From Michael K Jaco:

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  1. I have here in San Jose CA (“Silicon Valley”) observed a NOTICEABLE decrease in muddy skies and increase in fluffy normal clouds just in the last month or so. BIG TIME. I think maybe their funding has taken a dive. But I see all these other opposite reports here. I think things are turning around though.

  2. Perhaps they are Chem-Trailing to keep us from observing The Heavens, which are The Stars, Moon & of course our glorious Sun, Giver of Life, without it everything dies!

  3. Massive non stop spraying day and night over NE Colorado and SW Wyoming. USAF aircraft have been tracked while spraying…..This goes way deeper than weather modification.

  4. 12 Min. in, Angela Merkle is Not Adolf Hitler’s daughter or grand daughter, period. For all you who do not realize, Germany is an Occupied Nation/Country since the the unconditional surrender May 1945. So that means anything that happens in Germany is the occupiers doing & responsibility!

  5. Sorry Mike but Heavy Duty Blitz is still going on in New York City. I live in Manhattan and also shop way uptown in Kingsbridge, Bronx. The skies are saturated with heavy duty fallout. Every time I leave the apartment I always look up first thing and see what’s up with the chemical bombing.

  6. Sorry Michael, but in my State they are spraying the hell out of the sky,, I see it all the time those dam planes and all i can do is watch. These stupid Pilots don’t they understand that their mother, father, kids and friends are breathing the same air, drinking the same water ? Last time I saw the spaying was Friday !-29-21 they do it in cycles here.. Can we say guided missile !!! KABOOM !!!! LOL!!


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