Here’s Benjamin’s latest interview with Robert David Steel.

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  1. Public Notice :

    Urgent Global Release : 21 January 2021

    As of 21 Jan 2021 Kimberly Ann Goguen is now the Interim Head Of state of America

    and Countries Globally are also impacted interim . For Full details please View Full

    Release Link Below .

    Fyi Kim has been funding all Governments and Countries Budgets for the last 2 plus

    years And President Trump and all Heads of State Know this and Know who Kim is

    Please share with everyone you know the quicker, the smoother the transition.

    The World Has Been Liberated Thank you Kim and the Teams:)

  2. The golden flag behind Trump meens that the army is now in charge non officially ?
    Was there a some blackouts yesterday night ?

    • Would you let Benjamin answer before you interrupt him with 2 more questions ?? If necessary, make the video longer to cover all questions and topics.
      Aarre Peltomaa

  3. To study up on the story of the corporate USA and the cabal structures of government and money, land, etc, you can get Anna Von Reitz’s book: “You Something’s Wrong When…”
    Your ain’t gonna believe what they did.

    • Even if what she says is true I say off with their heads & change our structure of government. You cannot negotiate with thieves & murderers.

  4. Merit system says motherhood or personal study starves. Great incomes for all is a right = healthy business = growing secure stock market = permanent surplus. We are here to learn not work. We run our local governments has no bosses. The golden rule is the one only law. The people run media only. No bosses.

  5. In “Awaking” a bit over 25 years ago, and now 81, I have had all of this heavy on my mind ever since and I have been doing my best 24/7 to keep up. At this moment 08:36 01/19/21 the best thing that I have found has been the Robert David Steel/Ben Fulford conversation that led me to this website (which I am anxious to research further) …
    I have personally thought that RDS has the where-with-all character-wise and mentality to be way ahead in the running for “THE” future leader of any geographic/personnel region of the planet that I reside on. Believe me that I have been very aware of BF long before he and RDS ever met and though I have had reservations about BF in the past, he has just proved his position overall in my mind as of now. What he just said in the mentioned presentation is the most “truly” encouraging thing that I have heard in a very long time … and that is including my hopes beyond hope that the latest “Q” line was next and until this moment had been my much preferred outcome given all that I have been aware of (which is vast in scope but low in potential outcome) … so, at this time, keep up what appears to be great work! I will dig deeper now into this site. Thanks for being! jck

  6. You’re a fucking moron. I’m so sick of this Trump savior falsism. Your predictions are about as reliable as tea leaves in a hurricane. Douchebag.

  7. Breaking news January 18 , 2021

    From Ground Command, Extremly Urgent Jarad Kushner is part of qanon, and qanon

    patriots are being set up for execution, please share with every q person so they dont

    get hurt

  8. January 18th , 2021 – Breaking News Urgent !

    Update From Ground Command on Global Marshal Law and the War with the Deepstate

    Insurection Act ,Fema and qanon.

    Please Share Everywhere !

  9. THANK YOU Robert David Steele and Benjamin Fulford for this candid discussion. It’s good to see people have an authentic conversation like the two of you did in this video. I greatly admire YOUR fortitude and desire to bring the U.S. to a different identity as a genuine positive benevolent race where the rule of law is DO NO HARM. Thank you beautiful souls for your tireless work in helping people to rise up and awake to becoming a positive force for the cosmos! Victory of the Light!

  10. Its On !!!

    Jan 17, 2021

    Breaking News ! Urgent pls share everywhere !

    Global Marshal Law Enacted

    War Against the Deep State Enacted

    We The People V The Deep State Enacted

    Game Over Deepstate ?

    Kim Possible & Life Force Meeting Jan 17,2021

    We The People Are Winning !!!


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