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This article is a compilation of important information about The Event, Starseeds and the Ascension Process that is underway. As we already mentioned in our “Surfing the Ascension Waves” article, Ascension is an Individual Process and it would, according to the book “The Crystal Stair: A Guide to the Ascension“, happen in waves. There is nothing that can actually prevent you to Ascend.

We hope that this information would help you to clarify some of your questions and motivate you to work on yourself, to look within and to allow yourself to accept, recognize, forgive, heal and liberate everything that doesn’t serve you anymore.

~ Universal Forces

The Event” involves a quantum shift of consciousness that will affect all of us in profound ways we can only now imagine. If you have already read and heard about The Event, let this be a summary and reminder for you. If not, it can serve as an overview for you to begin more research on your own.

Being aware of The Event will prepare us to understand what is occurring when it happens, and it will also help us to benefit from it as much as possible. We will also be in a better position to assist others who may be confused and even frightened when it occurs.

1. What is The Event?

It’s a set of internal and external manifestations that will culminate with the great solar flash, the Ascension of Humanity, Planet Earth, and all beings involved, and the Solar System to the Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is a state of mind, consciousness, and love, where beings feel connected and united with absolutely Everything That Exists.

2. How does it internally manifest, and what sensations may provoke?

It manifests through raising the mind, awareness, and openness to unconditional love, as well as the vibrational lifting of the physical body. Sensations may be diverse, but in general, some people may feel dizzy, floating, or elsewhere, pains and/or tingles unexplained for traditional medicine, changes of RNA and DNA undetectable to traditional medicine. Other people may also see people (family or close friends) who have already departed from the physical plane (the so-called ghosts), glimpses of light entities, sense of synchronicity with the surrounding, increased 7 senses (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, intuition, and empathy), alienation of old habits, relationships, or places (considered toxic or exhausting) because one no longer feels comfortable with them.

3. How does it externally manifests, and what sensations may provoke?

Generally speaking, the entire Solar System and its inhabitants (both on Planet Earth and beyond) receive plasma energy waves coming directly from our Sun that affects the subatomic particles of absolutely everything that exists (obviously it will affect our entire molecular structure and hence RNA and DNA). Once our mind creates reality, this one will depend on the patterns each one is working at each moment (whether consciously or unconsciously), and what each one feels. This is why some (negative) people look at what is happening in the world, and are afraid, and think the world will end; other (positive) people can see that to build the new, the old must be destroyed, and they feel more peace and liberation. At the same time as these solar waves (solar flashes) occur, profound restructures of the society are taking place in order to free society from the slavery of the Babylonian monetary system. Collaborative structures are being created, hidden truths are being revealed, technologies 100 years more advanced than those that are available to our society are being released, and we are being prepared for direct contact with the Galactic Federation (GF) and the Interdimensional Association of Free Worlds (IAFW).

4. How will we know that the big solar flash is occurring?

When an aurora borealis appears throughout the entire Earth’s atmosphere, it’s the sign that The Event is occurring. At this time, the liberation of humankind will take place, and our sisters and brothers, from the Galactic Federation, will present themselves to all humankind to help us building the New Age society.

5. What’s our Sun’s role in all of this?

As it is known in astronomy, and general physics, all celestial bodies, solar systems, and galaxies move in space. What many do not know, at the metaphysical/spiritual level, is that the whole multiverse is a Consciousness (which we might call the Source of All That Is), which in turn has been subdivided into “micro-consciousnesses”, where some were assigned to universes, galaxies, solar systems, celestial bodies and beings (humans, non-humans, animals, plants and minerals).

The Source of All That Is (Creator Source, God/Goddess, Great Spirit, among other names) projects its Consciousness to all Universes through the Central Suns (interdimensional portals) of each of these. In turn, the Central Sun of each universe projects the Source’s energy to all the Central Suns of its galaxies. The central sun of each galaxy (which in the case of the Milky Way is the star of Sirius) projects the Source’s energy into its solar systems. The Sun of each solar system projects the Source’s energy to all celestial bodies and beings within them.

Our sun is an interdimensional portal, and is not gaseous. Our sun is electric!

6. What’s our role in all of this?

We above all, are solely responsible for our liberation, evolution from the planet and the entire solar system, as it is the elevation of our mind, consciousness, and unconditional love that will literally create the world we want to see around us. So there is no one in this world that is not important, everyone counts! And so it is!

7. The event is already in cruise mode!

The Light Forces have taken over telecommunications and have been doing general cleaning on all satellites, servers and telecommunications lines, removing wiretaps, quantum black servers, and space holography. For this operation to be successful, it will most likely be necessary to have 3 days without internet and telephone (only emergency lines will be maintained), to allow a successful reset. I guess many of you (like me) are already having frequent network problems on mobile phones and the internet… Don’t be afraid if that happens! The fact that we have retreated at home is allowing the authorities to carry out mass detention of the Black Cabal. In the following link, you may see part of the transmission (made live at 30-03-2020), where David Wilcock speaks specifically about this subject.

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  1. I think this is the intended 3/30/2020 David Wilcock link that was accidentally not specified in the article, like itsaid it would be:

  2. I cannot wait for this to occur!
    I’m just afraid that I am not physically able to “create” the mind space that I need!
    I have spent hours everyday trying to “wake up as many people as I can, And as a result of gathering all that “Negative stuff” as proof of the evil going on around us…
    I may be compromising my own consciousness.
    I am 84 years old, and have had negatives experiences throughout my lif.e
    I know that is NO excuse, but I have never learned to meditate as I should.
    I find it hard to “quiet my mind” as I should.
    I have NO FEAR of the future, just a great desire for it.
    I can’t wait to meet my brothers and sister from space.

    I am also having issues in my body that I am trying to deal with through my “higher power” of healing from within.
    I was trilled to finally find this Website and all its information available…..which I will be passing on.

    Thank You!
    Love & Blessings to all!

  3. In my heart it has already happened even if I can’t see it yet!
    What a beautiful life & world this is of love & light, everyone thriving happy healthy, diseases & suffering non existent. Everyone enjoying what they do in service to others and on and on. I’ve always been a dreamer & now more than ever.
    Victory of thevLight


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