If friends and family refuse to listen to you, then how about listening to the entire U.S. Military and 800 Generals who agree on one thing, the Covid19 Pandemic was Faked and the 2020 presidential election was rigged with Fraud!
Lt. General Thomas McInerney lays it all out plain and simple for everyone to hear. For those who still believe the mainstream media, I say to you, Please go and get the Vaccine. It will be one less stupid person in the world.

Go here to listen to the audio: Lt General McInerney


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  1. I say the same thing. Go ahead, cut in front of me so you can take that “much desired” CV vaccine. The frustrations of decades of trying to wake up the unthinking sheep…………

  2. You can’t trust that media outlet BeforeIt’sNews. No point in covering the general saying anything if we cannot see him saying it. It could be anyone saying this! Sorry but this is what good journalism is about!

  3. The total of generals since the beginning of the USA is way below 300.
    So where these 800 generals come from is a complete mystery

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