This is very strange indeed.

Check it out for yourself:      Fauci Face

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  1. Its not the same day on MSM….here the vice tightens….Rights are being eroded in our best interest daily….the outlook appears increasingly bleaker daily……..Yes….same day on Alternative Media…Groundhog Day repeatedly…to the point that many do not listen to it anymore…..listen to ANY Media….

  2. So what does that have to do with Fauci being a CGI?? What makes you think he is a CGI? That is what I expected to read about.

  3. This about the drug companies it’s great information

    This is great about drug companies

  4. Breaking News March 3 , 2021 – United Network News

    Live at 5pm with Kimberly Goguen

    Us Supreme Court Denies Universal Vaccines !!!

    Texas Fully reopens no more masks

  5. United Network News – March 6, 2021 :Free Fridays with Steffen ‘Tank’ Rowe & Lisa

    Update From Ground Command Kimberly Goguen aka Kim Possible Interim Head of State America Re :

    Traitor Black Sun General Mark Milley Tries to Start War in Middle East, Balistic missle strike

    Transfer of $3330 to everyones bank account worldwide over 8 Billion Accounts

    Peace 🙂

  6. Corruption is rampant. The cabal remain in power. The media continues to lie. Any time I’m given specific instances of ‘this, that, and the other,’ I’m just being told that it’s the same day. It’s been the same day ever since day one. And, every day I’m also told that the future will be different, that positive change is on its way. Yet, the day before I was told this, and the day before that I was told this, and so on, being told big positive change is on its way since day one. Being told that the future will be different is just another way of telling me that it’s the same day.

    Every time I see any kind of news, whether mainstream or alternative, I’m just being told once again that it’s the same day. So why bother anymore? What’s the point? I don’t need to be told that it’s the same day again. Ever since day one I’ve known that it’s the same day. Time to read some math books again, or something of that nature. There are all kinds of other things to do instead of being constantly reminded that it’s the same day.

    • Why sitting in the waiting room day after day, Starlight? When you’re a star, what good will it do to shine your light in that room? Instead of taking your own fate, your destiny, in your own hands, you seem to wait until the hands of others will make your day. In a roundabout way, you hide behind an argument as a coward, unwilling to commit yourself to how you envision your life, as it’s meant to unfold, rock, and roll. If not you, who? If not now, when?

    • I’m developing hopium tolerance too. Yes, it’s barely even a matrix anymore, it’s like 24 meets Groundhog Day meets Inception. My non-stop impression is someone is trying to waste all my time or divert from a truth only known to the rich (why would they tell the lowly politicians the truth unless they’d already figured it out?), sabotaging me from planning for the future while they buy yachts, drones and bury secrets.


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