By Gary D. Barnett,


I think it is clear to most that the perception is that this country is split right down the middle.

Every four years, an ‘election’ process is produced and directed by the U.S. Political Policy Cinema Studio to see which puppet will be selected to be the head puppet in chief.

The emotion and passion generated by this block buster show is startling to say the least.

Why it is allowed to happen is unclear to any that still possess brain cells, but with well over 100 million voting for their master, the results are always 50/50 statistically speaking.

Obviously that could not happen in any legitimate situation, but it seems to happen every time in this country, and almost no one notices or cares.

This is certainly by design, as is all political maneuvering.

2020 Elections Should Get an Oscar Nomination

Of course, this year is no different, but this particular show has all the makings for an Oscar nomination for the most dramatic selection process of all time. It has everything from suspense, science fiction, extreme comedy, graft, violence, corruption, propaganda, and plenty of action.

And it may be the longest selection production of all time, and will certainly be classified as an American epic.

So, half the country is insane for their guy Biden, and half the country is insane for their guy Trump.

At this point, Trump has declared that he has been cheated out of his ‘rightful’ place as the next president.

This is most likely the case, as the other side, the Democrats, basically laid out their plan to win regardless of any outcome very early on, and in fact said how they were going to do it.

Trump knew this all along, but is now claiming he has been tricked.

This is the New America?

This is the new America, one that is open and upfront about all the corruption and manipulation that happens in order for a particular group of slime to be in power.

Little is hidden anymore, and one has to wonder if that is due to the fact that the average IQ in this country has fallen off the scale.

The so-called most free, most powerful, most intelligent, and most wonderful country on earth is filled with stark-raving mad, dumbed down, pathetic fools.

Today, it is appropriate to talk about the incumbent Trump, because the rage concerning ‘election fraud,’ is the talk of the day.

The dreaded Covid-19, the scourge claimed to cause death to all, has virtually been forgotten for the moment, but I guess even a ‘killer virus’ story needs a few days off during the time when the people stay up late to see who will be their next chosen master.

The absurdity of people is on full display today

The absurdity of people is on full display today. Most every Republican, conservative, and many libertarians are all standing together for Trump due to what appears to be an extreme ‘lesser of evil’ cooperation due to vote tampering.

This is ludicrous beyond imagination.

Those claiming to be against government, and for free markets, (these are claimed libertarians) are now walking hand in hand

with big government types, all to stump for Trump.

Lets take a look at Trump’s last 4 years

Lets take a look at Trump for a moment.

Four years ago, Trump said he was going to improve the economy greatly, he was going to put Hillary Clinton in jail, he was going to lower taxes, he was going to eliminate the Federal Reserve, he was going to stop the wars and bring the troops home, he was going to stop the pedophile networks, and he was going to make America ‘great again.’

He promised a lot more, but for now we will concentrate on these few.

Trump’s friend Hillary never was prosecuted or went to jail.

If any taxes were lowered, it was made up for multiple times over through massive inflationary money printing from the Federal Reserve, which was never closed down.

He did not stop any wars, or bring home troops from around the world. In fact, he continued the carnage in Afghanistan and Iraq, stepped up substantially the slaughter and murder of Syrians while attempting to remove their elected ruler. (Remember election fraud)

The U.S. presence in Africa is huge, and he threatened to annihilate those in Iran and North Korea, threatened China and Russia, as well as other countries not cooperating with his mandates for their country.

He attempted to remove elected politicians in Central America, and even stole assets and oil from other countries.

No pedophile network was stopped as Epstein and many others continued this practice until he was allowed to be murdered, or was moved out of country and hidden to spend the rest of his life in leisure.

Concerning the economy that Trump promised to expand and improve, that of course not only did not happen, but the opposite result was forthcoming.

Trump was a president on steroids when it came to protectionism.

He sanctioned countries around the globe, especially China and Iran, harming the people of those countries.

In that process, he caused great economic harm to America by paying off his fascist corporate partners and stopping trade in order to gain more profits for selected companies and contributors.

This had the effect of raising prices dramatically for Americans, and limiting the supply of goods.

He implored the Fed to keep interest rates at zero and to keep printing fake money to hold up the markets in an attempt to make things look better than they really were.

Then the hoax called Covid-19 appeared, just as planned for decades, and Trump ran spending to all time highs of approximately $7 trillion in one year.

He declared a national emergency, thereby allowing the shutdown of almost the entirety of this economy, destroying untold American lives forever.

He deployed national troops, and stated that he would use the military to distribute a poisonous vaccine at the earliest possibility.

He called this plan, Operation Warp Speed.

Catchy don’t you think?

This was after he claimed he would never do so. These lies and transgressions go on and on.

The latest travesty has just occurred with the evil Trump

The latest travesty has just occurred with the evil Trump. With this election chaos, and obvious fraud, certainly from both sides, especially the left in this case, he has now shown his disdain for all Americans in favor of attempting to gain more approval to help himself politically at the expense of the citizenry.

In the midst of election re-counts and lawsuits, Trump touted Pfizer Pharmaceuticals by saying they had a vaccine coming soon.


Not only was this announcement premature, it was purposely used to highlight the manipulated stock market rise, and that people should take an experimental vaccine that has yet to be peer-reviewed or proven safe, not that it would ever be safe!

His motive seems obvious, as he needs public support to continue with his lawsuits and recounts, and this he thinks will put him in better favor.

In other words, he is using this to help himself politically, regardless of having no definitive results, exposing that he has no regard for the people of this country.

Trump Allowed the Economy to be Destroyed
Trump has presided over all this and through the entire Covid-19 fraud, and has allowed (caused) the economy to be destroyed.

He appointed the evil Fauci and Birx, and has funded Bill Gates and his vaccine programs with huge amounts of taxpayer money going to the Gates’ created GAVI.

He filled his cabinet with heinous people, including neocon warmongers and medical criminals, while overseeing the destruction of this country.

He sat back and watched as people across this land were imprisoned in their own homes, and stopped from working and having jobs in order to support their families.

Trump Will Save us from the Democrats?

This is who the Republicans and the on-board libertarians are saying will save the country from the Democrats.

Nothing will save this country from the Democrats or the Republicans, and any libertarians supporting them, except getting rid of them all.

My words are absolutely not meant to show any support for the evil Biden/Harris team, as they are simply leftist socialists and Marxists, but are only meant to expose that the entire political system in this country is atrocious, corrupt, and murderous.

They are all thieves and manipulators looking to benefit themselves and the ‘master class’ that controls them at the expense of all of you.

Voting is for Fools – Don’t be Fooled Any Longer!

Voting is for fools, and elections are only meant to make you believe that you have a say.

You do not have a say, and you have never been allowed to have a say.

Unless you tear down the governing system, and rely on yourself and fellow men instead of allowing this insanity called government to rule over you, this will end in the servitude of the masses.

Don’t be fooled any longer, and quit obeying this or any other government!



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  1. My Boat Rocker Blog post asking “Is Donald Trump a Light Worker?”

    This blog post is a response to the video that asks… “Is Donald Trump a Light Worker?”

    Thanks for your heart felt message. I’lI fall back on the story about the Zen Master, the Boy and the Horse. “We will see!” but in the illusion, “Time will tell” Time is never on the side of the dark and deceivers/Low frequency controllers as IN TIME in this realm, ALL is revealed. Light reveals the shadows upon illumination, it does not hide in the shadows as the shadows dwellers do. Light does not even cast a shadow. It cannot as it IS light.

    Light is LOVE and does what LOVE does. In all things in all ways. High frequency does not dwell in lower frequency discordant energies. Why would it? Like water takes the path of least resistance, nature , God, Light, is very simple and uncomplicated. As my Future Higher Self states “Convolution hides malfeasance” – ONE.

    So My guidance is not from the Federation of Light. I very much enjoy the updates in Blossom Goodchild’s channelings with the Federation of Light. Rather my guidance comes from my Future Higher self. I call this Future Higher self “ONE”. ONE is my higher self on the other side of the veil, who has taken compassion on me and comforted me, over the past 6 years.

    Who of us would not, once no longer bound by 3d time, go back to comfort their younger self if they could. Well they can, and do IF we choose it. Like all relationships it takes two to communicate. Just now my future higher self “ONE” brought me a song lyric from the Song “Don’t fear the reaper”by Blue Oyster Cult…. “Love of two is ONE.” and a warm smile rises in me and a state of bliss is attained as my vibration is raised. I have found that My future higher self often communicates to me through song lyrics. Music is created in a very high frequency close to LOVE and clear communication is available if ONE is choosing to listen.

    A light worker, by MY definition, perhaps not yours or any ONE else’s, is “ONE who sees all beings in themselves, and themselves in all beings.” A light worker knows that the consciousness behind ONE’s eye is the same consciousness behind every eye. and all matter, every particle. Every animal, plant tree, those little microscopic tardigrade, water, crystals, planets, suns galaxies and on and on everything. A Light worker knows that they are LOVE. A Light Worker understands that what ONE does to another, they do to themselves.

    Discernment is challenged in this place of forgetting as we all have filters we must overcome OR embrace depending on the role we choose to play in this sand box in which in the end, “ALL IS WELL”. In some cases ONE chooses ignorance to fully play the role of the dark. But in the end, again, ALL IS WELL, and there is no judgement by the highest. Only man judges.

    It matters not whether trump sees himself as a light worker or not or whether he qualifies as a Light Worker in your eyes or my eyes or not. Maybe he is a catalyst for the light. As we all know ” God works in mysterious ways.” But in this new age. ONE must exercise their discernment muscles going forward for we see with deep fake, AI and algorithm and censorship, and photoshop which i am an expert in, and Juke box tech We can no longer believe our senses. But our gut is another matter.

    Now in the multi dimensional sand box Trump may be playing the role of undercover light worker. he appears to be having a great time at it as well. I have often said that he reminds me of the character Holden Caulfield in the book the “Catcher in the RYE” a book written by JD Salanger in which I theorize he was writing in order to balance his own out of balance ego. An intention inventory exercise or ritual.

    So in the greater scheme, Trump is me and I AM Trump. We are all ONE. It is helpful to note that we can realize that the trillions of personalities that God has shattered herself into to experience each of our perspectives on experience it’self is or can be benign or any frequency at all. So perspective plays a part for multidimensional self aware sentient participants in 3D.

    So let me speak as Greg Dampier in this 3d realm who in this sand box is playing the part of a freedom fighter, a lover of free will and freedom. And a citizen of The United States of America (illusion as I in this body in 3d see myself a simply a human.) An ex police officer, an agent of the constitution who took an oath to defend the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. A Tax payer who understand the power of money to corrupt and waste my human energy I pay in taxes.

    1. Donald trump does not represent my values at all and I do not trust him to guide and lead the country. I find him UN-Trust-Worthy. He has had four years to bring about any real and lasting change (IF any president can really do that at all).

    2. Donald trump makes speeches bragging about how great the economy is when he and I know he is talking about the fake corporate welfare economy propped up by the money laundering operation the Stock market. He and all the DC politicians would have you believe that the stock market IS the economy rather than a parasite ON the people’s economy. He is ONE of them. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and does and says what ducks do and say, then yells out loud for all to see and hear… “Hey, I’m a duck”. Well, he ain’t Jesus. He’s a pu$$i grabbing duck isn’t he?

    3. Donald Trump has NOT been forthcoming with bringing the American people the truth about Covid 19, in fact he is steering the covid 19 titanic right into the iceberg. Somehow the Trump “Q” zealots keep distancing him from the biggest treason we have seen in modern times (at least equal if not worse than 911, same party by the way as Gorgy Porgy Bush 1 and 2) that includes but is not limited to an illegal house arrest on every citizen that fits the definition of torture., Muzzle wearing, fake science for profit and control, Destroying many lives and livelihoods and lying about a 2 week lock down that is now going on 6 months based on mandates and laws that are illegal unconstitutional immoral and defies common sense AND violates COSMIC LAW “Free will” ANY rookie light worker would know about the cosmic prime directive, “Free will”. Want to piss off a sentient self aware sentient cosmic citizen? violate my free will.!!!!!

    4. Donald trump has overseen the theft of the citizens treasure in the Trillions and giving it to his rich friends while more Americans are sleeping in tents on our city streets. He has done nothing to arrest the illegal unconstitutional Federal Reserve that is a private usury institution that creates unsustainable debt out of every fiat/fake dollar printed that devalues every dollar the working class people have due to built in inflation.

    5. Donald trump is the only “light worker” I have ever known to have another countries leadership assassinated then bragged that he could kill someone and would not lose any voters.

    6. Donald Trumps appointments to his governments cabinets are “Fox in the hen house” appointments. His treasury secretary is a smug hedge fund guy that benifitted from taking peoples homes in 2007/2008 during the bank bailouts. His secretary of labor gave Jeff Epstein a sweetheart deal and Trump wish’s Epsteins madam Ghislain Maxwell, well with her “troubles”???? The EPA secretary is a corporate polluter, and on and on. They say he is draining the swamp but he is filling the swamp with more swamp creatures. IF that is a Light Worker I will need to broaden my definition a bit. yes?

    7. Donald trump has released a soldier who committed murder and war crimes, while doing nothing to release the truth teller, light worker Julian Assange who is dying as we speak from torture over many years. Take your time Donald, he may be dead by the time Biden gets you re elected. What about Edward Snowden, and Chelsea manning and all the others who have risked everything to get the truth to the people including the thousands of doctors and scientists currently being censored for telling the truth about Covid1984?

    8. “Q” sycophants and others keep referring, for years to the 150,00 secret indictments and trump rescuing tortured children from under ground bases. First of all as an ex police officer, police do not sit on secret indictments for years allowing suspects they have probable cause to charge with a crime, to continue victimizing others. The police would then be culpable for allowing the crimes due to inaction. Yes? Good cops would never allow that. Not only that serving 150000 indictments would be a logistical nightmare.

    Trump is rescuing children from underground sewers and bases??But that it is SECRET. really? why would ONE keep something like that secret, and how could something like that be kept secret in a transparent democracy especially as there is so much distrust of the government right now as people are awakening?? Wouldn’t parents of rescued children be posting notes of joy on Facebook and social media, books written and movie deals made?? Do we really want the State to be keeping secrets about children being captive in cages???? really?

    9. Whch brings me to point 9. Donald trump allowed chilldren “Immigrants” held in cages away from parents in private ICE prisons. he did not seem to care about rescuing those children! Then they all say, “Trump wrote legislation to stop human trafficking”. There are already laws on the books to prosecute human trafficking, all he has to do is have them investigated and arrested.Yes?

    10. Donald trump wanted to give his friends contracts to spend the people’s money on a partial wall to keep out immigrants, people who were the inhabitants of this land before westerners stole it from them. A light worker knows that everywhere ONE walks on this planet is holy ground. A Light worker knows that it is quite impossible for any ONE to be illegal any where on this planet. Trump does NOT appear to know that.

    11. Donald trump is made out to be the perfect CEO to “Make America great again” really? he could not even make casinos successful without help from the dark ONEs. How do you not make money when you own a casino???? Liely mismanagement! yeah, Perfect, let’s make his ass president says America! at least half of them. I can do this same article about Biden and the rest of them as well all day.

    Exactly when was America great save in the minds of delusional Americans? The ground is covered with the blood of people from constant states of war and criminality. America better check herself before she wrecks herself. Literally. Heroshima? Slavery, Broken treaties of the Native Americans murder and genocide. No voting for women or Minorities/ Illegal testing on citizens resulting in death and birth defects? censorship? Two party scams? constant war? hearding American citizens (Japanese) into camps, over taxing and theft? rendition? torture? i can do this all day. Supression of real free energy, our real history? real disclosure????? on and on? So exactly when was America great? Sure, potential it never lived up to due to corruption and criminality.

    12. Donald Trump has done nothing about censorship by proxy, He has allowed the military to be deployed against the American people in their own land, he has allowed the further militarization of the Police. He has not explained the role of protest infil-traitors know as Agent Provocetuers that is always used by the state to stop the voice of the people who no longer have a voice. I could go on but need I? Light Worker? I Think not. I vote not. I do not give my consent for this charade to continue.

    13. I suspect Donald Trump and “Q” is a part of the rebranding efforts of the republicans. Not unlike the “tea Party” efforts they tried and failed with. Lipstick on a very stinking corpse of a republican pig in which they that admitted after years of the Bush Dynasty they would have to “Reinvent” themselves as they said on Television so many years ago. These efforts are revealing the cooperation of the truther and spiritual community who Republicans have always pandered to such as the right wing Christians so they have much practice with.

    14. “There is but ONE party, and you ain’t in it.” – ONE. There is no dubt in my mid that the choice of Biden and harris were designed to get Donald trump reelected. While controllers make plans over 100 years, the average Americans plan over the past 4 years. The Dempublicans/Republicrats are 2 sides of the same coin. They pretend to hate each other, but who they really hate is you! To only remove half a cancerous tumor, cancer remains, yes? Light worker? I don’t think much light work is going on in DC. from any of them. We need no priest, not pope, no president, no guru, no spiritual influencers. All that is found within. We are the ONE’s we have been waiting for. What is going on is Mass Hysteria a distraction from blatant in your face criminality and corruption at the highest levels. They tactic is stale tired and old, divide and conquer. Removal of consent is the least ONE can do. And a good start. – ONE

  2. Great article Gary!
    I am sorry to find so many people responding in hate without doing their research and not having yet an open mind.
    All the points Gary made about Trump’s actions seem very valid.
    He’s not trying to divide people, quite the opposite! (I mean Gary)
    He tries to awaken those who are not there yet.
    Remember: for hundreds/thousands of years the Humanity was enslaved and brain washed and mind conditioned.
    What do you know about the process that Freud put in place about psychological mass profiling and how this method was carried out by his nephew Eddie Bernays?
    Try to watch the 4 part documentary by Adam Curtis: “The Century Of Self”.
    Do you think the majority of Humanity is not mind conditioned anymore?
    Your negative reaction and replies are showing it the is YOU that the ones that are biased.
    Try to open you minds and see what is going on.
    Only unity will save Humanity.
    It simply doesn’t make sense that all of the sudden a Savior comes from Heaven to destroy all that’s Evil, without a hidden agenda, without being backed by a strong group, without ensuing the continuation of some powerful interests.
    Why he still promotes (in the context of Military force) the mass vaccination when there are many doctors groups/associations around the Globe that are saying there is not a shred of proof that the virus was isolated? Plus that the current testing method is highly inconclusive?
    Do your research about it. Do not take the vaccine!!!
    You and your loved ones are in danger!!!
    The vaccine is ONLY meant to change your DNA (it may contain RNA strains of unknown origin that were NEVER tested), make you OBEDIENT and TRACEABLE through RF-ID implants.
    Do you still think the government (any Government) wants your own good?
    If your answer is Yes, then you are still sleeping.

    I wish fast awakening to all.

  3. This article is so BIAS!! The person writting it is trying to make it look very factual, but then, what he’s stating as facts, can he prove it!?? I don’t think so!
    Mr Gary, you are not a Patriot, that’s a fact. What are you trying to do at this time? Very subtly what you are doing here is demonizing Trump – are you looking for people to support Biden?! Are you crazy!?? Biden doesn’t exist as an human being! He’s gone! He’s corrupt and 47 years in politics, he has done nothing for America, quite the contrary, he’s been selling out America to foreign interests, mainly China!
    Do you know any other American President, in modern History, that has done more for the American people and the country, as President Trump’s doing?

    Mr Gary, this is not the time for you to divide people. Given the facts, the choice presented at this time for America, is Trump!

    Note: Actually, I’ve been warned that there’d be coming articles, in the truth community’ sites, that would be against Trump. They would be writting all sorts of stories to create confusion. Unfortunately, this site is one of them! And this is not the first article that I read here recently!

  4. You are a disgusting liar and it’s criminal how you are given this platform to spew out your vicious lies about President Trump. I would counter every single comment of yours, it would be too lengthy, but I will attack some of them.
    The most important fact is he has done EVERYTHING you claim he has not done. It so happens that, at the present time, military procedures rescuing thousands of children from underground tunnels must be done in secret for security reasons. You know NOTHING and have no right to say ANYTHING because all of these facts will be brought out when the time is safe.
    President Trump has done amazing things from stopping the globalists, the central bankers, pedophiles and traffickers, Hollywood Adrenochrome users, and so much more which is being kept under wraps at the moment. You know nothing!
    Just shut up and give this amazing President a chance. He has been under constant attack from even BEFORE he took office, and has STILL accomplished much more than any President since JFK. By the way, JFK, Jr. is ALIVE and is helping Trump change this world into an amazing place. All will be exposed after the election. Hillary Clinton is NOT Trump’s or JFK, Jr’s friend. The fact that you would make such a ridiculous statement shows what an IDIOT YOU ARE! You should be banned from writing on any public platform.
    All Mainstream Media is totally controlled by the cabal and all conservatives and Trump supporters are banned from commenting anythingOn FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, CNN, MSNBC, etc. Even Fox Network has caved into the threats of the Deep State.. All our comments are removed so any good that Trump has done is removed while lies like your’s are freely spread. It’s unconstitutional and when this stolen election is rectified, Trump will finally prevail and Joe Biden, who has sold our country to China, will be executed. He is a traitor and his family members are a political, traitorous mafia.
    The Plandemic is not an illness, it is a psyop to control the masses and bring communism to the USA! No one is sick, the numbers are lies as an excuse to use mail-in voting to steal the election. Such an obvious plan is not only failing, it has killed many people who could not get medical care because hospitals were “too busy”. All this is the work of Democrat Deep State controllers. All will be revealed soon.

  5. Shamus, Bonnie, Patriot- you’ve got it right. Don’t know what the author’s agenda is but he certainly doesn’t have a well rounded or mature take on things; a great deal of whining though. For all who agree with this article keep your minds open to some more learning or you are in for a miserable ride. Be open to a great awakening.

  6. Great article because, it does not,, take sides and instead reports facts, ‘factually’…
    Even if the truth offends, great article.

    We do not have free and fair elections, it is impossible when two,, corrupt,, Cabal (big business) parties, control everything, and lie continually about, everything, not permitting free discourse, free debate, and free news reporting. In this election, 99% of the candidates, were never,, heard from. Nor, quite honestly, has the truth been spoken on any, major media, just lies.
    We have no government!!! Not under Trump, not under Biden, not under Obama, not under Bush, not under Clinton, and you can go back a hundred years, saying the same about each “President”, and it would be accurate. True.
    Our founding fathers government, the 1776 US Constitutional government, ceased to exist in the Civil War, it was replaced in 1871 with an illegal one, was cooped completely by the cabal in 1933, and was circumvented completely by the incorporation, of state governments (like the federal), in 1976 (as I recall). That corporate federal government, as I understand it, filed bankruptcy without reorganization plans this year, meaning y’all just voted in, and are arguing about, a government which never had legal right to exist, ie: no “Constitutional” authority, to exist, and actually, ceased to exist, this year prior, to the latest, false elections which have no constitutionally seated Electoral College btw, and thus, no candidate can, even be, legally, constitutionally, chosen.
    Uhh does every American feel like a fool yet? You should for arguing about Dem vs Rep when it should be, the argument, us vs them…”them” being the corporatized illegal unconstitutional” game vernment under the cabal bankers control, in which, you and I as citizens, are “Enemy Combatants” under UCC Code Law.
    This is why the saying ‘stupid Americans’ phrase used by people worldwide, is just, so extraordinarily accurate. We have been fed lies so long, it’s become generational, to repeat these lies, to our children (and is taught in school, even more of an offense brainwashing innocent children), whom grow up believing these lies.
    It’s a scam, people, you are doing nothing more than voting your favorite Board of Directors, “corporate Board President”, of a now, legally bankrupt / defunct, dead corporation, illegally still operating, company,, the USA INC..
    They all, need to be arrested and charged, all administrations, of all state governments, the US Congress and Judiciary, and yes, the arrest of the current administration (be it blue or red, no difference, I argued the same about Obama, Bush, Clinton, they and Trump, are exactly the same, all, cabal scum) is a pre requisite.

    We must ‘see past’ the red/blue con game, and deal with, “the enemy of the people”, the cabal and it’s 64,000 interlocking boards of corporations, these are,, the only, & true, enemy.

  7. Wrong again. If you deny what out POTUS has done for our country, and all true Patriots have done to rid ourselves of the leftist, socialist dark agenda leading to a global fascist take over, and an end to our constitutional republic, then you are bound to be very unhappy with what is to come!
    You’re whining and confusion will land you into a world of befuddlement you did not see coming.

    You’re in the trees, lost, not knowing the nature of the dense, deep forest in which you find yourself wondering …and are completely unaware of the Patriotic guardians looking out for, and fighting for your ass! Wise-up!

  8. Até que enfim, alguém equilibrado, com visão aguçada. Exatamente isso. Tudo bandido. E se não começarmos a pensar sobre essa manipulação, seremos nós que concluiremos a tragedia. O plano maior está em curso. Varias verdades estão vindo a tona, inclusive algumas, que vc citou acima. Que ainda está longe de todo acontecido nesses ulrtimos 3 anos. Pensei em até sair do PFC devido a isso. Porque, tudo que li aqui, desenvolveu minha critica em relação a situação atual, e me deparo com um crescente de sandices e manipulação dentro do próprio site. Muito grata, pelas suas inteligentes palavras..

  9. THANK YOU for posting this… there is no “good” side in American Politics – both sides have been owned and controlled by the elites for a long time. We need people on both the “right” and the “left” to wake up to that. As Corey Goode has said many times, we all need to be mindful not to fall into the right vs. left conflict – it has been completely and deliberately created and engineered to separate us and get us fighting each other instead of working together toward justice and creating a better world.

    My only tweak to your post – and it’s relatively minor, as we agree that both sides are equally heinous and corrupt – would be your labeling Biden and Harris as “Marxist.” If you do a little research on Biden, you will quickly see there has never been a bigger whore for Wall Street (and the commercial banking industry) in our government than Joe Biden. He has spent over forty years rolling back every legal protection the average citizen has against the financial industry; he has often been called “the senator from MBNA bank.” He has been trying – proudly – to eliminate social security since the day he took office. He wrote the 1994 crime bill that made for-profit-prisons a reality in the U.S., locking people away for 20 years for minor, non-violent offenses. There are more people in prison in the U.S. than China, even though we have a third the population. This is because Biden made prisons a big-money business. He has also voted for every war that has come down the pike since entering office – war is also very profitable for his donors.

    Harris, as CA Attorney General, turned a blind eye to banks illegally foreclosing on millions of American families’ homes – so these banks could make massive profits off of reselling these foreclosed homes. Steve Mnuchin was perhaps the worst of these profiteers and is one of her biggest donors. She also extends sentences of inmates so they remain in prison and can be better used by huge corporations as almost free labor.

    This is only scratching the surface of both of their corruption, however.

    Biden and Harris are horrible and corrupt, but are not Marxist. They are really hyper-capitalist Fascists, which is what the Democratic Party REALLY is… and what the Republican party REALLY is. They are both owned by the same Fortune 500 corporate overlords. When the GOP tries to paint them as Socialists or Marxists, that’s just them staying on brand and using the same nonsense talking points they have always used in an election year. But like you said in your post, it’s all a big show – zero truth to any of it. It has been said that “The United States really is a one-party system… but with typical American extravagance, they happen to have two of them.”

  10. Another Trump hater! I’ll take my chances with Trump, not the new world order body doubles/ holograms/fakes out there. We dodged a bullet with the nwo choice, Communist Hillary. Soros picks losers, including Obama. President Trump is not perfect but he is saying the same word he said in the 80’s. He supports America. That works for me!
    No UN agendas 21,30 or any other year, No new world order madness!

  11. I’m sorry people like this author are so lost and confused about the reality of the movie he is watching play out.
    Its our responsibility to wake up and lost people shouldn’t be publishing articles like this to confuse people more.
    Im sorry if this offends anyone but its the truth.
    Publish people with clarity, like Juan O’Saven not lost people doggie paddling thru life.

  12. Sorry Gary nice attempt to further more division , but this time you failed , The US has a new sheriff and people like you have no place , you should retire to China or Venezuela where your kind will be more at home


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