By Elaine Buxton

Prepare for Change has a new discussion group for the purpose of connecting like-minded people in weekly zoom calls. Now is a time of The Great Awakening to new realities and truth. PFC’s mission is to create a new and abundant Cosmic Society with higher consciousness by assisting in the process of ascension through information and guidance.

The Open Discussion Group’s second zoom call will be this Friday evening, February 12, at 5 pm PST, 7 pm CST, and 8 pm EST. Request an invitation to the group by sending an Email to.   [email protected]   with your name, email address, and reason for participation. You will receive an email reply with the zoom link prior to the meeting. Once a member of the group, you will receive weekly notices of the calls and topics of discussion.

SSP Disclosure

The discussion topic for this week is how the Secret Space Programs (SSP’s) could best be publicly disclosed. Many of us have been hoping and pushing for main stream media (MSM) disclosure for the past 5 years or longer. Unfortunately, softer disclosure on alternate media, organizations like Gaia TV, radio shows, books, articles, and ET contact conferences have not changed the perception by many people that extra terrestrial beings have been directly interacting with us for decades (at least) through the SSP’s.

SSP disclosure has significant implications for the unaware, because it will challenge long held beliefs in conditioned, established beliefs and worldviews perpetuated by multiple governments. People will then realize that covert space travel within our solar system and entire galaxy necessitates beneficial, advanced technologies suppressed from our utilization in numerous fields. They will question how these programs were funded. They will question who serves in these programs and builds the space craft. They will question who controls the SSP’s. They will question who the ET races are. They may even begin to question human origins, if there are human looking ET’s all over the galaxy.

The various SSP alliances disagree on how much intelligence should be revealed at one time. Some suggest that humanity cannot handle the truth, because the first direct contact with a non-human ET can result in visceral fear and suicide. Some suggest that revelation about suppressed technologies and stolen tax dollars will created mass anger, rioting and chaos. SSP controllers and aerospace contractors of space vehicles don’t want to be blamed. Benevolent ET races don’t want to be violently attacked.

Knowledge is power. The United States now has a “new” sixth military branch called Space Force, but few details have been revealed so far other than patents on the TR3B and propulsion technology. A few UFO sightings and a crashed non-earth made craft have been acknowledged. Do we want full disclosure ASAP or trickle down disclosure over the next 50 to 100 years? SSP’s disclosure can “Open Pandora’s box.” Lets talk about it.

An informative but long audio-book, Roswell Alien Interview, can be viewed on You Tube.

This took place when we had Army Air Corps. The evolution of our military: Army Air Corps became Air Force; now we have Space Force; which to join you must go through Air Force.

Here’s the link to the video/audio-book:



Partial vs Full Disclosure


Full disclosure or to fully disclose evidence of proved factual information gathered and presented to an individual or group.

Partial disclosure involves a withholding or omitting information about the specific purpose or objectives.  Partial disclosure is also referred to as passive deception or incomplete disclosure or omission.

In an article from the Mysterious Universe by Paul Seaburn states that back in June, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, chairperson of the Senate Intelligence Committee, included a “committee comment” to the Intelligence Authorization Act in the budget that “directs the [director of national intelligence], in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies … to submit a report within 180 days of the date of enactment of the Act, to the congressional intelligence and armed services committees on unidentified aerial phenomena.” Because that “committee comment” was still buried somewhere in the nearly 6,000 pages of the budget, UFO-interested media sites immediately began counting down the 180 days to government disclosure of close encounters of the fist through fifth kind. It has to happen because the money is in the budget and everyone knows the government spends every penny in the budget (and then some), right?

The biggest is national security – in interviews this year about UFOs, both President Trump and former President Obama alluded to knowing things about UFOs that they weren’t allowed to tell. A former Israeli space security official went so far as to say that it’s not just our governments but aliens themselves that are blocking disclosure due to security issues – they fear we can’t handle the knowledge.

Finally, six months is a very short period in ‘government time’ to get data from the various secretive organizations that may have it, check it for security risks, run it by review committees and all of the other things that fall under the definition of ‘bureaucratic red tape’. Those are the same six months where government attention in the U.S. is rightfully being spent on a transition of administrations, a continuing pandemic, a vaccine rollout, non-UFO defense issues, a Super Bowl and a myriad of other things demanding the attention of those running the country.

It’s important to hold government officials to their commitments – and this is definitely more of a commitment than a campaign promise – and, even if the 180-day countdown is reached without disclosure, it’s still a commitment … and one that implies to many that there is definitely something to be disclosed … or prevented from being disclosed.

Article can be found here:  COVID-19 Bill May Bring UFO Disclosures in 6 Months … or Not | Mysterious Universe

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  1. We are asking for full disclosure is what the Sphere Alliance has asked for and we know their intentions to delay disclosure, their goal is to continue to control and lie for another 100 years, this will allow them to find other solutions to delay and delay again, this has gone on long enough, We want full disclosure and the lies about PHC must come out now and this for the greater good of humanity, we the scapegoats have been used as guinea pigs to provide funding without our consent for all these PHC and this has gone on long enough, we have worked hard enough to realize that we were being robbed of our labors under threats and malevolence to fund this SSP

  2. So……. I listened to the interview with the Alien (half way) and as interesting as it is, it is also quite depressing. To think that we are literally on a ‘ghetto’ planet enslaved and there is no real recourse to get out is scary, scary to the point I wish I didn’t start to listen. I know this page and Cobra have spoken about the enslavement of humanity, but the way this is spoke about in this interview is different and It kinda puts into question everything about liberation and all that stuff, as it could simply all be another falsehood created to keep us distracted and detached from who/what we are since absolutely everything else is. The alien speaks of us and this planet as if we are a lost cause. Very Sad! Maybe in am being negative here, but I did really wish I didn’t hear that. I am losing hope of staying positive!!!

    • SBJ – Please remember that this was written back in the 1950s! A lot has changed since then, enough so that past situations are now capable of being overthrown and righted. Now, humanity and the Earth are on an Ascension timeline! It has decreed by the Divine that humanity and the Earth will ascend into the 5th dimension! We got this!

    • Hi I bought the book , the end is not depressing. It actually empowers spirits in human form. We have forgotten we are more than physical bodies with a lot of power.

    • SBJ, It’s good of you to put your beautiful thinking skills to good use. As your ending is the way I have always seen it with the “alien” story, another distraction to not just have us looking over there but to avoid calling out the real culprits. You see “They” have always been keeping us from realizing our True abilities through Nature & keeping us from our True creator/creators. That’s why they made religion & this fake space/globe. The Heavens are right above & the Sun & Stars & Moon are closer then what they teach & it all has healing energy. That’s probably why they are really Chem Trailing, not just to keep us from our Creators but without the Life energy of the Sun everything dies.

  3. In Ayurveda Medicine, Wrong thinking initiates Wrong action.

    It creates functional abnormalities and imbalance.
    It creates structural deformation (excessing, blockages or overflow of channels)
    It creates weak dull energy force causing production of disease.

    Anything less that full disclosure will create or sustain wrong thinking.

    Let the chips fall where they may.

    We are already suffering from Millennia of wrong thinking that has left us imbalanced, deformed and with weak dull energy unable to overcome those who have enslaved us.

    No more lies, or lying by omission.

    Nothing but the Truth, the WHOLE Truth.

    Otherwise, we are hypocrites and diseased with wrong thinking.

    Stop trying to avoid the pain, guilt and shame of having embraced wrong thinking.

    Pain bursts open our DNA and allows new belief systems to take root.

    Guilt and shame, when used on a short term basis, can create meaningful permanent change.

    Embrace the WHOLE truth.


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