Michael Matt telling it like it is, as usual:


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  1. Thank you Editor Michael J. Matt of The Remnant for your logic, compassion for humanity, and dignity to speak the truth soooo courageously with grace and love! Thank you Dear One! I look forward to hearing more from you! LIBERATION NOW!

  2. This guy is a Deep ‘Stake’ Actor. Democracy for one is Not The United States of America, Never was! Were A Federation/A Republic. ‘Articles Of The Confederation’ the First Constitution, which Still exist, was Never replaced! & Anyone who throws out ‘Key’ words like “gestapo” works for the wrong side. Covid does Not exist, which he claims he knows someone that died from it, which means he plaguing on your mind.

  3. I hate to break this to you dumb ass COP lovers, one huge problem is the dumb ass COPS !!! These cop are helping bring in there own TYRANNY !! Hey asshole cops YOU and your family’s are going to fall under the same TYRANNY do you not see how under educated you are but highly INDOCTRINATED: your helping enslave humanity wake up !!

  4. Don’t hate them for following orders. Of course, they would deviate from orders.

    Alien Ultimatum: Super-elites clean up the evil in the world or suffer a cosmic reset for Planet Earth!


    After disclosure, your lives will change.

    You will not need the things you are crying about losing now.

    What you “know” and “feel” in your bones is the dissolution of the current reality.

    The “used to be” rested on ideologies structured out of lies.

    Our “way of life” is built on ideologies structured out of lies.

    The first step to overcoming this is to acknowledge our ideologies are structured out of lies.

    If Christmas is a fake holiday created by Roman Catholicism to draw followers of Saturnalia into the Church as Pope Ratzinger admitted in December 2012, then why should the New ETs in charge of the planet continue to allow the negative vibrations of this monstrously materialistic holiday to continue?

    If the true story of Thanksgiving is one of pain and suffering to the Native Americans, then why should the New ETs in charge of the planet continue to allow the negative vibrations of this monstrously violent holiday to continue?

    The lockdowns are part of script that enables you to be at home and at peace when ET disclosure happens. All parties are in on the script.

    Malevolent forces are trying to hijack the shutdown off this reality for their own plans, but it will not work. They will be evicted from the planet.

    America is in the way because she is 20% of the world’s population but creates 80% of the world’s garbage due to her “lifestyle”.

    American is in the way because her foreign policy is based on a fraudulent lie and she refuses to acknowledge the DNA evidence that proves the people occupying Jerusalem are not Hebrews at all.

    The fourth revolution will only be allowed on Mars.

    The Hopi Prophecy and the Book of Enoch confirm this split in society.

    The Hopi Prophecy Rock shows a group of humans going to the upper world.


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