From Sean Christopher:

**My sources of information include people who worked in the labs, abductees taken to the bases, people who assisted in the construction of them, intelligence personnel (NSA, CIA, etc.) and UFO-Inner Earth Researchers…The Dulce Book by Branton

Joint Human and Alien Underground Bases

Pine Gap – Alice Springs, Australia. This base is a massive multi-leveled facility run by the Club of Rome which, like the Bilderberger organization, is reputedly a cover for the Bavarian Illuminati. Pine Gap is to be a major control center for the New World Order Dictatorship and is equipped with levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer mainframes of the world.
Dulce Base – under Mt. Archuleta, Dulce, New Mexico. Located close to the Colorado border and situated on the Jicarella Apache Indian Reservation. The town of Dulce is located off U.S. Route 64 population 900-1,700. A small town with one motel and a gas station. The base is located 2.5 miles northwest of Dulce and almost overlooks the town. Joint CIA-Alien base. 95 miles northwest of Los Alamos. Biogenetics Laboratory including but not limited to: Atomic Manipulation, cloning, studies of the human aura, advanced mind control applications, animal/human crossbreeding, visual and audio human chip implantation, abduction and feeding off of humans including children.

The Second Largest Reptilian and Grey Base in North America. The Central Hub.

-1st Level – contains the garage for Street Maintenance.

-2nd Level- contains the garage for trains, shuttles, tunnel-boring machines and UFO maintenance.

-3rd Level – the first 3 levels contain government offices.

-4th Level – Human Aura Research as well as aspects of Dream Manipulation, Hypnosis, and Telepathy. They can lower your heartbeat with Delta Waves and introduce data and programmed reactions into your mind (for those implanted with brain chips). Most people already are, they just don’t know it.

-5th Level – witnesses have described huge vats with amber liquid with parts of human bodies being stirred inside. Rows and rows of cages holding men, women and children to be used as food. Perhaps thousands.

-6th Level= privately called “Nightmare Hall.” It contains the genetic labs. Here are where the crossbreeding experiments of human/animal are done on fish, seals, birds, and mice that are vastly altered from their original forms. There are multi-armed and multi-legged humans and several cages and vats of humanoid bat-like creatures up to 7 feet tall.

-7th level – Row after row of 1,000s of humans in cold storage including children.

Wright Air Force Base – Dayton, Ohio. Includes a Warehouse with multi-levels underground packed with alien craft, hardware, and even bodies on ice. Headquarters of the infamous Project Blue Book.

Groom Lake, Area 51 – Nevada. Includes the Nellis AFB test range but has nothing to do with underground nuclear testing. Huge underground facility where the exchange of technology takes place.

Located approx 125 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas and consists of the Groom Lake and the Papoose Lake Complexes. The expanded eastern portion of the property is known as the S-4 site, others allege its the southwest corner of Area 51. Either way the S-4 area is where the UFOs are stored. Also Dreamland (Data Repository Establishment and Maintenance) under the Groom Mountains is controlled by Greys.

Groom Facility – Large storage area in the tunnels that holds thousands of alien craft parts.

Dougway, Utah – underground shuttle system link between Dreamland and Dulce.

Page, Arizona – underground shuttle system link between Dreamland and Dulce

Mercury, Nevada – underground shuttle system link between Dreamland and Dulce

Burley, Idaho – underground shuttle system link between Dreamland and Dulce

Denver International Airport – Huge multilevel “city” under the airport.

Oklahoma City – multi-level base and underground shuttle system link between Dreamland and Dulce

Madigan, Fort Lewis, WA – Grey nest

Lakeport-Hopland, Montana – nest of Greys

Lassen & Deep Springs CA – nest of Greys

**It is the bases and connection link bases of Mercury, Nevada; Burley, Idaho; Dougway, Utah; Page, Arizona; the underground systems below the Denver International Airport and also Oklahoma City that are strategic sites that the NWO MUST maintain control over if they are to force America to submit to a one-world government. So it’s these that need to come down!

**Other connecting facilities for the Tube shuttle system that link all these bases together are: Taos, N.M., Datil, N.M., Colorado Springs, CO, Creede, CO, Sandia, CO, Carlsbad, N.M. this also extends into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.

Los Alamos National Laboratory- New Mexico. Genetics Research and bio-technology focused on mind control programming, genetics engineering as in cloning and DNA mapping known as “the exploration of the human genome.”

Edwards Air Force Base – Mojave Desert, Southern California – underground base extends as far as 2 miles down.

Neu Schwabenland, Antarctica

Alsace-Lorraine Mountains area of France-Germany

Death Valley – Panamint Mountains region, California. Huge “Federation” base, Andro-Pleidian Nordic base (non-interventionists)

Camp Hero near Montauk Point – Long Island, NY. 8-Level Base that connects to the ITT center in New Jersey. The ITT center also has a connection/link to the Sub-Global Network.

Underwater bases off the coast of Florida and Peru.

Mt. Shasta – Telosian-Agharti Alliance (humanoid base). The central metroplex of Telos is said to consist of a multi leveled complex over 5 miles deep and at least 20 miles in circumference. Telos has subterranean connections via tube shuttles to at least 100 other subterranean cities below North America as well as to cites below South America such as the city of Posid below the Matto Grasso region of Brazil. The site of Alien and human meetings. Includes the infamous Telos City where it has been said that every president since Grover Cleveland has visited there.

Underground base in the Plumas National Forest in Northern California

Ehachapi, California – major center for joint alien/human activity

Kirtland Air Force Base – replicates UFOs, also an underground research facility where abductees have been and are taken (just as Dulce and others where their implanted, used and abused and sent back home). Located in the Manzano Mountain range south of Kirtland, AFB.

Blue Lake, New Mexico – base under the lake. UFOs seen both entering and and exiting the water.

Human UFO Fleet Bases:

Norton Air Force Base, California – UFO Garage. Known to store at least 3 of them.

Craft are stored in SE Dulce, Durango, CO, Taos, NM and the main fleet is stored at Los Alamos (under).

Los Alamos and the mountainous regions east and southeast of it in and around the Santa Fe National Forest are allegedly the major nest of Reptilian and Grey forces in North America, although there are a number of large dens scattered throughout the underground networks between Dulce and Area 51.

Dulce is a major through point as a central infiltration zone for surface operatives, as well as an operational base for abduction-implantation-mutilation agendas and also a major convergence for sub-shuttle terminals, UFO ports, and so on.

1,700 paved miles of roads under Dulce and Northern New Mexico, towards Los Alamos is another 800 miles of tunnels.

The underground highways travel in the same directions as the shuttle system known as the Terradrive Shuttle or the Sub-Global System. One must be a very high ranking Mason, 33 or higher, Corporate-Intelligence Agent, or an Alien to gain access to the shuttle/tube system. Even though it’s paid for from your tax dollars!

Three Alien Networks at work on Earth:
1. Anti-Grey Nordic (Federation) factions,

2. Anti-Nordic Grey factions, and the

3. Nordic-Grey Collaborators (which involve the intelligence agencies and occult lodges, in essense the NWO.

The Greys want to take over the planet and impose a slave society to ultimately serve their empire,but they need theIlluminati’s international economic connections to do so;and the Illuminati wants the same thing but they realize that they need the alien mind-control and abduction technology to accomplish their goals.

It’s a love-hate relationship. They collaborate in order to set up a planetary government, however both the humanoids and the reptiloids are constantly plotting for the time when the world government arrives so that once it is established they can move in and take full control and expel the necessary collaboraters–the humans doing away with the Greys or the Greys doing away with the humans.

For instance, while the Illuminati negotiates with the Greys for technology they are at the same time developing such weapons as the SDI to potentially use against them. On the other hand while the Greys are negotiating with the humans they are implanting micro-chips in those whom they negotiate with to ensure that they remain under ALIEN control once earth succumbs to the New World Order.

And yet both of these, the humans and Greys both being controlled by the Luciferian “poltergeists” who are of a quasi-physical etheric or energy beings who have been seen overseeing and directing the actions of the human and alien collaborators.

The backroom agreed upon plan is that the Nazi/Bavarian/Illuminati have agreed to sell out 75% of earth to the aliens in exchange for control of 25% for themselves and mind control abduction technology.

And what does the Nazi/Bavarian/Illuminati rule? America! Hello..the Bush Administration is ILLUMINATI. So is Democrat Candidate John Kerry. Our government is CONTROLLED by the Alien-Human Agenda!

The only way to save our country is to get it out of the hands of the NWO and Secret Societies and back into the hands of a Government that will Protect the Constitution of the United States instead of committing HIGH TREASON against it and us!

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  1. Trump has been sent on this mission to clean out the deep state, cabal and corrupt
    politicians. He has already won. I will send you a link that will tell you everything..

  2. Again, zero evidence. Claims, bs, nonsense, or plainly, q-a-nonsense. I visited PFC once last week, and said PFC was becoming a propaganda arm of the Republican establishment, unquestionably it’s true, this blatant propaganda is just one of several such nonsense articles appearing in the immediately recent articles – one of a number thereof.
    There is not one positive piece I found on another Party candidate (yes to those from other countries, honestly, we do, have other parties), just the criminal Mr Trump. I’m so deeply saddened my albeit limited financial support has gone into this website which is so focused on deceit running so many politicized highly charged insinuation articles containing zero evidence. Especially when so much evidence abounds against the current White House incumbent, showing without question, he is as criminal as Biden =in respect to any criminal behavior, even un-indicted, is still criminal.

    I hope all you fellow Americans enjoy the election, we might know Mr Biden, has been elected by a landslide, by January… I seriously doubt, even with the most dumbed down, media propagandized, stupidest population, of Americans, to date, and some of the most blatant psyop propagandization and public brainwashing programs in history underway, will elect Mr Trump again, and that, the other,, criminal, Mr Biden will prevail unless people vote against,, both/all Democrat and Republican, criminal (again all) incumbents and candidates.

    I’d of course hoped,, for much better in 2016 (an election ending with, a “non elected by the people” – individual, buying political office,, one of the blackest of marls on American Politics in history – and sadly what has followed is the worst 4 political years in American history in every way, that factually, truly matters from real evidence,, from environment to international relations, to health of the country, both economically, and more importantly, personally,, with a virus which Mr Trump personally allowed to ravage the country) and now, with the chance through some of the country’s most upset populace, that some other “non criminal” candidates from other political parties might finally break the complete deadlock Dem/Rep politics, and their stranglehold over everything from media to our own personal lives, controlling us slaves from womb to tomb, in America, and we might finally see the US Marshal’s arrests of all of Congress, Supreme Court, and all (by then) former, living presidents along with a host of indictments and prosecutions of top level state officials of all 50 states as well, not to mention a military restoration of the US Constitution in its original form with an immediate, Article V Constitutional Convention, to “modernize” this ancient and critical document of freedom and finally renew Democracy in America to what it can become for all, its people, instead of the swamp (now via Trump overflowing) government of the wealthy elite scum, for the wealthy elite scum and backed by their criminal corporate cops and corrupt officials whom sell out to better their own lives, at the expense of, “we the people”….
    Sadly, what instead,, is most likely to happen is we switch from the right knee on our necks to the left one…it does not matter, same old same old politics and lies. If one thing has become clear to me in my 58 years, Republicans directly remove personal freedoms (like forcing us to wear masks) and remove our financial life by indirectly increasing our costs of living through increased/manipulated pricing of commodities they financially control, while Democrats are more in your face, tax you directly and spend (most often lining key people’s pockets same way Republicans do it) but, often make small rollbacks of curtailed freedom, keeping the populace from rioting in the streets.
    Both end in the same result, more curtailed rights and less economic freedom, and both parties last several presidents, have proven one thing beyond doubt, our human condition in America as a people, has deteriorated in every category except, the bank balances of these elite scum, of both parties, over my lifetime.

    We deserve better than four years of either, of the criminals, Biden or Trump.
    We deserve better than another 4 years of Democrat / Republican stranglehold.
    We deserve better, far far better.

      • Hey Louis,
        He comes here routinely to tell others how wrong we are.
        But all his comments do is prove how much of a sheep he is!
        TDS for real

    • If PFC were nothing more than a propaganda machine, your comments would not be added to their website. If you want more than word of mouth of whistleblowers who work at these places, who are eager to warn the public and are risking their jobs and lives by exposing what is going on. then you do the research, take the pictures and talk to those who know first hand. I personally am grateful for the the ‘heads up information’ that we would not be getting otherwise. I lived in Santa Fe and have heard people who know first hand what is going on in Los Alamos, etc. and know they are grateful for people who will listen because the average person’s mind is closed shut by fear and powerlessness. I would think those who know have trouble sleeping at night .
      The US is full of people who paid to have themselves programmed to believe lies to support the dark forces agendas – college – and there is no room for anything else because they are committed to ‘fit in’ with no idea of the price they would ultimately pay.

    • We at Prepare for Change (PFC) bring you information that is not offered by the mainstream news, and therefore may seem controversial. The opinions, views, statements, and/or information we present are not necessarily promoted, endorsed, espoused, or agreed to by Prepare for Change, its leadership Council, members, those who work with PFC, or those who read its content. However, they are hopefully provocative. Please use discernment! Use logical thinking, your own intuition and your own connection with Source, Spirit and Natural Laws to help you determine what is true and what is not. By sharing information and seeding dialogue, it is our goal to raise consciousness and awareness of higher truths to free us from enslavement of the matrix in this material realm.

  3. Wishing you all a safe journey, know that there’s no pandemic, we’re just going through the familiar moves, the restrictions and the daily dose of fear presented to us by authorities that pretend to know what’s best for us. Don’t let their appearances fool you.

    Planet Earth is not the only planet where females are target by the dark forces. And many of our Native Americans – both male and female – have maintained a strong spiritual connection to the Earth goddess, their Spirit Guides and to their own Sacred Heart Flames (in all of us).

    We have DANCING BEAR to thank for sharing with us that in 2008, these dedicated Natives gathered at the Teton National Park for a SPECIAL MEDICINE WHEEL CEREMONY, where they were met by those in Spirit – ELDERS, SPIRITUAL WARRIORS, GRANDMOTHERS, SHOSHONE ELDER BLUE THUNDER and legions of LIGHT BARRIERS and wonderful ELEMENTAL BEINGS (sylphs, gnomes, undies and salamanders) from higher dimensions beyond our normal vision and awareness.
    . . . . . . “I also wanted to share with you an experience I had while reaching out and offering healing to the Reptilians. I meditated, opened my heart and offered to be of help. A ship showed up and the captain of the ship was a large Reptilian looking being. One of my teachers (who is no longer in human form) and a guide who has been with me as long as I can recall, showed up and sent healing energy to the Reptilian captain’s heart chakra. He had forgotten about the Spark (Heart Flame) of Light within him; it had diminished to almost non-existence. As we sent love and healing, he released and seemed to be transformed He had joy and sadness at the same time; joy for the healing an sadness for his people and what he and they have done. We shared only forgiveness and love. He telepathically shared with us his planet’s history. Apparently, the feminine energy was destroyed on his planet. It seemed there are no more female Reptilian beings either. They have no way of reproducing and are totally lost. That is why they have become predators; much like humans do who are devoid of the balanced male and female energies. The difference being it happened to them on a planetory scale and we are still seeing it on the individual level.”

    “Without feminine ‘receiving energy’, you cannot even receive or access Source energy
    It’s there, but you cannot or do not know how to touch it or welcome it in. That is why they (the reptilians) feed on us for power. They only know male power.”

    “During the ceremony, I also experienced a knowing that the men on planet earth are in desperate need of healing. For thousands of years they have been sent to kill and destroy in war. The generational grief is held within their cellular structure and it’s time to heal. The protector-provider instincts in men are all mixed up. They are no longer offering themselves to protect their families and they know it. It has taken a huge toll on all of us, but especially on men.”

    “The individuals without Light (those on the Earth) are attacking female energy and trying to destroy it. That will destroy our ability to receive, create and nurture. How can anyone heal with that? We would become lost like the Reptilians.”

    “TRUE POWER IS: ‘Me connected with Source.’ The dark side has no chance against the beauty, love and peace we all have inside. ”
    Dancing Bear of Northern Idaho

    • They have already figured out a way around that with humans. The male can reproduce without a women because he has the x and y chromozone while the female only has the y and can not reproduce without a man. DNA from a man can be ineminated into a bovine. They can reproduce a female when needed.

  5. How do we keep these evil perverts from stealing the election? They are already censoring, harvesting ballots and buying votes. Evil will stop at nothing to keep the darkness hidden. They have already stated they are coming after Trump supporters. 220 million of us are going to be murdered if we don’t stop them. We need Divine Intervention on a massive scale.

  6. Need proof….this info repeats with similar context without any photo, video, data…where are these kids now?…This gives now illusion that “good things” take place by Trump….similar technics were used by rulers to make them look good….and it gives false hope….

  7. Tell me how would we already be chipped and not know it? When and how does this occur. Clearly not everyone is chipped because they would not be trying to chip us via a vaccine for Covid? They are certainly playing every dirty trick to make that a reality. I have seen a video where soldiers in America were getting chipped when they were in hospital. Truly horrific!

    • There is a drug made from an Amazonian plant which causes the human memory link in the brain to be broken so that even though a person is awake they do not forn memories AND they are incapable of resisatance. Basically it is a “zombie” drug called “Devil’s Breath”, that is used to rob, rape etc victims thousands of times a year in south America.

  8. Obviously this dates way back to when John Kerry was a candidate for President. I am told that a lot of these facilities have been eradicated since then by factions of national military establishments.

  9. The truth is probably somewhere down the middle between reports like these and the 0 coverage in all other forms of media. Folks, your credibility is now on the line. You must produce Bonafide irrefutable evidence, or all these stories are just fantasy. I hope this is true, but . . . It’s time to put up or shut up.

  10. The man known as Charlie Freak is NOT from Australia. He is Canadian and he resides in Mexico. He does work on behalf of humanity and you can find him on you tube at FreakSense TV. Some of the information in thIs article is questionable since the author couldn’t get that source right.

  11. Thank you Derek and Sean.
    Its an eye-opening report.
    For some people even all the proof and evidence in the world is not enough to convince them.It does not matter to the rest of us who are open- minded because apart from our own research we know how to connect the dots.

  12. We have been told few years back that white hats have destroyed underground bases and there is nowhere for this evil to hide.And now we are told about all their bases in working order.I do not trust GOD but my religious neighbour tells me GOD loves you and I said to him of course because you are so tasty and skin is so deliciously crackly.I smell deception by these writers who are offering hope to gullible while they are actually working for evil agenda.EVIL WILL ALWAYS RULE AS GOOD MEN CAN’T DO EVIL TO GET RID OF EVIL.Even so called good Aliens if we side with them after they get rid of evil Reptilians they will become evil in order to rule over us.After all we are not Godly creation we are just hybrids cross between Alien and Animal created to be food and servants for these loving Gods..Finally how can we fight these who have advanced technology light years ahead from us.

  13. Greetings Family of Light . Would You like to see a change . Start with Your Self . Strive to become Aware of Being Aware . Use the violet flame to purify Self , Home , Community , Nation . Learn to cultivate the Flower of Life that is used in PFC meditations . As the Shadow side of the Gaia is exposed so as well is all of our individual buried in denial pain and trauma . Sit with the pain listen attentively with care and concern . Learn to use the Rose Tool to reduce the charge of the trauma . Learn to be Grounded . Learn to LOVE yourself as the New Earth Unfolds so too Must We Embrace and Care for Our Self .


  14. proof please! a single high def video or pic. How about 100? Why would such things be kept secret if revealing them would put a stop to it and ensure savior Trumps continued presidency? Hard questions are both relevant and appropriate. But still you censor??? violating cosmic law “Free Will”. How come in all the many times i asked you to contact me you never have, you just censor me. when you post such stories corraling newly awakened folk toward trump and “Q”? only making fictional promises such as JFKjr working with Trump. With all of my posts from my future higher self on my blog you have never shown any interest in publishing any here? curious. Again here is my blog post titled…
    “Is Donald trump a Light Worker”

    • Greg: The reason PFC does not contact you is because they have to protect themselves. Used by the dark forces, it is far too easy for someone who says his intentions are honorable, to infiltrate and destroy what was once good intensions. Remember The Boy Scouts? They started out helping boys and young men to think clearly and responsibly and then they were infiltrated by single-energy (male energies alone) men who worship the weapon between their legs above all else! This has happened too many times during history not to learn from it.

      As for reptilians in Los Alamos, it is well known by those who live near that reptilians work and live, underground – the experiences revealed by those who delivered supplies to Los Alamos who have seen many reptilians who don’t bother to shape-shift to hide themselves. And according to what was seen, humans are kept in cages, the way humans keep animals. Do they eat those humans? Yes. And humans eat animals!

      If you need another example, consider the Catholic Church that probably started out with honorable intentions. Infiltrated, purchased and manipulated by the dark forces, it is pure dark evil!!!!

    • Hello Greg Dampier, I’m totally honest with you. I’m asking you why it is that you continue to hit against a rock, blame the rock for it, and walk back to it, hitting it again? Even after this comment of yours, summing up what you feel is done to your comments, the censorship, and ignorance of your posts, you’re presenting a blog post….. expecting to be honoured this time, against all odds?

      And what about your future higher self? Are you sure it isn’t a disappointed boy that never had the chance, or the wish, to get over it? As far as I’ve understood the role of the higher self, it’s most useful at the moment where one is with oneself.

      The present moment, moving on, one after the other. Each moment offering choice, when things don’t work the way it’s expected or hoped for. Stop wanting more of the same that you don’t want. The grapes have been sour long enough, time to move on.

      • Devon, You show little Respect to others here on this platform. You are what you accuse others of, but you can’t see it because of your Blinded Dutchy Ego & Pride.

        • La Verne,
          You are a seriously caddy B#@&*!
          Your comments are so rude most of the time and yet you claim others dont show respect.
          Yes you are a caddy *****
          Get a Life why dont you and then maybe you wont be such a B****

    • How about this question?:
      Is Greg Dampier a “lightworker?”
      What makes meat puppet Greg so sure he knows?
      If God is ALL in ALL, does not Light and Dark play necessarily as defining Opposites?
      Does One exist without the Other?
      If God is ALL in ALL, Who are YOU to question how the Play has been written?
      Why do you have so little faith in the Author?

      But then, returning to the Halls of Illusion in this 3D world…yes, I’d like to see proof too!
      but see? that’s how the Hopium Game of the carrot and the donkey works. Otherwise you will slip your harness and not run in the hamster wheel which in turning, generates the ever-ongoing Flow of EL-ectrical God Force that animates every monad, every fruit on the Great Tree. This is a Circus. Trump is a good clown, better than many. And often the Jester knows more than the King. But they need each other.


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