PFC Breaking News – War with the Deep State

This is a message that was put out by LifeForce this past weekend. The information continues to come out. Regarding the US inauguration being an opportunity for a false flag. But, Kim’s group has issued a declaration of war on the cabal. Find more information in this video.…


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  1. Discernment. Potential false flag that implicates our current POTUS, the “Alliance?” I like this sight and have appreciated most, not all, articles posted here. Your hearts (the administration) have seemed to be in the right place in my estimation, However, the Kim G person referred to in this post and video clip, had just about a month or so ago posted a video announcing our current POTUS as a cabal asset, as well as Pence; seems to have been right about Pence, who has likely been well known to be a cabal asset—no big news there.
    Interesting how this Kim comes out now with an imminent warning, at this final hour! Is this an attempt to change a time line, stir up enough doubt among supporters of our Republic, the Plan, and the Alliance,
    No thank you for more ridiculous attempts to sway the minds of Patriots!! The administrators of this sight, it’s time to choose a side!
    This kim person has made many claims over the past few years. I will not visit their site as I have found the energy coming from that group mixed and not authentic in my estimation!
    The Cabal is notorious for programming and deceiving liberal, progressive sites, groups, so called enlightened organizations, who I believe can be gullible and vulnerable to negative programming, second guessing themselves!
    All threats foreign and domestic are under control and known to the Patriots. So pick a side and get clear.

    • Thank you for your input. We are currently vetting the information from Life Force but we are including it here because there is a lot of information coming from that source right now. Always best to keep eyes wide open and clear discernment going.

  2. Space Force was designed by the wicked to trick humans (mostly White ones) into going to the Moon and then Mars in order to save them from the pole shift. They used the Simpsons cartoon to implant this predictive programming.

    All of these schemes will continue until humans know the TRUE history of their origins.

    No color is greater or lesser than another.

    If anything about Black bothers you, you cannot ascend.
    If you think White is better than all other colors, you cannot ascend.

    The first ACT of the Fallen Angels was to SEPARATE HUMANS BY COLOR and bred different hybrid groups around the world as part of their experiments. Just like humans bred dogs, cats, pigs, chickens, cows.

    Contrary to popular opinion, COLOR IS IMPORTANT. It is important that your belief systems around color are balanced and equal.

    The Whole World has a huge problem in this regard.

    How can a soul experience the Pure Dazzling White Ray of Purity of the Ascension Flame if in the back of that soul’s mind, the color White represents racial superiority? You cannot use the Pure Dazzling White Ray of Purity to purify all mis-qualification of God’s energy throughout your many incarnations and clear all negativity, false beliefs, poor attitudes and habits blocking the manifestation of your spiritual mastery, if White represents any type of superiority over any other color in your belief system.

    The Fallen Angels programmed Whites to self-destruct in many ways; everything they create is either taken from more ancient cultures without acknowledgement or ends up in a landfill terraforming the earth for another species. Whites in particular have been programmed to create things that hurt the body or hurt the earth. If you speak to them about color and equality they become angry and/or depressed. Thus, they can never correct the imbalance within them regarding how they feel and view color. They can never listen to anyone who does not look like them and the Fallen Angels’ programming teaches them that they must lead, marshal and control the world so they cannot voluntarily set aside and let others lead while they heal from the programming. It is a vicious cycle and trap of immense intelligence from other worldly beings. The only way out is to DO THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING they programmed us to do.

    But due to the attachment to material things, we cannot muster the intestinal fortitude to do this.

    Only those who have done the hard inner work can at this time serve as leaders.

    You must hold a pure consciousness in the heart towards all the colors in order to master the 7 flames.

    None of the Cabal’s dark technology or tools work against a fully realized being. This they understand.

    According to the Book of Enoch, The Son of Man chose men FROM AMONGST THE BAD GUYS to shut down this experiment; they made the mess and must clean it up. None of those chosen succeed and the Son of Man is forced to destroy them. This presumably includes Trump who is trying to secure rulership of the Moon and Mars for his family forever and resents being forced to shut down this reality.

    Their Fake Alien invasion will be destroyed.

    We are about to have REAL disclosure, governments are collapsing all around the world and the climate is collapsing from cosmic phenomenon.

    Evidence of the new level of war can be seen here:
    Huge Energy Source Approaches Earth From Behind! – (ETs kicking the bad guys asses with energy)

    The wicked will start having physical disabilities related to the rays of the 3 new suns surrounding us. Many who give off strong negative frequencies will spontaneously combust.

    Everyone should have an opportunity to make a fully informed decision on whether to choose peace.

    That decision cannot be made without fear, loathing, hate, guilt or shame, unless there is full disclosure of the ET role in creating hybrid species of humanoids all over this planet as part of their experiment.

    How “Christian and righteous” is it to fight to the death over a land that your ancestors brutally stole from others while you refuse to apportion the land fairly and justly?
    How “Christian and righteous” is it to Genocide an entire group, break every treaty you’ve signed with them, enslave another group and continuously deny any reparations and then stand before God expecting to be saved in your hour of trouble?

    The cognitive dissonance is astonishing, yet they still do not want to hear that they must go within and that COLOR is important; important that all are treated equally. So, you can see how America’s problem with color will impede her spiritual progress and her ability to receive her blessings in this time.

    The inability to go within, remain calm and handle their emotions will lead to their destruction.

    But more than anything, we must all face our belief systems about color and correct our behavior. Otherwise, there will be no place for us on this earth. The Times of the Gentiles have been fulfilled and are over. That means the end of White Supremacy and the Chosen People Myth.

    • Who mentioned anything about race or color? White supremacy, privilege? A long and exhausting tirade beginning and ending with racial division. Ascension precludes such nonsense. It appears as though you want to take every opportunity to insert your own brand of vile wickedness. Not buying it!

  3. You might also include the website to your readers as there is a good chance it will be taken down on Youtube.

  4. Breaking news January 18 , 2021

    Extremely Urgent

    Update re Global Marshal Law, War Declared Against the Deep State

    Insurrection act, fema, qanon

    From Ground Command, Extremely Urgent Jarad Kushner is behind qanon, and qanon

    patriots are being set up for execution, please share with every qanon person so they

    dont get hurt


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