What Now? How to Improve Your Discernment

We’ve just presented 9 vital episodes of Planned Chaos that tried to connect the dots with the events that are happening worldwide, why they’re happening and who’s behind it all. We realize that the information presented is a lot to process. You may be feeling a plethora of emotions which is normal and absolutely expected. We actually encourage you to embrace all of the feelings that come to the surface.

You see one of the reasons we are in this chaotic mess to begin with is because we do not honor our emotions. Allowing the full gamut of feelings that arise whenever we are confronted by experience of any kind has been deemed taboo on this planet for quite some time. Why, you might ask?

Human beings are blessed with the capacity to feel. On this planet when we do allow ourselves to feel, we find that humans are extremely empathic. That small club we have elaborated about in our series is also very much aware of this human skill, in fact, they have deliberately utilized strategic methods to eradicate, criticize and manipulate it. They have done this because when we are mindfully tuned into our emotions, we build a bridge to our higher wisdom. We build that bridge by grounding ourselves in the present moment and opening our hearts to virtuous actions and thoughts.

Remember we talked about how the controlling groups on the planet have tried to eliminate our connection to soul energy or consciousness? When humans are connected to their soul, they are able to intuit more accurately and so, they acquire sharp discernment skills.

Much of the chaos, confusion, reactivity and sheer terror that we currently see infiltrating the masses is due to a collective disconnect from our inherent wisdom. So, how do you reverse the disconnect so that you can nurture stability, clarity, responsibility and courage? You build that bridge back to soul and that brings us to empathy and the human heart. Your heart is your GPS — your built-in navigation system. If you want to know the truth about anything, you can tune into your own consciousness and get feedback.

The members of that small club have convinced us that we have to listen to outside authorities in order to discover the truth in a situation and then they coordinate their minions and dub them experts of “such and such” or doctors of “whatchamacallit.” As we demonstrated in our media episode, the ruling elite will then falsify information and present it in a contradictory fashion. They want to confuse you, dear human.

A prime example of this technique is the use of masks for COVID 19. We were told at the very beginning of the plandemic in March that masks were not really effective and so there would be no need to use them. As the months progressed and their plandemic was not evolving as planned, the controlling groups completely changed the mask narrative. This was done to cause confusion and also to justify their irrational actions and policies. It definitely creates a great deal of self-doubt and inner turmoil for us humans.

Opening to Intuition

Fortunately for you, you have that GPS. First and foremost, don’t buy into their narrative that you do not possess the faculties to discern truth. You do, end of story! Start by trusting yourself. And just like a power lifter who must exercise his muscles to develop agility, you must learn to read the language of your heart. Everyone is unique and so, your heart voice will be different from the voice of other human hearts. Heart speech is also called intuition.

The small club has told us that intuition cannot be trusted. Like everything else they slap a label on it. They call intuition “old wive’s tales” or “superstition.” What they neglect to tell you is that your heart is like a radio. It receives and transmits energy as information. It is a wonderful meter that lets you know how your soul is responding to an experience. It is exactly what is at work when a person says, “I just had a gut feeling.” When heart language is used in conjunction with a clear and grounded analytical mind magic happens and great discernment is the prize that awaits you.

So how do you use your internal GPS to process this information?

We humans get triggered easily because we have been so emotionally wounded, not only in our current lifetime but quite possibly in past lifetimes as well. Experienced trauma if not healed gets stuck in our energy field and remains active within our body’s internal hard drive, also known as the subconscious mind. The ruling elite are aware that trauma has a fracturing effect on the human psyche. All of their methods of planned chaos are specifically employed for the purpose of human soul fracture.

Safety and the Armor of God

You must begin the process of taking back your power and clarity by being kind to yourself no matter what emotions are bubbling up to the surface. That soul fracturing we spoke about actually creates many internal battles so it is important when you begin to open yourself to heart language that you find pathways towards self-compassion. Opening up to inner knowledge means going inside yourself. This can seem kind of scary at first, so it is important to create a safe space.

What is a safe space?

Every human is blessed with not only a physical body but an energetic body that radiates out from a center column of light. That column runs down from above the top of your head, through the center of your body, along the axis of your spinal column, down through the perineum and out below your feet. There is an energy field made up of subtle energy or energy that is not physically visible. That energy exists incrementally in higher and higher frequencies of vibration which move out from the center of the body extending into higher dimensions.

When a person has psychic abilities, it is because they have learned how to read the subtle energies that exist in dimensions higher than the first three that we are able to see, touch, hear and taste with our physical body. So, the energy field of a human extends out past your body. Your state of consciousness determines the well-being, strength, and size of your field. You have a subtle energy field and learning how to work with it can make your life healthier, happier, safer and more empowered.


When we humans say we are grounded it means that we have sufficiently pulled our energy down and connected ourselves with the Earth’s consciousness in the core of the planet. When we are fearful, our energy is stuck in our head and not present in our body. Our thoughts can get caught up in a loop that just keeps going without relief. It can feel like a tornado swirling in our mind when we get stuck in fear, anger, shame and self-doubt. Notice we keep talking about feelings here? Feelings are super important!

Obviously, what we have just described is not a “safe” space. To make matters worse, when we are in this kind of energetic space, we attract energetic parasites that actually feed off of the energy that we are emanating out from our space.

A safe space is an energy space that you create by using your God given intent and your powers of manifestation. To manifest is to create something by using your thoughts in combination with your will and your feelings. It is a direct engagement of heart energy or wisdom.

So, what are some ways to create a safe space?

Every person is unique but one of the best ways to create a safe space is to connect with something that is eternal and comes from a place of love, kindness and compassion. Connecting means you allow your consciousness to be present with that particular energy. You might call that God, Source, Mother, Father or maybe you might want to connect with someone who you truly loved who has passed on to the other side. The key is feeling, remember? That is how you “connect.” You want to bring up feelings and memories that empower you. Gratitude and thoughts of lovingkindness towards others can also put you in a safe space.

You might be a person who is in his/her Dark Night of the Soul. This is a stage of spiritual growth that is particularly challenging and is often accompanied by extreme self-doubt and unworthiness. If you are in feelings of extreme fear, anger, grief, etc., then you might want to find a compassionate human being to hold additional safe space for you like a really good therapist or an emotionally grounded friend. The key is to create the feeling of security and safety.

It helps to find an actual physical space that you can clear and hold sacred. What does holding sacred mean? It means that you are building a space that is an extension of your energy field. If it is an extension of you then it is sacred because you are sacred. It is a place where you can go every day in order to do the important spiritual work that is needed to exercise those muscles which allow you to read your GPS or heart wisdom.

In our Q episode we mentioned several key phrases that Q reiterates in their posts. One of them is “Put on the Armor of God.” What we are talking about here is creating that safe space where you are cradled in the energy of Source, the energy of love. This energy has a protective quality. What does that mean? It means that lifting the energetic vibration of your field actually creates a protective armor. Remember those parasites we talked about? When you create a protective armor, you deflect parasitism. The more you practice with creating your armor, the better you get at psychically defending yourself against the parasitic forces that exist in the higher dimensions. Creating armor is probably one of the most powerful methods that leads to a safe, empowered space. After much practice, you will find that you take your armor with you wherever you go. At the end of this article we have some references for how to shield your body. It is actually fun to try different tools. Each human is unique and so you must test what works best for you.

Patience and Intent as Tools

Sometimes we feel so unworthy that it is challenging to find the ways to bring the feeling of love into our space. That’s okay. Self-compassion means being okay with that too. It means letting yourself have bad days and learning how to “read” your energetic capacity for that day. We have had a lot of trauma thrown upon us. We must learn to have patience with our process. Patience is actually more self-compassion.

If you find that you cannot “feel” love, do not think that you are less than. The key is intent. Ask God to help you and intend every day to learn how to feel love, joy and compassion. If you truly want to grow and open your heart then you will. In the meantime, you keep moving forward with conviction.

The ego or lower mind is very challenging and it is easily manipulated by the Dark Ones. If the messages that are coming into your mind are creating confusion, self-loathing, anger, etc., then be assured that this is not coming from your higher self. As we demonstrated in previous articles, there is tremendous mind control happening on this planet right now. Sometimes it helps to reassure yourself that those kinds of messages are not from YOU. To help you to move through the challenges that the ego mind creates we have links to tools and practices at the end of the article.

Developing Discernment

Once you have learned how to create a safe space and how to develop an armor that deflects harmful interference then you are ready to learn how to read your GPS or heart language. As we said before, it is all about feeling not thinking. We are not analyzing anything. Maybe you were brought up to think that the rational mind is the only safe instrument to examine the world with. Maybe you have watched people around you fall into cognitive dissonance and emotionally explode right in front of you. So, our suggestions to you may seem a bit irrational.

Here is a quote from a Daniel Goleman, an author and science journalist who has studied the concept of emotional intelligence:

“If your emotional abilities are not at hand, if you do not have self-awareness, if you are not able to manage your distressing emotions, if you can’t have empathy and have effective relationships then, no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far.”

and from Albert Einstein:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

The reason some people think that opening up to emotional intelligence is silly or even worse, harmful, is because they have not had good role models. Remember we live in a world that wants to create chaos. The opposite of chaos is emotional and intellectual maturity. And it needs to be both of them together. But it is a choice that everyone needs to make.

According to author and mystic, Simone Wright:

“As it applies to our Intuition, discernment is the ability to recognize the difference between the Truth of our intuitive intelligence and the distortion of our emotions and past conditioning. The POWER OF DISCERNMENT can make or break your ability to accurately and successfully recognize and use your Intuition when you most need it.”

So, in order to properly interpret the intuitive messages of our soul, we must develop accurate discernment. We can start by setting the intention to better discern the truth. Then we can use our direct emotional experiences as a tool to learn how the heart communicates. As an example we will use mindfulness to show how to read emotions and develop better discernment.

Let’s say that one of your best friends happens to be on the opposite side of the political bandwidth. In the past this has never really been an obstacle in your relationship but during these current tumultuous times, your relationship has been compromised by angry outbursts, gaslighting arguments and a great deal of cognitive dissonance. If you are both severely polarized to opposite ends of the bandwidth then, most likely, you are both experiencing those emotional and intellectual explosions. Maybe you feel ashamed following an altercation with this friend.

That shame and the anger/frustration that you are feeling is a kind of gift. If we can learn to understand what our emotions are telling us then we can 1) diffuse the intensity of the emotions and then, 2) sit in our safe space and begin the process of understanding why they are there in the first place. It is in the understanding of why we emotionally feel what we feel that we find our intuitive intelligence. You see, that is the GPS. Your heart tells you by its huge range of emotions what is good for you and what is harmful for you.

By learning how to assess our emotions, we learn how to energetically move into an experience and “read” it. When you become skilled at this technique, which is our birthright by the way, then you are able to discern what is right for you and what is not in your best interest. In addition, with time, comes great aptitude for the development of higher sensory perception. HSP gives you the ability to energetically move into the higher dimensions and actually “see” what is happening there.

So how do you start?

To begin with it is helpful to start by working with simple mind/body techniques and using statements that we know are true. We will be learning what “truth” feels like in the body. Using your safe space, make yourself comfortable. Take some deep breaths and relax your body. You may want a journal to write down your truth statements and what your bodily sensations are. Write down several comments about yourself that you know are true like, “My name is…,” “I am a male or female,” “I love animals,” etc. Come up with as many truth statements as possible.

Next, take some more deep breaths, bringing your consciousness into your body. Recite the first statement saying it slowly and deliberately. As you say the words feel into your body and notice what your body is telling you about those words. Notice things like sensations, color, temperature. Notice thoughts that come up or images in your mind. Notice if there is a particular part of the body that is prominent. Write everything down. Then go on to the next statement and continue the process. You will notice that there is a common group of sensations that run through the body when we are in our truth. We can call this the truth signature and getting to know how this feels while you are in your safe space will help you to have a baseline for truth that you can use in the external world.

So what happens when we experience something that causes distress?

After an altercation with another human we feel great shame or anger and very often it is too painful to deal with. Some of us take the easiest route and we bury the pain and then move directly into judgment and finger pointing. This actually just increases the intensity of the emotional instability and makes the situation worse. You will find that not addressing your inner landscape will leave you open to being emotionally triggered over and over again.

The better choice would be to deliberately bring up your emotions for the purpose of healing and building emotional self-awareness.

Make yourself comfortable in your safe space. Do what you need to feel safe. Again, you might want to have a journal present to take notes on your experiences. We will be using deep breathing. Deep breathing calms the body and it is actually the breath that you will use to move into your body and your emotions. It is the breath that allows you to “untie” the knots of chaotic energy that are present in your energy field and begin the process of learning how to read your emotions.

You start by bringing up the event and letting your body feel the emotions associated with the experience. It helps to be inquisitive about the process so starting off with an event that is not too traumatic is helpful. As the emotions come up, don’t be afraid, You are in your safe space. Allow the emotions to come up and breath with them. If thoughts try to invade, just take more deep breaths and allow them to pass as best you can.

As you move into the feelings you may notice that they might sit in a particular part of the body. Breath into that part of the body and engage in an inner dialogue with your body. Some therapists and psychologists call this part of the psyche the inner child. Ask the child what it needs and tell the child that everything is okay, you have created a safe space and that you love yourself.

Keep breathing into the body. You may notice that the sensations move from one area of the body to another. Follow your heart and your emotions. Move your breath into your body as your heart is directing you. You may notice a whole myriad of sensations: tingling, heat, color, etc. Just follow the heart. Use your in-breath to move into the sensation and then with your out-breath let the energies expand out into your field. Chaotic thoughts and emotions create constriction in the body. By using the out-breath to expand the energy, you create more safe space.

Don’t engage the mind. Just ask the questions. You are actually not looking for an analytical answer. In fact, your answer will most likely not even come right away. That’s okay. Your answer is not in detailed words. Your answer will be like an epiphany. It is a knowing. The amount of time depends on how challenging and deep seated the issue is. Some epiphanies come in a week, some of them take months. Don’t give up.

When you finish with a session, write down any sensations, thoughts, images that you may have experienced during your sitting. Keep a journal of these experiences. You are trying to learn how to interpret these sensations. Compare how you felt when you were neutral/calm and sitting with your “truth” thoughts to how you felt during the more challenging emotional episodes. By learning how to assess our feelings we can learn what it is that we need and what is best for us. We can feel into a situation that may not be beneficial for us and we will be able to discern more accurately.

With practice comes more success. If it is challenging, then just work with this tool 5 to 10 minutes per day until you notice it is becoming easier and then increase the time.

This process is based on a Buddhist meditative practice called mindfulness or insight meditation. An easy way to remember how to do this is by using the acronym RAIN. The R stands for recognize (recognize the emotions or thoughts involved). A stands for allow (allow them to be there without trying to change them or push them away). I stands for investigate (investigate with the breath by moving into the body and asking simple questions). N stands for nuture (nurture with self compassion).

How can I use the wisdom gained from practice to assess the truth in our chaotic world?

As you regularly practice with mindfulness of the body and of emotions you develop an emotional vocabulary that is uniquely yours. You can then use that vocabulary to help you interpret your external reality. When you read a news article or watch a video, notice how you feel. If you are completely neutral, most likely that information is resonating with your higher self and so represents truth to you since you have already established what “truth” feels through your practice. If you notice any distortion or chaos in your energy field then you know that something is “off” with your higher self. You can then take that particular subject and use it as the subject in your RAIN practice. Bring it up, ask simple questions and feel it in the body. Work with it until the truth of the situation becomes clear to you.

You will find, over time, that your ability to understand your emotions will become more fluid and efficient. You will have more instantaneous “epiphany” moments and your discernment will become refined, accurate and more accessible.

So, if you want to understand why you feel or act the way you do then this is a very helpful tool. If you want to have insight into why relationships are challenging then this will benefit you. If you want to be able to read into a situation beforehand to know whether it is beneficial for you or not then eventually, with practice, this will get you there.

Mindfulness or RAIN is one technique that you can use to access your intuition by learning the language of the heart. Regular practice will help us to develop better discernment of the truth. For more links and tools go to the end of the article.


Moving from Reactivity to Responsibility

Once you step onto the path of the heart you begin the move from reactivity towards the world to creating a more neutral stance. This is important because if we really want to be impactful in the world we must act and speak from a place of neutrality and balance. It is the only way to change things. Clean up your inner house and then you can begin to think about what your purpose is and how you can make an impact on the world. This leads to responsibility and responsibility is service to others. The interesting result from acting responsibly in the world is that it increases your stability, your health and your well-being. It brings more joy and compassion into your life. And it allows you to face the darkness that is bubbling up to the surface through disclosure with an empowered compassion that will be greatly needed to assist those who will be traumatized by the coming events.

You can use your connection to God Source to ask what your role is in the coming disclosure. It might be to help share information in a neutral and calm manner. It might be to hold space for your loved ones. It might be to become a leader in the new paradigm. There are so many needs right now and these will only increase as disclosure unfolds.

We at Prepare for Change have been providing a safe and effective platform for the dissemination of information about ascension, the coming Event and the future of the planet. We have many varied opportunities for people to use their God given skills and we have a lot of fun working together towards a common goal.

If you feel guided, then help us to spread the word. Help us to teach others to be prepared for change.

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  1. I miss good shielding knowledge here..
    Once meditations were given by….??…pleiadians..and one of them was a shielding mediation. I extended it and published it in the fb group www.facebook.com/groups/butterflyreiki see files there. Light shield protection.
    For EMF I would at a high vibrational purple at the outside of the shield you need to visualize…

  2. I’m pleased that the Planned Chaos series have stopped, mostly for selfish reasons, ha! My memory is very good, I don’t need a summing up in a condensed form, of world affairs with subtle or brutal strategies, and many forms of deception, on the global stage.

    In this post, there’s a number of different methods and forms for healing and balance.
    Energetic work can’t be forced, which is expressed in a hilarious postcard I’ve found in Britain, where a woman is sitting on the floor of her living room, in the lotus position. In the text balloon over her head, it says “Come on, peace of mind, I haven’t got all day!”.

    There’s something in the construct of virtual knowledge-transfer and virtual communication, that is missing something essential, as I perceive it. I can’t define it, only attempt to describe it. Is it the dialogue, such as the Greek applied in their method of philosophical study? Is it the participation of the readers/subscribers in the choice of subjects presented here, improving the give-and-take with acknowledgement in tow?
    Is it at-one-ment?

    One thing that’s clear to me, is that physical presence in an exchange of views and opinions would make a huge difference in the quality of communication and the fine- tuning of one’s individual contribution and its effect, creating a group with a diversity of expression that is accepted due to one’s physical presence and behaviour both. What do we know about those on the other side of our screens, really?

    Alas, so far my musings on what I feel as the clumsiness of human interaction in virtual reality. When I say something to you, you can’t respond in the present moment, and I believe that this is the core issue of that clumsiness, see what I mean?

    I’m presenting another tool for those of you who feel drawn to self-healing, and welcome clarity in a creative way, getting in touch with one’s intuition more. The title of the book is “The Psychic Healing book” and it presents a step-by-step process for the reconnection, with one’s sixth sense, inner knowing, a knowing without knowing how one knows.

    Within this curriculum, self-healing precedes healing and reading of other peoples’ energy or the energy of animals and plants. When in touch with other people, “matching” with a person’s tools on his/her energetic playground is recognized and placed in the right context, with a balancing exercise that is present in this book.

    Energetic interaction is part of life, here on planet Earth, and by welcoming the information that is wrapped in that experience, one is able to act in freedom of choice and autonomy. Without the labels “good” or “bad” in acceptance that energy is always moving, changing, transforming, similar to what’s shown in the symbol of Yin and Yang: the two fishes each in their own space, one white and one black, while their eyes mirror the colour of the other’s body. Their bodies are swimming in circles always. A koan:
    same/not same.

    In the link below, is the book, written by Amy Wallace and Bill Henkin:


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