• The COVID-19 vaccine really isn’t a vaccine in the medical definition of a vaccine. It’s more accurately an experimental gene therapy that could prematurely kill large amounts of the population and disable exponentially more.
• Since mRNA normally rapidly degrades, it must be complexed with lipids or polymers. COVID-19 vaccines use PEGylated lipid nanoparticles, and PEG is known to cause anaphylaxis.
• Free mRNA can signal danger to your immune system and drive inflammatory diseases. As such, injecting synthetic thermostable mRNA (mRNA that is resistant to breaking down) is highly problematic as it can fuel chronic, long-term inflammation.
• Many commonly reported side effects from the COVID-19 gene therapy “vaccines” appear to be caused by brain inflammation
• Anyone with an inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease or chronic Lyme and those with acquired immune deficiency/dysfunction from any microbial pathogen, brain trauma or environmental toxin are at high risk of dying from COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.

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  1. Judy Mikovits is transgender. That doesn't mean she's dishonest – but it doesn't bode well regarding who her affiliations are to . . .

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  3. For those folks who are suffering from any of the aforementioned dis-ases, take a few hours and do your due diligence on Chlorine Dioxide (CD). Know that the mainstream media and social media giants have all been paid to say CD will kill you, when in fact it is being used all over the world for water treatment and in hospitals for general surgical instrument sterilization, and CD cannot harm healthy cells.
    For those folks interested in the chemistry of CD, checkout this article on
    There is a tremendous amount of information on CD by Andreas Kalcker
    The information Jim Humble brings forth about MMS (chlorine dioxide) is stunning.
    Thank you and happy researching!


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