Freshman Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filed articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden on Thursday.

She made the announcement on Twitter this afternoon.

Rep. Greene promised to file charges against the corrupt Democrat last week.
Today she fulfilled that commitment.


Here are Rep. Greene’s detailed charges against corrupt President Joe Biden.

Rep. Greene focused on Joe Biden’s pay-for-play scheme that was caught on video where he threatened Ukrainian leaders in order to protect his son Hunter Biden.

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  1. Get Old man Biden out he is full of corruption and lies, and is now putting America in danger by opening our boarders during this virus crises. Joe Biden is mentally and physically unfit and the corruption and selling out America to the highest bidder has been going on for Years this creepy man has had 47yrs for pocketing money and putting America last. Enough

  2. How did we get here? 1913 Federal Reserve Act, that’s how. Our Founders Always Warned “Once a Nation does Not control & Coin its Own Currency…”

  3. 28th January 2021 – Breaking News

    SPACEFORCE Attemps Hostile World takeover .

    Official Communication Channel Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head of State America.

  4. Where to find Kimberly Ann Goguen Interim Head of State America 21 Jan 2021

  5. I am so pleased and proud of Ms. Greene’s efforts to impeach Biden. We need to send protective thoughts and energies to her and everyone supporting the impeachment of the very corrupt and very evil Biden – not our elected president!

  6. How did we get here?
    How did Americans allow our election to be stolen?
    How do so many actually believe Joe was the winner? do they not have eyes?
    Did they choose to ignore all of Trumps support?
    Do they choose to ignore crimes of voter fraud?
    Do they really believe the reason courts refused to even LOOK at evidence is because we have No standing?
    What court refuses to see evidence? Ours do
    Im guessing this is all ok with Americans and now we will just bend over to Joe.
    The resisters claimed Trump was a dictator, but what do they call Biden now in his EO sweep while ignoring Congress, their hero?
    Biden will start wars up again
    Tax us to death
    Impose unconstitutional mandates and more
    But that darn Trump…
    We better fight people, start by taking off that muzzle on your face and open your business if you have one.
    We the people are going to have to take them down, and I like whats going on with Gamestop and the hedgers on wall street.
    They think they can take down any American business they want by manipulating their stock.
    Well people showed their butts we have had enough of their BS manipulation and they think they are the only ones who should profit off their corrupt system.
    Go get them Americans, lets do this.
    Lets tank their banks too, go take your money out and buy silver or just keep your cash at home buried in your back yard if you have to.
    Lets take them down
    No one supports Joe, thats why they removed all the comment sections from everything Joe does.
    They dont want you to see how many people do not support Joe, he is the fraud in chief.
    Lets take back America and bring our duly elected President back!!!


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