No intel can be released now for several reasons.

Both mainstream and alternative media are almost completely taken over by disinfo, and blindly following outside sources can only lead to disappointment.

Since the collapse of the Alpha timeline in January 2018, details of the planetary liberation plan can not, and will not be published anywhere on internet. I can only repeat that planetary liberation does NOT depend on who is the president of the United States.

It is the highest purpose for people to decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.

Full situation update will be posted only when clearance is given.


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  1. Neutralność jest sztuką samą w sobie, Kobra nie może objawiać planów,ze względu na konsekwencje,trochę cierpliwości , która niestety wszystkim nam się kończy.
    02 02 2021

  2. Liberation has taken to long. Will be having to make the choice soon to either get the vaccine which will ruin my health or lose my job. I really didn’t think it would be coming to this, and going by this update we still have a long way to go. The hint from Cobra ie ignore the misinformation to avoid dissapointment tells us that we are further from vuctory than media information is indicating. Not even this year. Maybe after everyone has been poisoned. I get the impression that the good guys really have underestimated the Cabal.


  4. Since mid November, disgusted…I have visited but once since then, on Inauguration Day and Today after seeing Cobra’s post on the 2012blogspot portal, which I continue to follow.
    In defense of Cobra…
    He said “Madman Syndrome” would be seen. We have witnessed this. We have seen America (and if anyone’s watching ‘the show’), the world, go stark raving crazy in 2020 and preceding years of course, this, occurring on all,, sides. emotions and polarization’s are at an extreme right now,
    I’ve felt it myself. My new house where I know no one, was shot at 3 times last year.
    No, it does not matter in my humble opinion, whom is president (red blue no difference) when the Event (and full ET individual contact) occurs, because I don’t believe it matters in the least to ‘the galactics’, UAP, UFO or whatever you might call, the visitors, care in the least, whom is a President, apparently the ‘Resistance’ plan, is in place and being followed, this is what we are told by the only remaining source on the topic with legitimacy as far as I’m concerned – due to events having ultimately (and horrifically) played out, as was predicted by Cobra (in a general described way ie; ‘Madman Syndrome’). We might not like everything going on, we’re not supposed to, this is, the revelation….it’s bad, and bad in ways most of us probably cannot even imagine, far worse in fact, my guess…
    I went through a serious period of doubt myself, I really scrutinized events, which are,, in line with what Cobra has said, and overall, there is currently, a distinct shift in power structures, and I don’t just mean ‘political’ going on.
    As I once heard it described by an author I will not name, paraphrased they said, ‘the pile’ of human society was unstable and is now shifting. It will ‘eventually’ settle to a new equilibrium, a more stable one. However, that takes time, positive ideas, positive thought and yes, in the future no doubt, positive human action, globally.
    Thus I finally came to the conclusion, what Cobra said, is true…
    Yes, if indeed there was, as, one commenter here (and sources I too, once read) told of, if, there were extraterrestrial ET contacts during the founding of our country (yes I have read several accounts as well, from Valley Forge to the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, if I recall correctly, and likely up through the present as many sources have now said, occurs, at least on some occasions), then they, the galactic or ET’s are, involved, at the highest levels of US Government and we may, need not worry. That is,, if, these ET visitors are,, indeed, “positive friendly benevolent and spiritual ‘people’ visiting us”… The way of knowing this, is (as they, may have taught us directly or indirectly) ‘in the fruits’, in what happens here on earth for better or worse (not,, politically speaking), yes.
    However, isn’t the real question here: Should we, as individuals, try to ‘control’ these events, by direct or indirect interference or force…. “ourselves”… Where does this arise, politics aside…?
    The fear of whatever one’s personal, boogey man, is, brings a desire for control, this brings about more fear, fear of not having, or losing ‘control’ of whatever it is we most perceived as fearful, and it is, therefore pushing us, to control events, thus, we ‘intervene’ negatively because it arises out of fear. A negative, evolving a negative. The negative fear, leads ultimately to anger, from a real, or perceived loss, of said control, that anger must psychologically be directed, directed anger, is hate, and as the Yoda character from Star Wars II said, “Hate is the path to the DarkSide”, whatever that may represent, be it personal psychological or emotional effects within, to outer, broader more dangerous effects like we witnessed January 6th, with the deaths, of fellow Americans.
    I thus believe, Cobra’s advice sound, to de-polarize, de-escalate, unplug and seek the light (of truth and love) is the best/safest, advice he could give, right now, outside current events, especially in light of more recent developments.
    Those current events are moving rapidly now, I did not personally foresee the future beyond January 6th (which btw I did warn of, generally speaking, in 2015), which has resulted in extreme shifts in the geopolitical landscape and now, we see new manipulated chaos in the financial markets. Slapping the cabal elite scum upside the head, with their own game,
    We are undergoing a rapid transformation from where we were, to where we are going as a species, as a planetary society, and I doubt anyone without a crystal ball (proverbially or actual device), anyone of us, can foresee, the exact outcome, nor the series of events or tornado like backwaters of swirling temporal change, which we are seeing in 2020-2021 and like we saw last week in a huge power shift, in the markets, monumental in scope, which will have unforeseen circumstances well into the future.
    No this is no time, to play with the dark arts of, control fear anger and hate….
    Without giving away anything I might possibly foresee myself, as I,, like Cobra, would not wish to jeopardize events, unfolding now; I will say, a wait and see attitude, not using the black magic arts of control fear anger and hate, is the best course, for anyone that frequents this website, and, any light worker anywhere on Earth.
    Yes, alternative media (this site included) is / has been, flooded with ‘conspiracy theory’ (I really dislike use of that term but, stories without evidence or proof is by definition ‘propaganda’ and ‘conspiracy theory’). As I said, I visited PFC on Inauguration Day and found one beautiful article, so well written, on “Discernment”, by Lisa Renee, I highly recommend because we all, should apply this… [Very well written btw, Lisa.]
    I give you one last example of Discernment I almost missed…
    So I’m watching the SpaceX/NASA Live ISS Feed, watching a UFO flit back and forth seen through a window port. I screen capture a few images to try to enhance the small UFO but, it’s just out of focus enough to not really “crisply see” (odd that.). Enlarged in the extreme, I back off with the iPad editing tools, and take the whole picture window frame and all, adjusting brightness contrast black point brightness etc.. What do I find? Holy crap…A light colored piece of very poorly cut cardboard jagged on the right hand side, is being used as the ‘window frame’ (which in live feed ‘moves’ slightly on occasion if you watch), and covering in an imperfectly cut, blocking out with false horizon just above the (true or not this next word) curvature of the earth, creating a false sky background above the earth, which is only truly visible once you edit the picture and it’s “obvious” that the entire scene of the space above earth, and perhaps The whole feed scene, like the other SpaceX video with the mouse crawling around on it, it could be, it is all fake but, at least the space horizon and the window frame, is absolute fake.
    Everything as the real Tesla said may be “energy and frequency” but, everything else, as far as I am concerned, is “illusion”. I would not now,, after witnessing this fake scene, trust or believe it, if they showed me ET attacking earth or showed ET landing on the WH lawn, at this point. They can create any illusion and video any propaganda any ‘lie’ to manipulate you….fact.
    My advice:
    Don’t believe the illusion. Period.
    Thus in my last post here, at least for a long time, maybe forever, I reiterate I’d trust Cobra at this point more than most if not all other sources which might be published here, and to those who’ve read my words, you should realize the weight,, of that statement. I agree with Cobra, we need to refocus ourselves, all of us, on the inner light love and truth, it’s the only place we can find it and disconnect from MSM and Alt-M too. There are greater events transpiring than any of us have imagined, I believe I am going to sit back and watch “the show”, you might as well also, because anything we do during a more (obviously) critical temporal juncture, could interfere with the most optimal outcome. I would not want this to happen but, it seemed one moment, I had to speak up to back Cobra 100%, on this one.

    In Light, Love and Truth
    May you find peace.

    • Well said, but i’ll reiterate, unless their is intervention soon i will be forced to have the vaccine or lose my job which in this current climate i cannot afford to do. Im very angry and frustrated. It really does not feel like the good guys are winning. Cabal plans going full steam ahead. Nothing we can do as i dont see a great awakening as you yourself must admit the majority are still fast asleep, ie most of the people i know are still going along with whatever the media tells them. Mediocre awakening at best. Watch as the sheep masses continue to line up for the vaccine. Nothing happening on this planet seems to be turning for the good, only getting worse. The all powerful mainstream media has the majority by the balls.

  5. I sense that this one of the best posts (wake up calls) to all of us on this planet. This message has revealed to myself my own habit of seeking outside for news or breakthroughs of some positive change to this dark world we are all in right now. My daily routine would include relentless checking into my personal (“go to’s) in the hope of finding some positive news that could appease my sense of instability. My daily routine would include sources such as David Icke, this website, David Wilcock, Elizabeth April and many others, praying to catch a glimpse of the end of the madness that surrounds us all. They are all doing great work I am sure trying to educate us and I do feel the disappointment of those people who posted above who feel let down. Probably all good hearted people wanting an end to all this shit. However, it is now time for us all listen to our own inner heart voices. Its clear the answer will not come from outside ourselves. All media (good and bad) is heavily compromised and is only serving to distract us from listening to our inner selves. We must unplug, like a type of detox of the mind. Even though there is no doubt that we live in a mad world full of fake, corrupt leaders, manipulative media, medical interventions designed to poison us, satanic human / child traffikicing practices and much more, we must turn our attention to the inside now. We are the light itself. This is why the world elite are throwing the kitchen sink at us right now. They are desperate to provoke and keep us in fear because we are beginning to catch on that we have had our light harvested from us for thousands of years. When we finally turn inside ourselves, reclaim our sovereignty, the cabal will literally shit their pants and will collapse onto themselves. Remain calm, take care of those around us that are confused and suffering, peacefully disobey all these unlawful rules (remain vigilant though, as we surrounded by dark minded law enforcers), take the mask off, breath fresh air and show your beautiful smile.

    • Excellent advice. The only issue I have is that we will soon be feeling the physical effects from the Cabal. EG , soon I will be forced to take the vaccination or risk losing my job which will no doubt result in unemployment and further knock on effects. At my age there will be very little chance of re employment. My point being that my stresses along with millions of others does not entirely rest with whether I watch the mainstream or alternative media. Unless intervention comes soon we will be experiencing a miserable existence regardless of what we watch or listen to. I’m tired of listening to ” can you feel the healing energies and the transformations taking place”. Real action is now required. Nothing else has much worth to me now.

      • I appreciate your comment. Your words point to a fundamental dilemma that most of us are facing right now. The “working to survive” mindset that we have all been taught from the cradle and consider just a normal part of life. This plandemic is revealing how fragile that system really is. I don’t know about you, but during the last year, I have questioned heavily this paradigm and sense we have been taught lies which have set us on a life trajectory to spend most of our existence working “hard” as a type of slave to be just be entitled to the basics of life such as food, shelter, safety, vitality. I think there will be no going back now to that old way. We either walk into the global slave trap where the cabal have us where they want us or the whole system we took for granted collapses completely and a new way of being emerges which allows all of humanity to have abundance as their god given right as a human being. How that transition will take place, I have no idea. Lets stay in the light, whatever that means for you. Its going to be a bumpy ride for a while, but I’m hopeful that if we stay in our hearts and detox from those bullshit ideas that have imprisoned us in our own minds, the cabal will fail and we will live in a new healthy world that we have the power to create. Good luck Richard. Don’t take the jab!! Its a trap.

      • I absolutely agree with you.
        There is but one main threat and that is the “V.thing”.
        I cannot bring myself to even write the word.
        Real action is now indeed required by the positive ET forces.
        I put a lot of faith in Kimerbly Ann Goguen who in a post the YT channel
        “speak project” on 17th january, said to be fed up with white hats and alliance that produce nothing but is just some cabal fighting other cabal and simply declared
        war on cabal world wide and stated their space fleet was in position. As she is the the aliens the legal representative of earth I hope her words will make a difference and ET will appear. Humans are not capable to solve this one.
        Help and guidance are badly needed.

    • This message resonates so high with me. I too have created a similar routine and agree with this 100%. It has become harder to look within and connect when it feels like nothing is changing for the good, but we must hold the light.

  6. Mine as Well

    January 30, 2021

    I said I was leaving the Cobra blog a couple months ago, but I still drop by from time to time. There are of course some observations that I have as of late:

    “Actually at the moment of the meditation, there will be the first effect when people will be able to feel that flash of energy. And yes, the effects can definitely be felt within a month or two, or even sooner. (Great) I can’t give any exact estimates, but one or two month timeframe will be a good description of where we can expect at least an energetic effect. And when there is a critical mass of energetic effects, this will precipitate on the physical plane as well.”

    Energetically speaking, vibrations appear to be on a continual global downward spiral. If appearances are true, there will be no physical intervention of any kind in the near future in accordance with the above quote. The question would then of course be, “Who’s fault is this?”

    I have found that it’s even more diabolical than the mainstream media’s tactics to get people’s hopes up only to break their hearts when the planetary situation continually becomes worse and worse. Various sources of intel have been doing this to people. Overall though, I don’t like to cast blame. Some will blame the light forces for not doing enough, others will blame other people for not ‘going within’ enough and so forth. Casting blame doesn’t solve anything, but there are those who are deliberate disinfo agents who need to be held accountable. I’m not necessarily saying Cobra fits this category. People will have to decide. Public opinion carries quite a bit of power.

    I agree with the Cobra blog stating to “decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.” There’s really nothing else anyone can really do at this point, unless people want to take justice into their own hands with a civilian armed overthrow of their governments. Such an overthrow would probably not work in humanity’s favor though, as the cabal would be able to go into hiding and then disarm any countries that have gun rights, resulting in a genocide of all those ‘horrible terrorists.’ I’m of course mainly referring to the United States regarding gun rights, but the genocide would probably be on a global scale. The only possibility of the genocide not happening would be if the military and police take the public’s side. The status of the police and military is of course unknown to the civilian population, with many conflicting claims.

    So yes, I’m deciding to try to “decrease polarization, detach from daily politics and start connecting with the Light.” In the past I had success with Solfeggio frequencies. There are countless online videos with Solfeggio frequencies. A432 frequencies can be used as well, which can even work in unison with Solfeggio frequencies. My finding is that even though the world is ‘going to hell in a hand basket,’ with global vaccinations reaching nearly 100 million people now (I hope the internet is lying about this but I wouldn’t be surprised if this number is accurate), and countless other problems (ad nauseam) that are continually getting worse with no visible solutions being implemented, mine as well try to connect to a higher power and/or the ‘power within.’ My writing sometimes comes off as being sarcastic, but I’m not being sarcastic here.

  7. I found this useful regarding comments mentioning 3D being neglected and so forth:

    Understanding Nature is how You Know You are on The Right Spiritual Path

  8. Indeed, if the event happens in 10 days it will not matter who the president is! If it happens in two years it very well matters, because there will be an Invasion of Taiwan, war between Israel and Iran and full on global roll out of vaccinations! And that’s just what’s in the space right now! I wish “ spiritual “ people would stop putting themselves above worldly affairs and would acknowledge that all layers of the multiverse matter equally! Ask yourself if it was so insignificant who is in power then how come the galactics have always tried to reach out to certain world leaders? How come the ascended masters got involved with political leaders and even facilitated the creation of the American constitution ? Yes detaching from Politics can be a healthy thing these days, to align with higher purpose is always a good idea to obsess over worldly matters is never a balanced path, yet to claim that the 3 D world doesn’t matter is foolish! It shows not only a great disregard for the space we are the guardians of but also a lack of understanding of the significance of the living library and it’s connection to the multiverse!

  9. Decrease polarization……..are you kidding me ? Defeating the Chimera & Archons, and Victory of the Light, which is what you normally finish each post with, smacks of polarization.

  10. Thanks for nothing Mr(s) Cobra. We WONT be waiting with baited breathe for your next “higher purpose” update. I sense an “entitlement” “holier than thou” attitude with you. And your last little snide remarks above confirms you. We don’t want to hear anything anymore from you because you don’t encourage, you are discouraging, treat serious seeking adults like they are beneath you and a “my way or the highway attitude pointing us to endless adjustments on humanity type comments” You are a class act let down, full of endless excuses for help. I wish you were hot or cold, but since you are always lukewarm we just spit you out of our mouths.


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