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  2. Who are the aliens you mention ? you seem to forget it is the human that is the alien on this earth. Of course there are spirits inside human bodies incarnated here through choice, humans have no choice because they will never learn, the time will soon come to pass when there is no longer time to learn, that is the choice all humans face, some will survive some will not… Which side will you choose ?

  3. David talked about the money end of this energy & how it plays a roll. (1:20 min. in) David are you sure the economy is being destroyed to “destroy choice” or is it being destroyed to destroy the very system they feed off of. You continue to speak of how they create money out of nothing, which they do, (1:28 min. in) so don’t we not need to destroy it?? & By the way Adolf Hitler knew all of what your speaking of, that is why he threw the Rothchild’s out. On June 15, 1939, a new ‘Reichsbank Law’ that made the bank unconditionally subordinated to the sovereignty of Germany. Article 3 of the Law decreed the bank renamed the ‘Deutsche Reichsbank.’ This departure of the International swindlers of ‘Usury’ was thee event that would spark WW2. The departure of Germany ‘Usury-free’ banking system would permanently destroy the very system your referring to David. So, again Yes, of course we need to revisit WW2.

    • Recommend to all the documentary work of James Corbett on WW1 and 2, telling the back story of the lies. ( Hitler was a Rothschild cabal man funded by the usual Wall Street suspects including the Bush family.. He got out of control and off-story and had to be defeated. But make no mistake he was cabal and when Germany lost the war, the NAZIs DID NOT. They moved to the US under Project Paperclip where they eventually infiltrated the entire US government and are one of the most insidious influences today, now called neocons. It has been proven that the Vatican issued passports that allowed Hitler and his cronies to get away to Argentina. The cabal is international, and it has engineered all wars. National interests were never the point of any war, that was just the story told to get honest, patriotic people to fight and die in the wars they ginned up for their own interests and positioning. FDR and Churchill were cabal and defended those interests, not allied interests. FDR was a particularly evil wolf in sheep’s clothing and needs to be studied in the new histories that are exposing him and the vast parasitic group called the deep state, something that goes back millennia. We have been lied to on an incomprehensible level, but it’s all coming out. Catch up!!!

      • Margaret, Clearly you do not understand how this works. Do you not know who James Corbett is? Do you not understand what We post defending Germany, is All Documented Facts in History, “Documented!” However, you do get FDR correct, your learning.

    • Margaret, It is no secret that ‘Pope Pius XII’ was helping Adolf Hitler with Germany’s Many ‘Peace Treaties.’ It is also no secret that Joseph Kennedy Sr. was as well, considering he was the ‘Ambassador to the United Kingdom’ March 1938 – Oct. 1940. He was let go because Franklin Roosevelt & Winston Churchill did Not want Peace! So it would not surprise me that the Vatican was helping Germans escape after The United States Air Force & British Royal Air Force plunged ‘HELLSTORM’ on civilian cities. Pope Pius XII was the last Pope to serve God as far as I am concerned. He served from 1939 till his death in 1958 & refused to say there was “Nazi discrimination against the jews.” So here are Three Magnificent Men who sought to avoid WW2.

  4. There for Charlie Ward saying there are 2 resets may not be necessarily true according to him they are using what the other side has planned which is to lock down the economy crash and bring forward the Covid eugenics agenda. Is there 2 sides or is it just the same side? leading to the same totalitarian Orwellian one world oppression? Are we being duped with the usual 2 sides that are the same side ? That Covid test is screwing smart fibres and smart dust up your nose do not take it or the gene editing pathogen factory jag. The answer is say no to it all everyone must do that . People will not survive that vaccine

  5. David is 100% correct each individual being must take control of the self and protect the self and the psyche no one else will do that for you that is your duty to you. That is the first rule of spirit. The Matrix is an artificial reality that we do not need to consent to once we realise that we are at the gate of freedom. If each person decided to say no to imprisonment & tyranny and learn to be true to the self whilst being mindful of others. We would be collectively free ourselves from this oppression. It does not matter what you identify yourself as on a superficial level so long as you know you are a soul and a spiritual living being with the right to be free and the right to live your life and create your world. These people are not our better they have no right to control and rule over us. We do not need governments but we do need managers to run our countries who are serving the people and not the other way around. I do not believe in ET’s but I do believe in UFO’s because evil people are UFO’s : they are parasites they do invert everything they do lie they do cheat they do murder and trespass on others and they have no compassion love or self or morality. That is the UFO I know of.

  6. When Sean was doing questions from people, someone asked “should history revisit Hitler & Stalin” of course the answer should be “Yes” think about it folks, since they created this Matrix of Lies and Illusion, what makes anyone think they know what it was like in “Nazi Germany” other then the Germans. As much as I agree with Mr. Icke about fighting back as a whole & not wearing mask, (which I do not) I cannot help he is ‘Controlled opposition’ America is Not in a “Civil War” staged events by paid actors do not count. I live close enough to Chicago to see the Sears Tower on a clear day from a hill, nothing going on here!

    • My Uncle Fritz was German he was a boy at that time and these people were serious fascists. They even dragged boys of 10 out of their houses to join up and My uncle said that his friend a boy was terrified and refused to go with them so they shot him. That is what it was like.

      • A bit of “Drama” goes a long way, hah Rachel. Ironic when you talk to real Germans they always speak of enjoying there Country as a whole, to be ‘German’ again. I know Dennis Wise & his German father taught him the Truth about Their Country during that period. He made the ultimate sacrifice to “Shame the Devil” & tell the truth through his internet film documentary. ‘Learn the Truth about WW2-The Genocide of Germany’ & ‘The Greatest Story Never Told’ If you are not awoke to this illusion from the last century, then you are not yet finished. WW2 is the ultimate Lie to uncover.

  7. 55 min. yes, yes, in propaganda it is true how ‘they” use it indeed, pick one person to hate & that indeed was what they did, “They” picked Adolf Hitler. Yes, I inverted your tall tale, David. & The way you explain A-I is really no different then what “they” have been doing since the invention of Programing/Tell-a-vision. Is that not how “They” pulled off the two biggest hoaxes of the last century, W W 2 & fake space/globe (propaganda through newspapers, magazines, tel-a-vision & radio) Fake space/globe is to put God further away & then to blame “the aliens” for everything wrong with the world.


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