The “junk” DNA is being activated

By Katharina Bless

The Full Moon constellation is now showing a chart with a lot of pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place. After the strong tension of the last month, this is an energy of ease and solutions, a chart of “helping hands” and readiness.

For those who follow my comments, it’s probably easy to understand what is happening to the time and why it seems that the days ore nearly over when you just get up. I also observe that when one is more in the NOW, it’s like floating in time and not going forward in the usual sense, and sometimes I have to really think hard to recall what I did a couple hours earlier. It’s done and gone.

Full Moon SkyView Chart for 27 February 2021

This is reflected in the time quality of this full moon going from Leo into Aquarius. The full moon opposition is connected to several half-sextile with the planets near by, showing the helping energies to bring every thing together. This also is shown within the 4 (blue) trines (120°), the aspect that represents a gift, that something is happening now that is breaking the tension. Another thing which is really interesting is the “last chance / divorce aspect”. the 150° quincunx, which is generating two different energies depending if we look from the moon or from Saturn, the planet connected.

Often people talk about the splitting of the time lines and you can see it in this aspect. If we move forward (anti clock wise) from the moon, the quincunx is the 150° aspect before the opposition, the so called “last chance” aspect. It’s like when you move towards your finals, you have a last chance of a few days to review every thing, so when you are confronted (opposition) with the exams, you had the chance catch up with what you needed to know.

The moon representing emotions and feelings, positioned in Leo, gives this last chance to let go of all the last belief/brainwash that is not serving us anymore and helps to give us the Self esteem we need. Leo is challenging us to stand up and show who we are, not hiding in the shadows anymore.

The next two weeks to come will show a lot of revelations and unveil facts that have been hidden, especially to those who follow the main stream. This time quality can be the major break through! It is the time that the sun in Aquarius is bringing light and helping to see the truth!

The quincunx is connected with Saturn, which definitely means that there is an end to something. When we look at the earth planets, Taurus is where we put the seed into the ground, Virgo is the sign of harvest and in Capricorn the leaves are falling and all the camouflage is gone. Structure is visible and the goal is reached. You know the feeling when you have reached a goal, there is a moment of emptiness and pause before we move on to something new.

That is exactly what is happening now. A goal has been reached, people had the opportunity to see (and understand) something on many levels (think political arena) and now it’s time to end the game and start a new one. Once you have reached the peak of the mountain, there is only one way forward: going down and leaving the mountain behind!

Matterhorn, Switzerland

The world goal (MC) is in Sagittarius. The symbol shows us that it is time to move beyond the horizontal line with the arrow penetrating it and asking us to see things from a different perspective, from a “higher” perspective.

Sagittarius – piercing the mundane, reconnect with Source

When we move from Saturn forward to the moon, we find the 210° aspect after the opposition of 180° which we also call the “Divorce aspect”, showing that the Saturn energy is now forcing us to move on. Every time we have reached a goal, we need to let go to move to the next task and challenge. Now here is where the time line split is happening, now when one thing is done and finished, there are many ways to move forward. Every one has the free choice to base the new path according to the lessen learned or hang around longer on the laurels of the past.

Moving forward has the benefit of building something new and exciting, hanging around in the “old paradigm” and trying to repeat things, has no solid base to lead to something. Often people who are not moving forward are then forced by dis-ease to lean a new lesson.

The Sun in Aquarius wants to push our consciousness into a higher realm. Aquarius is the last sign of the air element which is helping us to reconnect with our Divine Self and not be distracted by mundane things. We have a choice to either move forward to stand with cosmic law or to bow our head to the law of the lower frequency and give our power away to others. This message is repeated several times in this chart!

If we chose the path of the Aquarius/Sagittarius energies, we free ourselves of the slavery and move on. Every time we move on, it’s like a jump into something unknown and new which is the adventure and challenge at the same time. We have not chosen to live here for routing, but for adventure and new experience. At this threshold of a new Earth, literally, there are immense possibilities for every one who is ready to let go. If you are on top of the mountain, there is one more way: upwards, fly!


The Golden Age that is connected to the moving through the Photon-Belt with more light particles available than we had before, will help us to understand in a complete different way. New technologies will be revealed finally when people are ready. The light frequency that is coming in is deleting old patterns and lift every one present into a higher consciousness. We see in the charts of the Schumann Resonance ( the light bursts that are connected to a higher consciousness and helps humanity to shift. Our “junk” DNA is being activated and we can comprehend that there is no “junk” in our system, but because we have been in darker time, things have not been visible and to keep us enslaved, those who knew kept all the knowledge to themselves to create the big divide of those who rule and those who are controlled.

Schumann Resonance 4 Feb 21

If you look back into history, you can see that actually we moved close to the photon energies already earlier, since we move around the Sun, we have already touched this energies in the 60’s and been with progressing time been inside this energies on and off for many years. It was like a teasing sometimes, feeling the freedom of it and then move back into the darkness. Extremities have touched us and from the moving on into more freedom with the beginning of Internet at the same time into it’s claws of control. But once the consciousness of humanity is aligned with the higher energy, the freedom paired with maturity will bring us what we so long have craved for: the awakening to who we truly are as divine beings having a human experience.

Once we move into this consciousness and don’t give our power away to any outside gurus, religion, social structures etc. and follow our heart, the energy of love, we reconnect with the soul energy or Higher Self. Once we are at the point that we truly understand who we are, in the light of the higher consciousness with an open heart center, harmony and ease will enter all life. Communities will work well and every one will contribute what is needed out of the desire to serve.

Blessings to all beings,

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  1. None of our DNA was ever junk it was the complete picture of human DNA we are not evolved from primates this is rubbish and the 2% DNA that we have in common with an ape or a monkey we also have in common with a butterfly a bird an insect and all other living beings – it is completely insane to dismiss the other 98% of our DNA as junk DNA it is what we are and proof we are not an upgraded ape or monkey. Well I am ready to move one and I agree if we do not let go we have to endure the same lesson over and over and it is a very harsh lesson that can lead to all sorts of pain and destruction in your life . This does happen. Just like in the Eagles song – I’m free falling


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