We have been holding weekly discussions on our YouT channel and we invite you to join us this Saturday as we discuss implications around this week’s “Galactic Federation is Working with the US and Israel” disclosure.

Prepare for Change members and anyone else interested in a next-level conversation regarding the recent disclosure of the Galactic Federation made by Haim Eshed who headed up Israel’s space security program from 1981 to 2010, are invited to join us at our YouTube channel at 6 pm UTC this Saturday, Dec. 12 as for a deeper conversation of the implications and examination of this claim.

In the claim which was put out in an interview with Israeli paper Yedioth Aharonoth, the Galactic Federation has been known of by planetary governments around the world for some time now and that even President Trump had the opportunity to release information about the Federation recently. We, and others, speculate that he had the opportunity at the announcement of Space Force.

Instead, the decision is that humanity, although at the technological level, still needs a bit more time to wake up to and absorb the information. In many displays however, there are signs everywhere and the mere fact that this story was picked up and distributed among many other reports of crop circles, free energy, anti-gravity technologies, formal admission of the tic-tok ufos and the latest monoliths revelations, will get people looking into this information. We will discuss these items and more for our experienced audience.

Please join us by subscribing at our YouTube channel: Prepare for Change. Be ready to join in at 6 pm UTC there or join in via an alert button. Or catch the replay over the weekend.

We have crossed another point in our history where there's no turning back!

The call will start at 6 pm UTC.  This is 10 am Pacific Time, USA.  Simply go to our channel at the following link and await the live call to begin.

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  1. These are interesting. I just wish that these were at a time when I’m not at work. Oh well. There needs to be more communication among the awakened community. Hope to see more of these in the future.


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