It has come to our attention that part of the message in this video may be supporting the mainstream WHO and CDC perspectives on masking efficacy. PFC has consistently questioned this perspective and tries to present content that widens the perspective and contributes new information to the conversation. We decided to present this video because of the value the doctors present in the support of Ivermectin as an effective possible cure. Many doctors have seen and reported positive test results which have been attacked by mainstream doctors. While we are not medical doctors, we are critical thinkers and ask our audience/members to do their own research. We will continue to provide content that aligns with our mission and views while offering valid counter arguments to not be biased. We are not suggesting that this is the case with this video, but more as a statement of our intentions. We always aim for the highest integrity and may have fallen short on this one. We apologize for any offense taken and thank our members for the alert on this one. We will continue to provide more information on the use and efficacy of Ivermectin. As always, we welcome your input.

FLCCC ALLIANCE NEWS CONFERENCE December 4, 10:30 am (CST) at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas

The FLCCC Alliance called on national health authorities to immediately review medical evidence showing the efficacy of ivermectin for the prevention of COVID-19 and as an early outpatient treatment. The FLCCC believe’s that their Critical Care team’s testimony will help to immediately alter the trajectory of this pandemic. Take a closer look at the data and publish their findings, or those of now dozens of studies (and more to come) on the efficacy of #ivermectin in the prophylaxis and treatment of #COVID-19. The FLCCC Urges policymakers to take action. To see more on their project, you can check out their website below.

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    • Yes, we totally agree. We are, however, encouraged to see that some of these professionals are coming around in slow ways, step by step. In a perfect world it would be wonderful if we could all just wake up. It is good to remember that some of these people who have bought some of the narrative are well intentioned and want to do right by their patients. We can help by encouraging the small steps while at the same time continuing to educate about what more needs to change. Thank you so much for your input!

  1. I hope this isn’t a pro-ivermectin video. As a vet tech I can tell you it is used to kill heartworms in dogs and cows, in addition to other major parasitic infections. I have never heard it used for a virus or a flu. It is extremely dangerous and can be lethal. It was commonly used 20 years ago but today there are safer measures. The only time it is used today is with severe heartworm infestation, and sometimes the treatment (ivermectin) kills the patient. Just my 2 cents…

    • This is disinformation, a simple search on any Rx website, webmd, druginfo, etc will tell you this is as safe as any regularly prescribed drug. People are not pets and it is not for heart worm, nor does it kill patients unless you happen to have a particular west African parasite and even then its extremely rare. Many drugs prescribed daily are far more precarious than Ivermectin as evidenced in any literature commonly available in any drug guide if you read one.

    • Thanks for the info; I would like to point out the fact your assuming what we are being told is the truth. Is COVID19 a virus? What is it really? The truth will come out eventually with an explanation. I call it the Placebo Disease. Strange that the flu diagnosis has now reached zero (a miracle?) Don’t take the COVID19 vaccine! I’ve been using ivermectim periodically for several years and if monitored correctly it works well for parasites. US doctors do not believe parasites exist in the US. Look at all the fat and bloated people (from massive inflammation-typically the 1st symptom here). We have a horribly bad medical education in the US. Designed to fail to help control population. Medical Personnel from all specialties have their heart in the right place they just don’t think about a diagnosis, they follow instructions. Medical tests here are also designed to be faulty, whatever makes the most money. Research yourself, it takes time, but well worth it. Note: Don’t research the well known institutions, read, info from other countries is best. Big pharma pays for the info in the US. Thks.

    • Yes, it’s primary use has been as an anti-parasitic agent. That does not mean it does nothing else! I appreciate your concern, but you really need to read up on how Ivermectin works pharmacologically. Also, it is used worldwide and has been found to be one of the safest drugs out there. Concerning use in animals, every one I know out here (a rural area) uses Ivermectin for their livestock and pets. It is exceptionally common and complications are exceptionally rare. Perhaps you are thinking of a different drug? Consider also that with severe heartworm infestation, ANY treatment could “kill the patient”. But in reality, it’s not the treatment itself doing the killing.

    • Beats dieing from an experimental drug made in six months. 4 billion prescriptions and 40 years is plenty of testing! Contrary to what THEY want you to believe. Dosage is reason if anyone has an issue, and it’s saved millions of lives as well as about ten covid lives when they were given up on by hospitals and on vent 80%. I’m not an anti vaxxer, I’m an informed, and proven vaxxer. They just are pushing this stuff too hard for a 99.97% survival virus. Ps I believe, like many the delta variant is caused by the vaccinated. There are better drugs and cures out there. I’ve been mask free and touching multiple steering wheels everyday since the beginning without worry. They are the germ collector of your vehicle. Since I started 10,000 iu of vitamin D3 a day 15 years ago I haven’t even gotten a cold. I’ll take that risk, bring it on big bad virus! 💪🙏☝️

  2. Expect nothing but big pharma vaccines under the incoming administration. Just say no and protect yourself, friends, family, and the elderly. Think for yourself. Spend ten minutes doing a little research. Relying on these bought and paid for actors….I mean experts will not serve you and the ones you love well. When you bring a life into this realm you have a god given responsibility to protect that life. Turn off your indoctrination box and do some research for yourself.


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