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he Center for Health Security at John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has released a coercive blueprint that seeks to claim ownership of humans and vaccinate everyone in the coming years. The blueprint is called — The Public’s Role in COVID-19 Vaccination: Planning Recommendations Informed by Design, Thinking, and the Social, Behavioral, and Communication Sciences. The document calls on US policymakers, practitioners, academics and nontraditional partners such as church leaders to unite as one and provide strong consistent messages about the necessity of taking covid-19 vaccinations.

One of the top members of this group is a CIA-linked operative named Luciana Borio, who has been named as a member of Biden’s covid-19 task force.

The guidance calls on the federal government to conduct social and behavioral research on COVID-19 vaccination, in order to convince more people to vaccinate for the “greater good.” The document offers a glimpse into what life will look like after 2020, as US infrastructure is rapidly converted into a mass vaccine compliance system — rife with vaccine propaganda, bodily requirements and persecution toward those who refuse the vaccines. The guidance is centered on coercion, on convincing the population that they no longer have to be afraid of their immune system and one another, as long as they submit to the required vaccines.

Public health authorities plan to distribute covid-19 vaccines from churches

Local and state public health agencies will collaborate with non-government partners to use “nontraditional sites” to compel and administer vaccinations. According to the guidance, these nontraditional sites will include churches and other places of worship. In the New American Standard Bible, Mark 13:9, Christians are warned about a future just like the one that is coming in 2021: “But be on your guard; for they will deliver you to the courts, and you will be flogged in the synagogues, and you will stand before governors and kings for My sake, as a testimony to them.”

The guidance calls on all government, academic and public health authorities to adopt a clear and coordinated message with these new vaccines, that they are safe and effective — that they only work when everyone participates. The message of “we’re all in this together” will be used incessantly, as it has been propagated in 2020. The guidance calls for a broad network of trusted spokespersons “who can deliver and reinforce a unified message about COVID-19 vaccination.” This means there will be more celebrities and sports figures being used to spout vaccination propaganda.

Church leaders will be pressured to make sure their congregation is subjected to the new vaccines as if vaccines are some spiritual gateway to going back to normal. Churches that take this path are submitting to man-made powers and living under a dark curse. Leaders who dictate congregations in this fearful and controlling way are bowing to the lies and principalities that now control every aspect of their thinking and behavior. These “anti-Christ” leaders will enslave their sovereign existence to the pharmaceutical companies in a soulless act of obedience to the darkness.

Vaccines will be “bundled” with government benefits, housing and food

Other non-traditional vaccination sites that are listed include: grocery stores, senior citizen centers, health departments, mass vaccination clinics as well as local corporations, schools and workplaces. Vaccination will also be delivered via home visits from community health nurses.

The vaccines will also be bundled with safety net services such as government housing and food. This means that vaccine certificates will likely be required in order to apply for government benefits, Medicaid, rent subsidies and food stamps. The guidance recommends that the vaccines be bundled with other “preventative health services” as required.

Those who don’t vaccinate will be treated as dangerous and could be isolated from the rest of society, as if they are filthy vectors of disease infecting their community by default. This is the dreadful lie that underpins the 2020 lock downs, the social distancing charade, and the mask mandates. None of these measures are used with precision to contain real infections. These behavioral controls are being placed on society as a whole, to suffocate human independence and soul, to reinforce the lie that everyone is an infectious public health risk at all times, into perpetuity. When leaders try to coerce and manipulate compliance to pharmaceutical companies and communist, one-size-fits all controls, they are ignoring the reality of naturally-acquired immunity, while mocking God, trampling human rights and the human body’s ability to produce its own antibodies and mount a healthy immune response.

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  1. Besides being a world population control mechanism c19 is the elites’ fiendish way to forbid people to do normal business so the collapsed state of the world economy is effectively hidden til too late.

    • You’re absolutely right, Teri, a vaccine cannot be developed for a “virus” they don’t even fully understand .. such a vaccine would be deadly. Sounds like depopulation to me, and I won’t take it.

  2. I guess I finally realized what reality is all about.

  3. Being treated by Demo’rats as an outcast makes me feel kind of good. It re-assures me that I am on the right path. Maybe I could socially distance from Demo’rat fascists for the rest of my life.

  4. Breaking News

    Trustee/Controller Global Repository Kimberly Ann Goegen Gives President Trump $500 Billion Dollars to Drain The Swamp , Stop the COVID FRAUD and stimulus for “We The People ”

    Hopefully Mr Trump does the rite thing by the people Immediately or funds will be CLAWED BACK and someone else will do what needs to be done for “We the People” and it wont be BIDEN !

  5. I wish mainstream media would show the massive protests against the lock downs (brought upon by the CV hoax) around the world. We never had lock downs before the flu was called CV. People are waking up. I am retired now from our healthcare cartel, but I still get news from people I used to work with. What MSM tells us every day is not what is happening in our hospitals. The fear-mongering is just ridiculous. The sheep still cannot believe the NWO is lapping at our heels.


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