Meryl Dorey from the Australian Vaccinations-risks Network, Inc. details comprehensive updates on the Vaccine situation in both Australia and globally.

In her latest video posted on January 22, 2021, Meryl outlines evidence of how the tyranny is rushing in at warp speed – faster than the COVID vaccine is being rolled out. What are some of the steps we can take to bring about a great awakening? We all have a role to play.

In the second video posted on January 15, 2021, Meryl provides us with a massive update with info from first month of COVID Vaccination. This is a fully-referenced update of the information YOU need to know about the harm and death being caused by the new warp-speed COVID vaccines and the threats from social media censorship and No Jab No Job References will be found on the Under the Wire blog page at

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  1. Hello everyone, I am so sick of this COVID BULLSHIT there’s so many doctors around the WORLD coming out and Exposing putting the FACT out about this COVID = TYPE of FLU but the corrupt Doctors and Nurses that you see on our ( Television Programming ) are still participating in this tyranny this crime against humanity. Hank Aaron died and so many others, these others are love ones of someone, I believe I read that so far 2Million people have died world wide after receiving the so called JAB. They are calling it the jab. The Jab is to down play what it actually is. Lets call it what it really is it’s a Bio-Weapon being used on humanity. These Criminals are at War with We the People of God. In my opinion Every single Doctor and Nurse that is willing to inject ANYONE with these VACCINES while they them self knowing that these vaccines may end that persons life. They should be Charged With MURDER yes murder. If you or I Knowingly gave anyone a drug while ( knowing ) that person may die; that’s called Premeditated Murder. I know it’s not that easy when it comes to the so called laws. Some People will react differently to these VACCINES its like playing Russian roulette with humanity’s love ones.. Remember Ladies and Gentleman hundreds of thousands of doctor around the world know the facts, what is be done is a crime against humanity.. I would like to know what you think ?

  2. A mon sens, bien moins de “la population mondiale” n’a atteint le niveau d’Eveil requis qui les projetterait dans ces état de tristesse et de colère. Ce n’est donc qu’une minorité qui s’offusquerait du défaut de la divulgation pourtant annoncée. Il faut probablement y ajouter nombre de personnes qui sont dans le flux de l’Ascension et qui savent que dans ce secteur spirituel les évènement à venir sont intemporels: Pas ‘d’hier’, pas ‘de demain’;;Seulement ‘le moment Présent.’ Cependant ,je ressens également des énergies négatives dans mon environnement de proximité…mais les raisons résultent davantage des difficultés intenses dans les domaines de leur vie personnelle (santé; moyens économiques de survie…)ainsi que de la médiocrité des connexions socialeset sociétales. Sachant que c’est le PLAN DIVIN qui désormais se déroule, je ne dis absolument pas que “Ce n’est vraiment pas bon…” IL FAUT Y CROIRE tout simplement.

  3. Difficile d’adhérer à un tel raisonnement qui se résume à dire que pour se donner volontairement la mort “un nombre important de personnes” choisissent de se vacciner avec un produit qu’elles savent ‘nocif’. Cherchez l’illogisme!

  4. Follow up: The saddest thing is that there are probably a substantial number of people who believe the vaccine is harmful, but they are taking the vaccine anyway because they want to die.

    • I do not think it is because they want to die although many more suicides are occurring as a result of this programme. I think it is mainly because they are mind controlled and unable to think for themselves because they trust the government, the main stream media and the medical profession. All three of these trusted organisations giving out the same disinformation it is too much for them to believe that their suspicions could be true so they go ahead with it. If they go to the government website it tells the truth that from March 19th Covid was considered to be a none dangerous virus with low pathogen levels. From that information people should be able to work out that they have been lying and we know that the MP’s and the PM in UK have been legally served with criminal fraud, genocide, treason and abuse of power for this hoax. These people have committed world wide criminal fraud and they are going to continue to do it as long as people allow it. They have made a shed load of money out of this and they are rolling out their agenda 21 programme. These people are all working for the cabal and you must stand up for yourself. This is tyranny and it is only happening because people have freaked out instead of questioning everything and working it out.

    • Yes, most of my family is included in this list except they believe the vaccine is essential to keeping them safe from the Covid Virus. They don’t believe the vaccine is harmful in any way. My parents have already taken the first vaccine and are eagerly awaiting the next dose out of fear of the virus.

  5. My feeling is that the majority of the global population is very sad and angry because humanity was really hoping to be liberated from a pointless existence with the cabal finally being brought to justice. Because nothing happened (nothing official), people are losing hope and giving up. As a net whole, I can feel very negative energies from the surface population. This is really not good…

    • yes but we know things are happening – so folks do not give up hope just because you cannot see what is happening. Take care be patient and trust in God.


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