State’s ultimate agenda for humanity is anti-life — destructive, vampiric motives that thrive on chaos. It is steeped in not just death but traumatic soul splitting annihilation.

Is this ultimately about soul? If so, what is soul and why don’t you hear much about it anymore?

If we look back at the many varied ancient theologies and mythologies from all over the Earth, many of them speak of life after physical death. Reincarnation, purgatory, afterlife, bardo state, samsara — these are words from remote times that speak of a continuation of consciousness following material death. And although there are philosophies and spiritual ideologies that still embrace the concept of life after death, our secular, fear stricken western society has shunned and seemingly abolished the notion that man is anything more than a physical machine.

Was the elimination of soul a long term plan by the Deep State all along?

During the last 500 years or so, accepted theories by historical thinkers like Rene Descartes, Thomas Hobbes, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Stephen Hawking and more, have reduced humanity to material objects that eventually end in decay.

Very often ancient wisdom that explains mystical phenomena, temporal encounters and other such experiences are allocated to the realm of insanity and ignorance by the authoritative ruling institutions that disseminate information to the masses. Controlled information, education and propaganda….sound familiar? It’s a small club, it’s been around a long time and you ain’t in it.


What would be the advantage of hiding the fact that humanity, at its very essence, are eternal conscious beings? And who would gain by hiding that knowledge?

As we, the people of Earth, try to comprehend what has happened here, it is becoming evident there has been an attempt to eradicate our human connection to soul, spirit and God/Source. Pre-Christian Alexandrian Library destruction, 4th century Christian Council of Nicea, 12th century Cathar massacres, 20th century Chinese religious persecutions, ongoing global Indigenous Tribe genocides are just a few examples from a long history of Global spiritual censorship and extermination.

The fact that groups of humans throughout time have found it necessary to hide important documents so they could possibly be preserved for their distant posterity (like those found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Tibetan Hemis Manuscript and more) demonstrates that information was being suppressed. What do the controllers on this planet not want us to know about our spiritual heritage?

The controllers of this material world do not want us to know that our consciousness is eternal. They suppress information, scriptures, and proof about reincarnation, after death experience, other dimensions, etc. If we knew in our hearts and minds that we were eternal and that physical death is just an illusion then the fear that the boogeyman controllers use to instigate, provoke, and control us would dissolve. They absolutely do not want us to know that we are spiritually/energetically connected to the source of all creation which some of us have called God or Source.

What is God or Source?

God is an interesting word. The word itself conjures up visions, thoughts, emotions, etc. that are multifaceted and unique to different cultures, ethnic groups, geographical areas, and historical eras. In modern society the word has become taboo.

And although there is still much mystery surrounding what Source might be, if we strip the label away just like we did with the word Satan what would we see? What if we looked at the “fruit that they bear?” If Satan is anti-life then the collective consciousness that is God would be the opposite of that — a consciousness that embraces life. What if God is all of those values that the Deep State has managed to crucify — kindness, love, compassion, etc.?



We must ask ourselves when and why did the essence of “God” become so silly, uncool, or relegated to those considered uneducated? If we continue to mindlessly follow the narrative of the Deep State and embrace anti-life philosophies and practices, while continually discrediting kindness, love and compassion, then we leave ourselves wide open to the complete degradation and possible destruction of the human race.

What does Q have to say about spirituality and God?

God is very significant in the Q collection. When perusing the volumes of Q drops an interesting story unfolds — a story that delivers a message that rivals the best enigmatic ancient myths and cherished scriptures.

God is not only present in this story, God is central.

The story unfolding through Q tells us we are en-souled beings who are cherished by a loving Creator or God. We have somehow found ourselves in a predicament of enslavement by a sociopath controlling group of leaders. These sociopaths believe they gain their power by appeasing what they consider to be their gods — Satan, Baal, and Lucifer, etc. — through blood sacrifice, destruction, chaos and death.

Q sometimes hints of a higher dimensional battle — a battle of soul. A battle of pure consciousness. Consciousness is energy. Just as we find nourishment from energy we extract from our food and the sun, these anti-life Collective consciousness beings feed off of dark or heavy energy like negative emotional energy that they call loosh.



According to Q, we are currently watching the final battle, one that has been predicted in ancient texts, of good and evil or anti-life and pro-life. Clues, crumbs and evidence are presented, that when examined and analyzed, paint a very dark scenario of what has been transpiring on this planet for at least thousands of years. Deplorable crimes against humanity, that have been hidden, are now being brought into the light.

Many of these crimes involve the most vulnerable humans on the planet — children. Q has been chronicling the takedown of a vast network of child and adult human trafficking connected to the Deep State. Actions and laws delivered through the Trump administration specifically tailored to take down the pedophilia networks are often forecasted by the Q team. Many of these actions are never acknowledged by the Main Stream Media, and yet, all of them can be researched and verified by the Q followers.



Much of Q’s information is delivered in the form of cryptic predictions and reports. Many of these allude to advanced technologies and practices that the Cabal has been rumored to possess and has been using for decades now, like MK Ultra mind control operations, Voice of God Technology, biowarfare, chemtrails, and something that seems like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie, Looking Glass Technology.

At the beginning of our plunge into the Q Anon phenomena we begged the question, “What kind of war are we in?” We examined the concept of soul. Now as we step further into our Q inquiry, we are confronted with a major scientific paradigm shift.

Any time humanity makes a large evolutionary leap in consciousness, the population is filled with an expansive mix of beliefs that run the gamut from excited acceptance to outright denial and reactive fear. Chaos is a hallmark of times such as these. There will be those who will fight tooth and nail to try to shut out the revelations that are coming.

But, quantum physics happened didn’t it? Einstein happened. Tesla happened. Nazi experimentation happened. Area 51 happened. Project Paperclip happened.  You see, what really happened was that science took a leap into time – real time. And time dragged us from a prison of 3 dimensions into the promise of higher dimensional science, metaphysical justification, spiritual confirmation, paranormal explanation, extraterrestrial exploration, and temporal awareness.

Project Looking Glass brings it all together and Q has dropped crumbs suggesting that the “Patriots” have acquired some of the same skills and technologies the Deep State has been using for decades against humanity. In fact, Q Anon seems to imply the White Hats are able to predict what the Cabal is doing because they have been using Looking Glass Technology.

According to Jordan Sather, a prominent Q researcher, the Deep State was able to reverse engineer technology from crashed UFOs that allowed their scientists to enhance psychic ability. They then used psychics to jump forwards and backwards into temporal timelines in order to alter outcomes and predict future potentials. Their program was called Project Looking Glass and it took place back in the 1970s and 1980s. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? We are talking not only about time travel but extraterrestrials as well. Yet, there is a lot of evidence to support these claims.

From the drops, it seems that Q’s Patriots are currently using technology similar to Project Looking Glass, but even more advanced. Jordan believes that it might use Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer algorithms in place of human temporal viewers. He surmises that both the Deep State and the White Hats are using the technologies and we are in what looks like a type of 4D chess game.



Check out Jordan Sather, Dr. Michael Salla and Project Camelot for more detailed information and evidence on Project Looking Glass, Extraterrestrial contact and other Deep State military programs.

With all of Q’s seemingly extravagant claims should we just indiscriminately jump on the Q bandwagon? Is Q a friend of humanity or is Q just another Deep State psy-op? How does one know?

Recently, we have seen a fanatical effort to censor anything that does not align itself with the prescribed agenda supported by the Main Stream Media. And so, if you were to currently use the internet search engines to find information about Q, you will find the websites listed are all one sided, indicating Q is, in fact, a conspiracy theorist, dangerous and even violent. You have to dig very deep in order to find information counter to this view.

It also seems that the Deep State hires “experts” and there is evidence they have falsified research to support their desired outcome even if it runs counter to factual information. They also infiltrate legitimate programs and movements that seem to benefit humanity and then shift the methodology to benefit their agenda.

To that end, one must ask the very important question: With so much disinformation out there, how do we know Q is not an intentional psychological operation directed by the Deep State itself and used to instigate division among the masses?  All in all, it doesn’t matter what the label is. It doesn’t matter who the messenger is. It comes down to action, intent and feeling. Is the messenger life and spirit affirming or is the message spirit consuming?



It all comes down to individual discernment doesn’t it? The ruling elite want you to think you are not capable of deep insight. They want you to believe you are powerless and you cannot think or intuit for yourself. If even some of what we have explored together is true then at your very core you are an extremely  powerful, wise and compassionate human capable of great insight and discernment.

Which leads us back to the question, is Q a negative psy-op thrown out to the masses to confuse and derail internal wisdom?  Or something else?  It’s information so does it really even matter?  Truly only you can figure that out for you. Do you want to get caught up in the classic program of division by simply making it a choice to take one side or the other, or do you want to consider the messages as stimulus for your conscious mind to take towards something a bit closer to pure consciousness?



To do that you must begin the internal journey back to you and that can only come from inner contemplation and a willingness to touch what is Divine. Even an atheist can take a cue from Q and ask the right questions. What harm could that do? Ask your internal consciousness the critical questions needed to prove that your belief systems are correct. If you find you are wrong then maybe you will delightfully discover that what is ultimately true, real and eternal in the universe is love — unconditional love. That might very well be what we call God in the first place. And maybe that is who we all really are.

And in the spirit of love…love of self, humanity, God, and Country, Q compels us to seek the truth for ourselves, and not be complacent to simply rely on what others tell us to believe.



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  1. Since now the new enemy is China, did anyone see that Tweet from the Ambassador of China? ‘Is White Birth Rate Collapse The Result Of The Genocide Pursued By Their Leaders’ he was responding to accusations his country is committing genocide against the exploding Uyghur population. He accused (rightfully so) The United States & all The other European leaders of pursuing a ‘Genocide Policy’ against their own population. If you look at the numbers in the last century caused by War alone, you would have to scratch your head & wonder why we would go willingly to kill our own. Germany alone lost 15 million in the second world war.

  2. I can’t say if Q is helpful or beneficial, really. Apart from disclosing information, at times.
    Q drops, breadcrumbs. The American attitude, in general, using God, or his name, to fortify arguments and actions, is a strange phenomenon to me, a Dutchy.

    The gap between the words spoken in that manner and the American way of life is so wide, in general, as I perceive it, that I can’t help feeling that calling God’s name is closer to habitual utterings or whistling in the dark and not a sign of embodiment of what’s represented by that Supreme Being, which is almost belittled when called God, that way.

  3. SEEKINGTRUTH BY LUTHER RENFROE- THINKING OUT LOUD- many things seem to be a puzzle to solve like why does that goat demonic being/ entity the dark worship and hold up two fingers to represent why does it have female breasts and male genitals both or why is the bible male dominated and why do it treat woman as second hand citizens- etc. ???? or is satan an all male energies entity???? whhhaatt?? i believe Gods creative- divine plans – call for a balance of energies. both male and female energies, ok. which in the days of lyra- atlantas they became unbalanced oh yes and ego of course. and yes there are both male and female beings. it means- hhhmmm many things like your female energies will keep your male energies from dominating anybody- keep you in check. the male energies keep your female side/ energies from being dominated. – excuse me as i am not good at explainations. ANYWAY the fallen ones desicrate / crap on Gods the one infinite creators divine creative design. . the fallen thought themselves above it?? you see as an infinite entity in the begining God was all. can you imagine the lonelyness. so God broke off a fractual of him/ herself and stepped it down as not to get hurt and said- go out and create life – all life. and so it begane. you see GOD is not lonely anymore. we are his children- soul beings.

  4. To me it is about sourcing the truth which is empowering and we appear to be getting a lot of it from Q because when one goes on to research further you see the indictments which are court stamped you can see the truth of it by joining the dots but you must always consider and discern everything and work it out using your own intellect and gut feeling. I am continuously questioning everything as I always do in life. Always more to know; and you have to be open to that. Experience is the real knowing but we cannot always rely on that if we have not experienced so we must go by your gut feelings which is a good guide. it is always going through my mind the divisive stance the elite take with two sides there for I ignore that and look and instead look at the actions people are taking anyone can talk but what a person does is important and all telling.

  5. All of the world is waiting for USA go to be destroied because USA has destroied all of the world
    dont remove my comment
    you can not remove reality

    • Do you live in the USA? Because if you do; leave.
      Go live in another country and you will be begging to come back.
      This country was founded on the Source, what has happened to this country has nothing to do with its original intended founding.
      Our Beautiful Constitution relies on morals and ethics and Satanism has caused that to go by the wayside. Have faith in humanity, the United States of America will rise like a phoenix out of the ashes in love and peace and freedom for all.

    • History is complete regardless of the parts one knows or does not know.

      History includes two USAs. The original United States of America was a Republic founded to be Of, By, and For… We the People.

      The second UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a corporation created in 1871 by the ultra wealthy who believe they are the self-proclaimed kings of the world (small k, IMHO) and their frontal organizations; some seemingly benevolent, definitely a religious one, and some quite selfish shekel-mongering. They have looted and harmed many and much on the earth.

      The US Republic of We the People are engaged in a war between good and evil; and it includes most of the world. Its techno, its religious, its biological, its economic and if need be… may be conventional with hot barrels n bombs either from weapons seen on the earth or launched from space. History is being made as it plays out.

      Present day uncivil treatment of humans by humans is quite dark, not that its new, but never been quite so “in our faces” in this nation of ALL CAPS USA. We who love the freedoms given by our Creator and proclaimed unalienable by the Framer’s of our Constitution, Bill of Rights. and Declaration of Independence… appreciate and cherish life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness enshrined therein.

      The here and now is threatening our capital R Rights with creeped-in but forced totalitarianism dreamt up by those who are small k kings in their own minds. They plan to wipe out as many useless eaters as they possibly can in more ways than I like to think about, AND they see us useless eaters (us not in their king-club) as cattle, chattel, or natural resources.

      Q did NOT tell me any of that. I’ve researched it for 30 years. Long before the internet was up and running I was out looking because I knew something was askew. Fact is, I only learned of Q’s existence in the last year and have been on that “drop” site one time for just a few minutes but have had friends share some info from there. It seemed more honest and informative than the blather of the sqwak-box… but left much to be pondered.

      I appreciated Qs reference to good over evil and support for the Republic vs the corrupt corporate system bolstered by too many obviously enslaved elected officials. The career politicians seem to become extremely wealthy in those chairs, lining their pockets and doing the bidding of shekel-mongers who could give a hoot about We the People.

      Would love to see the Republic restored and our Heavenly Father’s gift of this marvelous land be returned to the people. President Trump helped the People greatly. It remains to be seen if some comments below about him being a grey or black hat are true. Personally I am greatly blessed to have had ONE president in my lifetime that did not sell out WE the PEOPLE. I loved the fact that DJT got in the face of the liars and sneaks in ties and behind microphones. Its about time! He is a hoot! He worked harder than all the other presidents combined!

      “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.”

      I’ll keep watching and praying and continue to make the choice to “Let it play out.” while doing my best to honor my Father, being good salt and light and exhibiting good fruit able to be seen, as that is how others know white or black hat wearing peoples.

      Thank you to the writers of this presentation. I appreciate your thoughtful reflections.
      Kind regards,
      Etta Jean

  6. Fascinating how the Dempublicans have taken center stage and the Republicrats are no where to be found. The Republicrats have recreated themselves as Donald Trump the brand with Trump being so outrageous that people do not discern the quiet connection. while at the same time keeping their distance so their rotting stinking corpse of the Bush years does not stick to Trump. but he and they are the ONE and the same. if you think secret societies and cryptic unproven code intel is going to be better than what we already have. well.. good luck with that. new boss same as the old boss. What is really telling are those who censor. really very telling wouldn’t you say?. You folks have fallen for the “Q” Republicrat Long con! or are you part of it?

    • Greg, I hear you, Q only keeps repeating the same tired post just to make it through another election. It’s like watching MSM. (by the way I appreciated your love story/poem)

  7. The Q information is good, but I can tell you one thing for sure…It is Not Coming from anyone inside the US Government….. They would have been arrested and put on trial…. Nobody, not even the smartest Moles of the NSA or CIA have been able to get away with leaking classified information. The US has the most comprehensive counter intelligence network in the world, if they want to find you, they will… Q is nothing more than a few Patriotic People who want to create a movement to help counter the scumbags in the Deep State…. Unfortunately, everyone in politics, including Donald Trump are part of the Deep State Cabal, they are just positioned at different levels, but like any multifaceted organization, there are many tentacles to be used….. The Rothchilds do not take chances with Rogue Presidents, and Trump is no Rogue…is he slightly better for freedom seeking Patriots….yeah, but he is no Cowboy or White Hat….he is just an idiot working for team B…and Biden is the top idiot on team A……. Just a game…. Always has been, always will be…

    • Hello Jose, when I read this line in your comment “Nobody, not even the smartest Moles of the NSA or CIA have been able to get away with leaking classified information” I can’t help thinking that the act of leaking classified information is a secret act, hidden from eyes that can trap the person. And so, I can’t see your point.

      Your comment sounds like you leave no room for another viewpoint while presenting no proof of yours, that makes it unconvincing to me, see what I mean?

      • No Offense Devon, but what I meant was pretty straight forward, though in may not very been comprehensive in analysis, let me put it in terms an idiot could understand…There is no other viewpoint…the Government either creates the leak as disinformation or it will hunt you down like it did Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, etc, etc… Back in the old days when our technology was not so omnipresent it was a little easier to be a spy….or a whistle blower….It is nearly impossible to release info inside the establishment… The…NSA…CIA.. know everything every politician and high level govt employee is doing….so it makes it kind of hard to be a little whistle blowing prick like Q….do you catch my drift Seamoor….

        • I believe you’ve made your point of view clear, that someone leaking information can’t go unnoticed, at some point. In theory, that is. You may be right, you may be wrong, I can’t be the judge of that for I’ve got no experience within governmental organisations, the NSA or the CIA.

          Even when I’m considered to be an idiot 🤪 for whom you’ve put in terms what you mean, in detail, my logic tells me also, that since your view is based on a conclusion, a hypothesis, drawn from a position outside that vast machinery of power, and control, how could you factually prove that the Q drops aren’t coming from anyone inside the US government?

          It’s entirely possible, that the cards on the table, in the White House, are dealt differently, you see? Do you get my drift?


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