As reported last month, a would-be assassin’s bullet struck but did not penetrate Trump’s bedroom window while he slept during the early morning hours on January 26. Bullet proof glass, which he had installed recently, probably saved his life. And ballistic experts who at first speculated that the shot originated from a chopper hovering off the coast have dismissed that hypothesis in favor of a more plausible premise—an armed drone.

A source in Trump’s orbit speaking under condition of anonymity has given Real Raw News more information on the shocking assassination attempt and subsequent investigation.

Trump’s investigation team, our source said, dismissed the gunman in a helicopter theory after obtaining radar logs from Palm Beach Intl. Airport and the US Coast Guard Station, Lake Worth Inlet. Neither radar had detected a helicopter within 15 miles of Mar-a-Lago between 3:00-4:00 that morning.

Although radar is an imperfect technology—and helicopters are small—most civilian and military radar systems employ a technology called Multilateration, a technique for figuring out a ‘vehicle’s’ position based on measurement of the times of arrival of energy waves having a known speed when propagating either from or to multiple system stations. In short, if a helicopter were there, radar would have detected it.

Trump, of course, did not deduce this on his own. To interpret the radar data, Trump hired USAF retired CMsgt. Anthony Vance, who for 12 years was a Radar Approach Control operator at Joint Base Andrews, which was then called Andrews Airforce Base. After retiring from the military, Vance was tower chief at JFK Intl. Airport, one of the busiest airports in the world. He has spent most of his life interpreting radar nuances.

“Vance studied the logs and said he was 99% certain that no helicopter was in the vicinity of Mar-a-Lago when the bullet hit the window. Trump believed him, but was still furious and wanted answers. Upon closer inspection of the radar logs, Vance saw something he thought might interest Trump,” our source said.

The logs revealed four surface contacts, or ships, within three miles of Mar-a-Lago at around the time of the attack.

A radar’s ability to detect and track surface contacts is dependent on several variables—sea and atmospheric conditions, the size of the vessel and, most important, whether the ship has a mast. The taller the mast, the greater the chance it will reflect a radar signal to the source.

“Vance figured out that the nearest contact was stationary about a half mile off the coast when the round hit the window. Within minutes, that contact headed due east and accelerated to 30knots. The only landmass east is the Bahamas, but the radar lost track after thirty miles. These discoveries made Trump’s people dump the helicopter theory and think about a drone having been launched from the ship.”

Trump enlisted the aid of a former General Atomics aeronautical engineer, Stephen Duckworth, to bolster the drone theory. Duckworth had extensive credentials and had played a pivotal role in the development of the US military’s MQ-1 Predator UMV.

Duckworth excluded commercially available drones as possible culprits, but he told Trump that a custom-built drone fitted with gyroscopic stabilizers and advanced night vision or thermal optics could have, theoretically, fired a weapon affixed to the chassis.

“You do know the CIA has this stuff?” Duckworth reportedly told Trump.

“I know we have powerful, immensely powerful weapons the likes of which no one has ever seen, but I don’t know the details. That’s why I have pay guys like you to explain it,” Trump replied.

Our source said Vance endorsed the drone theory, as the radar cross section of a small drone is minute to avoid detection, especially if, as Duckworth purportedly suggested, the drone was coated in radiation absorbent material, or stealth paint.

In closing, our source says that Trump is holding Joe Biden and his Deep State handlers responsible for the botched assassination attempt, but he will not make a public accusation until he obtains irrefutable evidence linking “sleepy” Joe to the crime.


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  3. This article seems totally made up. If a former President was shot at main street media would have covered it. That would be major news.

    • I can't totally agree, even though I respect your opinion. The TDS runs so high, they would not want to give him anymore publicity…as he is considered so much of an important threat that people still feel
      or don't want to admit that they, the Deep State would go through so much trouble. Almost like making him a martyr.

  4. “JFK INTL” ? LOL! They are messing with him. ‘JFK’ ? They made him feel like he hired that guy. But it was all set up. Get to Trump tell him to get rid of whoever got that guy for him. ASAP. all info from ‘jfk,’ should be taken with a grain of salt

  5. Yeah that happens from time to time when one attempts to fight for American not what it’s controllers want to turn it in to and or moreover have turned it in to.

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