In this video, Dr. Dolores Cahill explains why the experimental COVID19 vaccine is not safe and she predicts that it will be the cause of death for some people in months to a few years of vaccination.

She says that, “There has been no vaccine for decades licensed for coronavirus, because you get this issue that the messenger RNAs starts expressing the virus.

And then when it comes across the natural circulating coronavirus, it could be a month or a year, or 2 years down the road, that then the people get very, very ill very quickly with this cytokine storm.

The cytokine storm is when you put RNA genes, mRNA vaccine injected into your body, you bypass all of the natural immune response, which would (normally) build an immune response to prevent the vaccine from actually entering your body.

So suddenly the mRNA gets into your body, and it’s used as the human machinery in the cells to express the human proteins.

So that suddenly the virus has been injected into your body, and then your immune system sees the virus in your body as something that should not be there, and it mounts an immune response.

But the shocking thing is, that normally you’re immune and you can get rid of the virus particles. It’s a slow thing.

But when you inject it, this mRNA, why it’s so deadly, is that it now goes into your genes, and starts expressing. And it starts stimulating the immune response from inside your body, and you can’t get rid it because of the source of the viral protein. You now have become like a genetically modified organism.”

See the rest of her interview at Bitchute below:

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  1. At least, we, the ones who won’t take the “vaccine” (is not a vaccine, it’s gene therapy), will live to tell this story to our grandkids. Let’s make sure they learn from history (or ourstory) this time.

  2. It is true science speaking about the mRNA. Our bodies naturally know how to make antibodies and fight against invaders that enter it. Basic microbiology that is being dismissed by MDs and DOs which I work with. I am in a medical clinic. Many patients want the vaccine, and they ask me my POV. I just say do the research. Even in the Philippines coconut oil has cured the virus. It is sad that so many have fed into the fear, following blindly the western medicine mind set, and now have put something in their body that will do more harm than good. Hopefully, there will be truth or disclosure shared before more take it. I am one employee who hasn’t taken it and it may be mandated for my job. I am collecting data to argue why should not I take it. I am a husband and father and plan on being around for my family. I know spiritually not to worry. I am in the world but not of it. I have to be mindful of 3D thoughts as I navigate this from different perspectives than those who are in 3D.

    • Glad to hear that you are awake and aware, and I wanna say that you are doing great. There is not a reason and never has been a reason for the “vaccine” that is not really a vaccine, but a experimental biological agent. I hope you and your family stay well and healthy and yawl are “around for a long time”. We need more and more people on the planet with your perspective.

  3. Yes, I think you are correct. OR, it will be the death of those who first got the vaccinations. Which, of course, will seem like a different strain of the virus.

  4. Well, my mother and father have already taken the first round of the vaccine. They are now eagerly waiting for the second round. I don’t know what will happen to them.

  5. I feel concerned that the NHS is calling this a vaccine when it is not and that this poison put into the blood stream is coated with something that stops your immune system seeing it so it bypasses it temporarily to allow every cell in the body create pathogens which will make you sick up the line . All because the media lied the government lied and the medical profession lied. We are in a war with a satanic cabal don’t trust any of them do research if in doubt leave it out because this is just a common cold not requiring a vaccine any way. Know this The people who want 90% of the population dead are the same ones producing this DNA altering device that is not a vaccine – do you really want to risk it knowing this ? Get wise! People in my family have taken this despite my warnings because it is being past as safe by people they think they can trust. There will be a lot of deaths caused by this. This is an evil agenda time you woke up to it for your self preservation/

    • My family as well, some never took a vaccine in their life but took this one. I’m broken in my heart over it. One sister is so full of fear that she claims that her son and daughter-in-law and two kids are going to kill her because they have to go out and come in every day for work and school. Crimes against humanity/ these evil cretins are in every country and hold every position of government. We are at war that’s is for sure. Be Blessed.

    • I absolutely agree with this. The pancreas manufactures an enzyme that allows the immunes system to identify unhealthy and cancerous cells (by removing the cover of those cells) but when toxic vaccines are injected directly into the blood stream that protection is blocked by the toxins that give the pancreas the wrong message.

    • My parents have also taken the first round of the vaccine/poison out of fear of the virus. Now they are eagerly awaiting their second round. I’ve tried warning them but they refuse to listen.

    • Thank you Rachel. So glad to hear your perspective as it the same as mine. It’s astounding to me that a lot of people I’ve considered smart don’t get what you are saying. It’s like they are in a fog that prevents them from thinking logically about this. Wishing the best for you and your family.

  6. If this is true, this will be the largest genocide in world history:

    “The biggest vaccination campaign in history has begun. More than 60.3 million doses in 55 countries have been administered, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 2.95 million doses a day, on average.

    Vaccinations in the U.S. began Dec. 14 with health-care workers, and so far 19.8 million shots have been given, according to a state-by-state tally by Bloomberg and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In the last week, an average of 982,739 doses per day were administered.”

      • I think the numbers will be being fabricated, just like the number of deaths is being fabricated so that people will conform. The media refuses to ask them the questions that need to be asked, which are, how many people are dying of flu, heart attacks and cancers etc during that last 12 months, and are those figures up or down from the previous years, and also what about the meds that are said to be cures, why are these not being given to the people who get this disease? IVC will cure just about everything, they know this, hydroxychloroquine will cure this disease as well as invermectin, yet the media are not letting anyone know this.

        • You are right, and it can be frustrating. It’s like they are insane, but what’s so is that the pharmaceutical companies own the media, and pharma/Gates/the “ruing” cabal is behind all this lockdown, masking, businesses being destroyed so they can take over the whole world even more than they have previously. I don’t think it’s gonna happen, especially since more and more people are seeing them “behind the curtin”.


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