Coca Cola has forced employees to take a mandatory course on LinkedIn to learn how to be “less white,” leaked images from a whistleblower reveal.

The images, reportedly leaked to Karlyn Borysenko by an internal whistleblower at Coca-Cola, show a course by Robin DiAngelo entitled “Confronting Racism” being taken by an employee at the company, with the logo showing in the top right hand corner of the page.

Coca-Cola employees are taught to be “less white” by the course, which implies that to be white is to be arrogant, defensive, ignorant, and oppressive. The course also claims that in the West, white children are socialised “to feel that they are inherently superior,” and that “one-time workshops” on racism are not enough, claiming that people must be regularly indoctrinated by “anti-racism.”


The course is available on the business network LinkedIn’s “LinkedIn Learning” site, which allows people to upload courses on various topics, both free and paid, giving companies easy access to training materials for their staff.

When viewing the 1,016 people on LinkedIn who had “liked” the course, National File was able to confirm that one of the most recent likes was an employee of Coca-Cola America, giving more supporting evidence that the screenshots were legitimate.

Borysenko highlighted that given any company can pay for the racist, anti-white training, “Coke probably isn’t the only company using this training on their employees.” National File was able to uncover a large list of companies whose employees had also “liked” the course on the LinkedIn Learning page.

Other people who liked the course include employees from: Microsoft, Singapore Airlines, the Philadelphia Eagles, the DNC, AIG Insurance, Adidas, Santander Bank, Walmart, LEGO, Carhartt, Regeneron, LA’s Unified School District, the UNHCR, the ADL, Nokia, Seattle PD, the Blue Cross, Tiffany and Co, Renault, Verizon, Dropbox, Vodafone, Western Union, and LinkedIn itself.

It goes without saying that this list is neither extensive, nor conclusive evidence that employees of these companies have taken the course, given that people do change companies, and National File could only see current employment. However, companies such as Microsoft, LEGO, Carhartt, Regeneron, the Blue Cross, and Nokia, all had multiple employees like the course, suggesting a higher likelihood of engagement.

According to Borysenko, similar anti-white courses were halted by Coca-Cola following President Trump’s executive orderbanning critical race theory training for federal contractors last year, “telling staff that they would start again if Biden won,” and that they now plan to integrate this course “with on boarding and training” of new employees.

Following publication of the Borysenko’s video, Coca-Cola executives allegedly sent an email around to all employees informing them that they are aware of the controversy surrounding the mandatory anti-white course. National File contacted Coca-Cola for comment but did not receive a response by the time of publication.


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  1. You know as a Nigerian I think all this sudden socially imposed guilt is nothing more than a show and possibly a way for some of these companies to oppress and control their employees even more. It is also too little too late. I mean seriously a course in how to be less white ? Part of me to be honest feels like laughing and probably is but another part says this is not how you deal with endemic racism that has existed for over four hundred years you are merely whitewashing and making a big show a mere cosmetic gesture, window dressing, and so on. If you really want to do something about racism, those big companies that benefited from slavery, yes that right slavery, expose them instead, yeah sure some middle class people may be prejudice but thats mostly the way they have allowed themselves to be programmed, but you fail to ask who is doing the programming? expose the bias and prejudice in the policy makers have a proper reconciliation. Because in all honesty the social gaps that currently exist world wide are simply laughing at your attempts to appear to be doing something about the steaming stinking pile of social doo doo you guys created and showered the world with these last 400 years. Karma can really bite hard sometimes huh?!!

    • Yes Spooky, Lets expose all the slavery, including the Irish Slavery that they put a window dressing called “great potato famine”. & Lets expose the 1920 ‘Horror on The Rhine’ where 40,000 armed racist black Africans were let loose on Germans living there, where they raped women to plant their black seed & slaughtered many of their husbands because they were too white.

  2. I’d love to see how such an idea would work on the over-privileged and largely WHITE British (self-styled) ‘Royal’ family. Oh, stupid me, I forgot, they’re above such petty concerns, aren’t they? Such nonsense is only intended for we plebs.

  3. That is real tyrannical communism.
    Any company has no right on your private life.
    This is a good reason to stop drinking their brown shit.

    • That’s right, every White European throughout the world needs to Boycott All Cocoa Cola products. Lets be More White & Stop Multi culturalism. Diversity really means “Lets get rid of the white guy”

    • Lets take it a step further & Boycott ‘Cocoa Cola’ fast foods “Partnership” McDonald, Burger King, Wendy, Domino Pizza, Subway, just to name a few. & Their other products, Minute Maid, Nestea, Nestle Chocolate, just to name a few. Why are “they” not asking Africans/Blacks to stop acting so…or Hispanics to stop speaking Spanish?? Instead “they” comply to their heritage! While they forced Germans to stop speaking their language in The U.S. after the first world war & intensified during & after the second.


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