WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE to sue Governments, corporations and individuals around the world for the CV19 fake crisis.

WORLD FREEDOM ALLIANCE is made up of thousands of doctors, scientists, professors, lawyers, journalists… around the world

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“There is no doubt that what we are seeing are crimes against humanity and child abuse – forcing children to wear masks  at school.”

“We are looking at the masks, we will be sending notices of liability to schools, principals, CEO of companies and doctors. To put them on notice. If you put those people on notice and something happens after that notice then they will be held personally responsible and liable. This will give parents and empower people with knowledge to put pressure on the public sector.”

– Martin Byrne, Barrister at Law practicing in the Superior Courts, Dublin.

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World Freedom Alliance 2020 World Shift


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  1. Where Are the group that has the Power to do something?organised In the fight against this Cv19 bs?? Which country’s have these groups?

  2. At this late date, I feel myself starting to halfway warm up to the social distancing concept.
    I am emotionally feeling a desire to socially distance from all Democrats for the rest of my life..

  3. AstraZeneca has been found guilty of offences relating to off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products, making false claims, kickbacks and bribery, consumer protection violation, healthcare offences, government-contracting violations and more. Since 2000 they have been fined over US $1.1billion dollars for these offences and violations. [24] Still, they have been granted protection from future product liability claims relating to its COVID-19 vaccine[25].

    Alarmingly, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt and other Countries stated they will make the vaccine “as mandatory as you can possibly make it”[26], in spite of the criminal record of its producer, & their exemption from liability claims

    It seems these decisions appear to be corporate interests, not in the best interests of public health and well being as is claimed.

    Above is all Fact !!!

    Please dig and do your research “We The People” this is All On Public record ,
    and then Post on every worldwide Politician’s twitter account and all other social media pushing the DEATH VACCINES !!!

    And Post “I Do Not Consent to Poison Vaccines”

    All source reference links below:-

    • Are you Ready For Real Truth From 1000’S of Citizen Journalists on the Ground worldwide reporting on the COVID FRAUD and Much Much More ?

      Do you want To Find Out the Real Truth Regarding who was responsible for 9/11, that no one else has disclosed ?

      Then Join Now . link below

    • COVID-1984 FOI Request | UK Government Admits Virus Doesn’t exist- October 2020


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