BLESSED people of America! the Consti­tution of these United States is the in­strument in the outer world by which the “Mighty I AM Presence” guards you, your families, your homes and your liberty. It is the Guardian Presence for our beloved United States and that is the same to you, as the house in which you live.

I plead with you to use everything in your Life and your world to defend the Constitution of the United States—to the utmost—against all at­tacks and changes, for as surely as you live, there would be no peace, protection, supply or happi­ness for you and yours, unless that Constitution remains as the Plan and Power for governing those who live within the borders of the United States.

Our Constitution is perfect enough and power­ful enough to govern the people of the United States and the whole earth forever, if government officials and the people themselves will obey the principles contained within It. The finest array of principles in the Universe compiled into any document will not produce Perfection, if no one obeys them. The trouble is not with the principles nor the document, but with the intent in the hearts of individuals to give obedience to them, and thus be blest by them.

Where there is the will to obey the Constructive Law of Life, Perfection is always experienced and the DESIRE to obey the Constitution must be generated and aroused within the hearts of the people themselves. Remember! the operating of a government is but the reflection of men’s minds and, the obedience or disobedience to Law, is the reflection of men’s feelings. When the people themselves demand that government officials obey the principles in the Constitution, only those who will obey, will be placed in positions of authority and to run the machinery of the government.

Viciousness, selfishness, dishonesty and violence will destroy themselves, if the people will insist on obedience to the principles in the Constitution and give that obedience also, in their own indi­vidual activities.

Our Constitution was designed to cover all pos­sible changes in the advance of civilization and will never be out of date. Its principles are eternal enough to govern all mankind forever, if individuals and government officials will give obedience to those principles.

There is nothing wrong with the Constitution. The trouble lies in the feelings and the lack of willingness in the individuals themselves to abide by the principles, which are recorded within the Constitution, that order may be maintained in all outer activities.

It is a Divine Instrument and a marvel of Wis­dom.—great enough to fulfill the needs of our people up to this time—and the means by which we have attained our present successful achieve­ment; for national distress has only come in our country when those principles in the Constitution have been disregarded. Distress will remain, until they are obeyed—by both government of­ficials and every individual—in his own private as well as public activities.

The Constitution will take us on forever, no matter how great our activities become, if the people will accept It and see that Its mandates are fulfilled.

As surely as you breathe, Life for human beings born in the United States, will contain no happi­ness, if they are compelled to live under a dicta­torship or autocracy—no matter whether that arrangement be openly acknowledged or subtly disguised.

The Constitution of the United States is a SUN OF LIGHT AND FREEDOM to all mankind, and was established through terrific struggle, suffer­ing and sacrifice, that we of to-day might enjoy the blessings of this country in peace. The people of the whole world, who really want the Con­structive Way of Life, love and admire the Constitution of the United States and we, who are the beneficiaries of Its Light and Protection, should surely value It most.

Therefore, it becomes the sacred obligation of every individual who wants security, peace and the blessings of Life to defend It with all he is and has, even with his Life, if need be, for existence without It would be worse than death, under the regime of anything else but that Constitution. It is the wonder and admiration of the whole earth, and the People of the United States—from the cradle up—should be taught to appreciate and value the blessings which It secures to indivi­duals, privileged to live in this Glorious Country of God.

The hour is at hand, when those who want the Constructive Way of Life must stand together as a Solid Wall of Light, to defend our Constitution of the United States with all we have. We, who live in America are to-day the beneficiaries of that, which the early patriots and pioneers gave their Lives to preserve for us. It is now our duty to preserve for our children, the priceless Gifts of Freedom and Happiness which others won for us.

There are plenty of people in America who know this, as we do, and who see clearly enough to know, that we must now give our all to pro­ject America for posterity.

Therefore, let everyone feel the necessity to guard our Constitution and have the same loyalty for America as he does for his own home and body. We ask everyone in America to arouse the people’s attention to the need of standing for our Consti­tution with determination to protect It—at all costs—and the “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” and Great Host of Ascended Masters will give help without limit and release the Invincible Power of the Legions of Light, to give us the pro­tection required.

Everything good mankind experiences in phy­sical Life comes from and depends upon the Great Light of the Universe! Out of That Light comes all that is GOOD! Out of That Light came the Constitution of the United States. If the people will look to the LIGHTcall to the LIGHTlove the LIGHTdemand the LIGHTserve the LIGHT—and bless the LIGHT—miracles un­believable will be the experience and blessing of all mankind.

The Great Ascended Masters have said that: “If it be necessary for the protection of America, the Jewel in the Heart of God, then That Light, as of a thousand SUNS, will descend into the earth and consume all selfishness from the planet; but the people themselves must reach up and make the call for THAT LIGHT.”

We decree that the LIGHT OF THE “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE” and the GREAT HOST OF ASCENDED MASTERS shall bless and preserve the Constitution of these United States and we clothe It and all in America with the LIMITLESS SHADOWLESS LIGHT OF THAT “MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE”—FOREVER.

America! we love you. America! we love you. America! we love you. America we love you and hold you forever in THAT GREAT LIGHT.

America! we love and bless you! Your Light shall blaze forth and cover the earth with Its Dazzling Radiance and release Its Eternal Per­fection everywhere. Forever and forever we love you Our Blessed America.

Victory of the Light!

We can help the Forces of Light to protect us doing this Visualization:

Will you visualize again today everything in that intense Violet Flame—the substance of the building, the atmosphere of the room, your own bodies, everything in your being and world blazing with the Power of the Violet Flame, the Unfed Flame from the floor to the ceiling, the building held within that great Pillar of Violet Flame from the Heart of the Earth to the Great Central Sun. And also pour into that that intense Action of the Blue Flame.

We ask all those Great Beings and Powers of Light to charge and charge and charge that today with the full Cosmic Action of the Ascended Masters’ most Dynamic Concentration of the Blue Flame from the Great Central Sun, and blaze It everywhere throughout America and the world until It has consumed every destructive force of Earth. See that great Pillar of Violet Flame expand until It includes the entire western half of the Three Americas, and may the full Power released through that still forever all that wants destroy the Americas.

 See the three Hearts of Violet Flame over the Three Americas, the Wall of Steely White Light surrounding Them and forming the Dome-like Covering in the atmosphere above; the Wall of Blue Flame for a thousand miles in every direction, encircling the Three Americas and their possessions, charged by the Mighty Surya as that impassible Wall against which all destructive forces dash in vain and are driven back into their own center and their own cause to annihilate its cause and effect from the Universe forever.

 K-17, charge into that your Ring-Pass-Not of the Blue Flame through the Three Americas, that they may never know connection with any destructive force for any reason whatsoever. See the waters and over the landed surface of Earth become great Blazing Violet Flame also; and as the Cosmic Light descends to meet that, see It drive into all war conditions of the world that great Whirling Pillar of Blue Flame from the Central Sun that goes in and eats out every activity of war like a mighty suction, drawing it all up into that Blue Flame and freeing the Earth forever from all war—all substance that injures or destroys mankind— removes the rest of the discarnate entities, their claws and emissaries, * the rest of the discordantly qualified substance in the atmosphere of Earth, the claws and emissaries of all the black magicians, all war lords, all dictators, all spies, all strike agitators, all wholly destructive individuals, drawing them into that Great Whirling Pillar of Blue Flame and releasing the Earth from the tentacles of their creation this very instant. And make all the Powers of the Central Sun needed to do that go forth this instant and fulfill our Calls even as we speak.

 Great Divine Director! Command this into action. Set aside the action of time and space and forever release everything that is required to produce this manifestation and charge the whole world with Your Ascended Master Feeling of Its Mighty, Physical Manifestation. 

 Note: Since the end of 1939, all discarnate have been taken out of the United States of America, the three Americas and Switzerland. If the Students from other nations will make the Call for the Ascended Host to take the discarnate out of the nation from which they come, the Ascended Masters will begin their removal from the Earth.

Victory of The Light!


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  1. Excellent! America means the I AM RACE – the Divine Presence in all people – because we have within our borders all cultures, all religions and beliefs. A government OF the I AM Presence, BY the I AM Presence and FOR the I AM Presence in all Humanity.

    Our Constitution separates the powers of authority – a check and balance system that must remain or we become slaves to the greedy and evil dark forces that entered our Earth centuries ago to alter and destroy the awareness of who we are. Their powers of contamination found us vulnerable and powerless.

    Today we are smarter and wiser as we restore the knowledge of who we are – CHILDREN OF THE GOD/DESS with powers of Light greater than the forces of darkness (who leach our energies because they cannot exist without us.) Send them into the LIGHT!!! Say no to their agendas!!!


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