What happens if an election is stolen but no media reports on it?
Polly talks about the no win situation, censorship, dangerous leftists & their plans to track & destroy Trump supporters, staffers, funders and just regular citizens who voted for him or cheered for him at rallies.

PS find Polly at amazingpolly.net
#ElectionFraud #StopTheSteal

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  1. I think Amazing Polly is fantastic. Her ability to research and bring connecting dots (people/organisations) to our attention is very insightful.
    I think there are many people worldwide who are feeling just like Polly at the moment. A feeling of hopelessness at the success of the greatest fraudulent election that was an absolute necessity for all the vested interest parties to proceed with their destructive, global reset plans installing an elite cabal of people/groups and corporations to control every facet of our lives.
    Truth and goodness will not save the world, Donald Trump was the “last man standing, and only saviour”.

    Feel for the man and his family, because henceforth their lives are going to be totally destroyed for trying to make America great and restore patriotism, morality and commonsense.

  2. Haha, when you mentioned Graham Campbell, I thought to myself, I wish it were Graham Cooke (because I love him)…….and it WAS, afterall! Amazing Polly, I am in awe of you; have always appreciated your views, your intricate paths of information, your caring soul.
    I certainly know where you are coming from with your cynical scepticism on the outcome of our U.S. election; however, I do assure you that there will be an unbelievable result and there will be a 2nd term for President Trump starting in 2021.

  3. The problem is that Biden & Harris are proclaiming winners of an office that no longer exist. It was dissolved as of November 5th 2020 through a bankruptcy of United States Incorporated that was created in 1933 under Franklin Roosevelt, under the guise of ‘The Vatican Bank’ which is the one who filed ‘Chapter 17’ September 24, 2015. It was Liquidated, No reorganization. We are now once again a Republic, ‘The United States of America’ & it is also important to understand that ‘Articles of Confederation’ the first Constitution July 9th 1778 still exist, The “Perpetual Union” between the States, it was & never will be dissolved. The Constitution of 1789 was created to form a ‘Federal’ government, this is the one “We” have the right to “Throw Off & Provide “New Guards” under ‘The Declaration of Independence’ July 4th 1776.

    • That may or may not be technically correct in a narrow sense. I know not. I do know that, peradventure it be correct, almost no one will care.

    • LaVerne I love you. You’re spot-on. I to try to awaken the American citizens lab rats sheep, off into years school indoctrination ignorance, and beer-sports and Gucci shopping. Mindless Clueless we are about to die-depopulation or enslaved.


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