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  1. Fantastic!!! The most instructive and comprehensible video I’ve ever seen. You are helping all of us to finally realize there is a lot of beings from the other side taking care of us and helping us understand who we really are and what we are really here for. God bless you.

  2. Hi I loved the video my conscious and my vibration is always high and you awakened it again when you talked about our abilities to free ourselves.i always believed and still believe I will not get the virus because my body itself is a high frequency body.i spoke to my family members long time about the vaccine they have no fear they are not willing to take the Vaccine.

  3. Figuring out the Vaccines
    March 09, 2021

    When I want to know what’s really going on regarding a particular issue, absolutely nothing can stop me. Covid vaccination is probably the #1 subject on the minds of the entire surface population (whether for or against), so I’m extremely motivated to find out what’s really going on.

    My conclusion is that the light forces have probably disabled the harmful biotech and gene editing side of the vaccines. In the long term, the vaccines will not be fatal. There are, however, short-term side-effects from the vaccines from byproducts in the ingredients that have resulted in a small percentage of short-term fatalities. The percentage of short-term fatalities from the vaccines is of course unknown, but a 5% overall short-term fatality rate of the 312 million total vaccinations at the time of this writing is 15.6 million deaths. Even if the fatality of the vaccines is one tenth of one percent, one tenth of one percent of 312 million people is 312,000 fatalities. 312,000 fatalities would of course would be enough fatalities to overwhelm social media (alternative social media because claims are 100% banned on mainstream social media) with reports of deaths (and side-effects). However, because the light forces have probably disabled the vaccines from being fatal in the long-term, the vaccines will not result in a global genocide.

    Cobra stated this on Wednesday, October 14, 2020:

    “Since the Resistance has destroyed in spring of this year all advanced biochips that were meant to be put into the covid vaccine, now DARPA is developing a cruder version of vaccine biochips:

    The dark forces are also working on spreadable bioweapon vaccine:

    (end quote)

    To my knowledge these plans have not manifested, and this is also why I don’t believe the vaccines will result in billions of deaths. The light forces would never allow that to manifest! I of course don’t recommend getting vaccinated for Covid, but for the majority of people who do get vaccinated, the vaccine will not prove fatal. Also, the vaccines will not turn people into zombies and the like, as has been implied by Benjamin Fulford. Fulford, along with many other alternative media outlets, are making assumptions based on incomplete/obsolete information.

    This is my current conclusion.

  4. Over half the global population wants to get the vaccine, and the rollout is accelerating, with 312 total million doses administered at the time of this comment. At this rate, by the end of this year there will be over 2.5 billion vaccinations globally. If you post a video saying that there doesn’t need to be fear surrounding the vaccine, that’s fine. I would then say to please stop posting articles about side-effects and so forth (fear mongering). This is true of Fulford and others as well. The alternative media fear mongers like never before. Most of what I do is respond to the fear mongering with the numbers. I seriously doubt the GFL would allow the vaccines to be super deadly if over half the world’s population wants to get vaccinated. If the vaccines are super deadly, that would make the GFL extremely genocidal in nature, especially if the GFL could stop the vaccine.

    Comments are not being updated in a timely manner in this blog. I suppose it doesn’t really matter though, as I’m actually speaking primarily to the light forces when I make comments. They would probably have a way of seeing what I comment, even if the comments are not updated in a timely manner. Even though practically no one visits my blog, I’m sure I’m being viewed by the light forces there as well. I’m not the ‘star of the show’ of course. That kind of thinking is entirely overrated lol!

    The main takeaway I’m getting from this video, at least in my case, is to leave the alternative media in the dust. Again, the alternative media is over 90% fear mongering, which includes many articles on this blog. But maybe it’s being realized that this is no longer beneficial; who knows 🙂


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