Great short message from Elizabeth:

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  1. Kudos for the video, but please understand that this perspective is actually quite old and keeps getting trotted out as a viable explanation for what is going on as the situation keeps getting worse for humans. So here we have the definition of insanity – Keep doing the same thing over and over again (manifesting your ‘desired’ reality and stop ‘feeding’ the fear) and expecting a different result. We should know by now that it isn’t working, eh?

    This is from someone who has been following our work for about 3+ years now. Maybe this will help some folks who have listened/watched this video and realize that something important is missing.

    I know this sounds wildly improbable (and I was unaware this was even a possibility until learning about it from the information being revealed at GetWisdom dot com in the last year or two), but what each of us humans does in the next 5-7 years on this tiny blue dot, in this unremarkable corner, of this one in a trillion galaxies, will affect the fate not only of the survival of the human species, but of civilizations across the galaxy, and even the existence of the universe itself.

    How? Short answer: The purpose of the human species is to solve the problem of evil. If we fail to do so in this short time window, i.e. by healing via Divine Partnership, our ET perpetrators who run the world from behind the scenes, said ETs will annihilate all of humanity; the darkness will continue to grow unchecked, and will increase like a spiritual black hole, with no possibility of reversal to reconnect to the Divine Love of Source Creator, and the Divine Free Will Experiment will need to be re-set and the Universe essentially collapsed and restarted.

    Humanity is, and has been for millennia, controlled by a Cabal consisting of a dark ET Alliance of 4 races and the Dark Spirit cohort they command. They are loveless beings, due to eons of spiritual corruption, from the Fallen Angelics, who made a free will choice to separate from Source Creator and follow their own path of self-serving ego aggrandizement, and are now no more than functional sociopaths, whose only reason for being has been reduced to lusting for power and control over others, and taking sadistic delight in making them suffer. They’ve corrupted humanity to go down the same path, but we haven’t been around as long as they have, to go so far down the drain, so we still can feel love and compassion. These 1-hr webinars give the full story and what each of us needs to do to save and heal humanity. Sure puts a different spin on that “perspective” of us in the galaxy, doesn’t it? (No pressure! :joy:)

    PT. 1:
    GetWisdom dot com public webinar on Aliens:

    “Aliens: What’s the Worry and What’s the Hurry?” What we’ll cover in this event …

    Aliens? WHAT Aliens?? Karl and Denny will attempt the near impossible – to share the history of the alien presence on Earth and their interaction with humanity in just a few minutes. They will briefly describe the different species involved (yes, there’s more than one!), and how they are presently joined in a loose “Alliance” with a common agenda for humanity.

    What’s the Worry? Karl and Denny will explore the true nature of the extraterrestrial presence, and their true interest in humanity. Why don’t we see them? Why don’t they announce themselves? Why don’t they help us? You’ll want to be sitting down when they answer the question, “Is there anything to worry about?”

    What’s the Hurry? Some of these aliens have been on and around Earth since humanity’s beginning. In fact, before humanity even appeared on Earth. We’re obviously still here, so why would there be any urgency around this issue? Karl and Denny share why NOW is one of the most critical timeperiods in human history, and why the aliens are front and center stage.

    Why Worry about What You Can’t Change? Indeed, such aliens would be so technologically advanced, that should they become aggressive, we would stand little chance. But we have an ALLY in a much higher power who has pledged to intercede and protect humanity IF ENOUGH PEOPLE ASK! Brian is fond of saying, “If we can’t save ourselves with prayer, then WE DON’T HAVE A PRAYER!” Karl and Denny’s will go over the reasons why this is so.

    Viewer Questions and Answers The Get-Wisdom Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about aliens, the worry and the hurry …

    PT. II

    GetWisdom Webinar The Extraterrestrial Final Solution for Humanity 29July2018

    What we’ll cover in this event … Who Wants Humanity Gone? Karl and Denny will blow the whistle on the “Extraterrestrial Alliance”. Why Do They Want Us Gone? Karl and Denny will explore the reasons that key members of the Alliance have grown utterly disenchanted with humanity, and why their frustration has led them to conclude that our elimination is the only satisfactory solution. When Do They Want Us Gone? Karl and Denny will share how precious little time we collectively have, and why action on the part of all of us to counter this growing danger is so paramount. Can They be Stopped? How Can We Realistically Stop Them? Karl and Denny will share Creator’s advice for stopping and reversing this extraterrestrial threat. Viewer Questions and Answers The Founders will interact with the viewing audience and answer viewer questions about aliens, the worry and the hurry …

    I hope this helps those who want to go beyond what is in this video. Thank you and Victory to the Divine Human!

    • Why do the positive ET’s not help us? Is it humanity’s fault that our lives on this planet have been infiltrated and controlled by negative races? How can we possibly defeat ET’s that are far more advanced than us by ourselves without help from positive races that can counteract the negativity? Why is it soley humanity’s responsibility to rid the planet of such destructive elements? If humanity fails then all positive races throughout the galaxy shall be held responsible for sitting back and doing nothing knowing what we were up against. Would they do that? Would they just sit on their hands and let the darkness win knowing that eventually it could mean the end of their civilisations as well? How frustrating and unfair for them and for humanity if universal law does not allow such intervention. Seems an extremely unfair fight dont you think. YOU ARE WRONG!!!!

      • To Richard, Denny, Elizabeth: Each Universe was created as an experiment, with different parameters. Ours is based on FREE WILL. To disrespect this basic law, as the service-to-self/black hat beings are doing, brings a ricochet effect called karma. Beings from the service-to-others/white hat camp (and there are many) are here to balance that, However, they, too, must adhere to the tenet of free will. To put it another way, we humans are here to make a CHOICE that will be either selfish or selfless, and that choice was made by more than 51% of us. Hence, we ARE receiving help. However, because the fear that would be engendered by the sudden appearance of the massive number of ETs who are here to help, would do more harm than good (and would actually FEED the black hats) that revelation is being withheld. (As you can imagine, this impedes their ability to assist.) Elizabeth is correct when she reminds us to keep our thoughts and emotions positive. She is not, however, telling us to remain uninformed, just to guard our emotions.
        This idea is known and talked about by many gifted souls who are here to help (starseeds, indigos, etc.) and my favorite source is Energetic Synthesis dot com simply because of its depth and its spiritual bent. (I ‘woke up’ over fifty years ago, hence my philosophical bent.) Karl and Denny do a great job, also of informing us of current happenings, in ways that are understandable. Now, if we zoom out to see the larger picture, we are reminded that EARTH is a hinge-pin in this conflict between light and dark. Hermetic Law (“as above, so below”) reminds us that what we witness in 3D is also true on many other levels. NASA recently announced that our solar system is heading towards a massive black hole. And THAT is the primary reason why Earth and our solar system (and ALL beings in and on them – by the way, even photons are sentient) are being carefully watched by other inhabitants of our universe. Our choices affect them.
        So, I ask you: Do you choose LOVE/acceptance/tolerance or do you choose FEAR/judgment? As we watch the political scene unfold, remember that any negative emotional reactions are fodder for the Black Hats, and discern more carefully their respective agendas, remembering that we live in a world of polarity (relative good and evil). Awaken, dear SOULS, to your greatest potential, and help make this momentous transition (graduation time, according to the Law of One) a blessed moment.

  2. To be aware of something does not automatically equal support.

    Each individual is responsible for their own emotional state. One can be aware of the reality around them and the actions of others, and not enter a state of fear over it.

    Ignorance, especially willful ignorance, does not serve the light either.

  3. If anyone is afraid of EA its because she might go off the reservation. As far as channeling guides, April is a CIA psyop level disinfo campaign, but the intelligent, satvic grounded souls know this. Beware of fakes.


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