Clearing of the Chimera group continues. The Light forces have managed to clear practically all Chimera space fleet and most Chimera underground bases.

Chimera underground bases that are still remaining are much more difficult to clear, as they are connected to the Cabal infrastructure on the surface. The main Chimera underground base under Lake Kivu in Congo with the spider king and queen has not been cleared yet.

The Light forces are also rapidly clearing quantum primary anomaly around the Earth. Quantum primary anomaly is a random quantum field which is preventing Ascended beings from manifesting into the physical realm and thus preventing them directly assisting humanity. The amount of this quantum primary anomaly around Earth was simply enormous, much bigger than expected, and it encompassed the quantum timeline potential for all negative events that might happen. Most of this general anomaly has been cleared in the last two months and most negative event potentials canceled out.

Very small amount of that anomaly extends beyond lunar orbit throughout the solar system and even throughout the whole universe, as until the last planet of darkness is liberated, none of the universe can be completely free. Even one cancerous cell in an otherwise healthy body is too much, and healing needs to happen.

Due to the huge amount of anomaly that needed to be cleared, the Age of Aquarius meditation last December did not lead to bigger physical breakthroughs in the months following the meditation, and many people were disappointed, myself included. However, we need to understand that we are clearing millions upon millions of years of cosmic darkness and we can not expect results overnight.

Therefore I would also appreciate if people posting comments do so in a benevolent and meaningful way, as negative and meaningless comments will not be approved, there is more than enough anomaly and negativity elsewhere already. It would also be beneficial if people reread old articles from this blog as then they will be able to put fresh situation updates into a broader context.

In a week or two the Light forces will begin to clear quantum primary anomaly directly related to human implants. It is impossible to predict what will happen when they begin to clear that, as the amount of that anomaly is enormous also.The only thing I can say is that the Light forces will begin to clear all akashic records stored in layers around the planetary surface to effectively clear energy imprints from all negative events from the past of humanity.

On the etheric and astral planes close to the planetary surface, the Light forces are also clearing negative entities that are still oppressing humanity. There are still trillions upon trillions of those entities present, and they need to be removed along with their negative etheric scalar technologies before any meaningful breakthrough can happen.

On the planetary surface, the dark forces still control the energy grid through wars and through animal slaughter:

To help restoring the energy grid into the hands of the Light forces, regular Flower of Life meditation every 4 hours is still needed:

On the physical plane on the surface, the Chimera group is still present within DARPA, from where they exert considerable amount of influence on the surface Cabal through Orsini, Torlonia, Theodoli families and other black nobility families. Through top Jesuits they control the rest of the Cabal:

Through DARPA, they are planning to develop a new generation of biochips to be put into vaccines, as they want to upgrade old Siemens biochips that the vast majority of humanity has now:

Those biochips would be based on a cushion of hydrogel a few milimeters in diameter which the body would recognize as its own tissue and would not reject it, with the actual chip between 50 and 100 micrometers in size embedded into the hydrogel.

The biochip would monitor biochemical activity in the body and could detect Pleiadian stardust technology and counteract it with its own negative stardust technology, similar to this one:

It could also connect with the already existing main Siemens biochip in the frontal lobe of the brain, which most of humanity have received with vaccination campaigns from late 1940s to early 2000s and through soft drinks. The purpose would be to control and monitor brain activity and emotions:

This biochip would use ultrasound for communication, as old Siemens biochips do:

This technology is still in development and is currently not present in existing Covid vaccines. Our team has checked some current Covid vaccines in a lab and did not find any microchips larger than 50 micrometers (which is the smallest practical size of a working microchip) in either Astra Zeneca or Cominarty vaccines, but they did detect lipid nanoparticles in Cominarty vaccine.

Although Covid vaccines may have side effects, they are not a tool for depopulation of humanity, as many people are afraid. Nevertheless, the Cabal is using the vaccine passports as a tool for population control, and this is one of the main reasons why Alliance forces have arranged mysterious sabotages and delays in vaccine distribution.

More evidence has emerged that the Coronavirus came from a lab in Wuhan:

The Overwhelming Evidence of the Origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic Was Covered Up by US Government Officials, US Scientific Authorities and Their Chinese Counterparts

And everybody responsible for the pandemic and for lockdowns will answer for their crimes in Nuremberg-style trials:

With the pandemic plans slowly falling apart, the Cabal wants to engineer a new world war:

Two weeks ago, the Pleiadians have again contacted top brass within Russian Space Forces and have given them strategic intel for Putin. Surprisingly, intel about that contact has leaked into alternative media:

Pleiadians have communicated that if a full war escalates in Ukraine, they may trigger a release of full disclosure files through Russian mass media and even risk showing a small part of their fleet publicly.

Despite that, urgent meditation for peace in Ukraine and Middle East is still very much needed to help preventing the situation spiraling out of control:

Mass media are deliberately censoring all intel about the situation in Ukraine because the Cabal wants to surprise everybody with a sudden war coming out of nowhere. Yet, the story is leaking out:

Dragon families and Alliance forces within BRICS countries are making some covert geostrategic moves that will ultimately lead to the fall of the Cabal. The only hint I can give is this:

For those who are interested, reliable sources from Trump’s innermost team have said that they have indisputable evidence of election fraud, but now is not the time to present it.

Although there are no bigger positive breakthroughs on the surface of the planet happening yet, much preparatory work is being done.

If you feel so guided, you can experience the healing energy of the Tachyon chambers:

Please be aware that Tachyon chambers are NOT med beds. Med beds were developed by the Resistance in the late 1970s and early 1980s with the assistance from the Andromedans and will only be available to the surface population after the Event.

Victory of the Light!



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  1. Just wanted to say that I hadn't been able to find anything from Cobra et al for a couple of years, until I came upon an old interview with Alexandra Meadors just today. I'm so thankful that I did. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the dangerous but wonderful work that you do. There are no adequate words to express my thanks and joy that you are all here with us, and for us, doing what you do.
    Cobra, you are my hero. Love and light xxxx Yvonne

  2. Update:
    Tectonic Societal Shifts Underway…

    1. Complete utter failure of Q-A-Nonsense Psi-Op with ludicrous people’s insurrection edifying Donald Trump in a worldwide massive exercise of complete stupidity of so many Americans to believe such nonsense even their own people from administration to most devout “Make America Great Again Trumpees” (MAGATS) whom like their beloved Sydney, now denounced their own testimonies and actions supports not the Trump lies, as so ludicrous,, no one, with any common sense, would ever believe this could ever, be true… So many flee Trump now, politically and honestly, the Republican Party is “over”.
    2. Q-Exposed as the operator of the obscure bulletin board it came out of, exposed as lies, not Trump, not admin, not soldiers, not courts, not Marshall’s, no “alliance” just, one,, lying guy… “Q-A-Nonsense” exposed as lies, is “over” and done/end.
    3. Republican Elite Scum exposed as traitorous garbage, all up and down the extreme right wing of the Republican Cabal, they are being exposed as the traitors to America, traitors to the American Peopke, that they, the “Republican Elite Scum”, are.
    4. Republican Party, Thanks to “Former” President Donald Trump (Credit where Credit is definitely due), has utterly shredded itself and no longer I would think, poses any real political opposition to the patriots of any and all, other parties now. They could garner a few million votes 2022 and 2024 but, are no longer any significance as they fade into history as traitors they are,
    5. Utterly Corrupt Stock Market, is on Fire, Ablazeas it terminates it’s own existence and usefulness to humanity being zero, long since time to end it., GameStop incident proves elites will lose, and shows the people, have ultimate authority, not, bankers and hedge funds playing their sick little financial games at the expens3 of realpeoples lives but, oh how they bitched when the shoes were on the other foot…lol. Time to end the stock market as a useless relic of bygone eras.
    6. Stimulus Package. Despite the best attempts of the Republican cabal elite scum, to try to stop it, Democrats finally pushed through a pittance of help for the American People, only a fraction of what other developed countries have done (true, some get near as much every month and we ain’t talking China but ‘minor countries’ like England). It is however, at least a scrap tossed to the people, better than the next to nothing we’d been getting, by far for months and months and, months.
    7. Hennepin County MN. Justice was served upon Derek Chauvin, “murderer cop”. The people won,, George Floyd however, forever lost, as a result of this murderer, may George now, RIP.

    Coming soon: Full Disclosure of all ET craft interactions with US Government.

    Huge Societal Shifts, after decades and decades of the government focused on policies making the wealthy elite scum richer and richer until they owned 97% of the money supply (See Zeitgeist Addendum Moving Forward – this is the bes5 film I have eve4 seen which so clearly enunciates the problems we face as a planetary society and the oh s9 simple answers, it is a movie I highly recommend)…
    This madness has now “begun”, to reverse, the Anti American Republican War on Drugs policies which targeted the lowest financial sectors of the economy, enslav8ng Americans to pay for the construction of this Fascist Republican Police State of the last 4 Decades, is finally coming to an end (despite the government cesspool of Wisconsin and the less than critically intelligent thinking government of Idaho which cont use to oppose the people and freedom).
    Now perhaps “humane” policies of governance will be finally enacted bringing common sense reform and justice,int9 the justic3 system from first contact to probation and parole, and once and fo4 all, we may finally see an end to Cannabis Prohibition and the madness that has surrounded it, with actual medicalresea4ch go8n* forward to show its vast medicinal benefits to the human body, we have been ‘legally’ though illicitly denied for a lot longe4 than the last 40+ Drug War (War on the people) years.

    I see Hope, where just weeks to decades back In time, there was none.
    May the Blessings Be, we are certainly now seeing positive changes and these, will only keep com8n* as th3 primary Cabal Party, ceases to exist through self destruction.

    I must add however, I was wrong, I said Donald Trump would do nothin* to br8ng about the Event… 8 was wrong. Donald Trump did destroy, the Republican Cabal and much of their powerful political machine exposing all their stolen election etc righ5 down to the whole entire trickle down voodoo economics, fantasies,, as lies, he proved Capitalism an utter failure too. So, to go e Credit where due… Thanks to ‘former’ President Trump for that, although it was inadvertent and, more so, most unintentional, of course, he has shredded and doomed the cabal by his lies, his inaction, his insane conspiracy ramblngs, and his personal private insurrection. Thanks “Don” you definitely did it, and have sparked the greatest revolution In American politics bringing about true reform which really shook the whole world yesterday, on fabled 4-20, this one will forever go down as rememberance for George.
    I called on our country here, to rise up, when George Floyd was unceremoniously executed on America’s streets. I called for a Revolution, and the people replied, and despite right wing attempts to make the protests violent, they were mostly carried out by good decent peace loving people,only some righ5 wingers infiltrated as always, to wreak havoc. We know their games, we know their evil, we witness it constantly, they take the truth and try to turn it around. Like this trial, attempts to blame the murder victim, fall so far short of reality, it confounds the average person they could even attempt such a ludicrous defense, much like the utterly ridiculous assertions, the people storming the US Capitol 1-6-21 waving their Trump banners were ‘Antifa” a non existent organization, Republicans dreamed up, to be the doom and gloom fear mongering boogeyman to keep their Republican constituents brainwashed, asleep, and in line. It’s all lies, and it’s all, coming unraveled.

    Just wait, the big unveil is yet to come June 2021 and the Republicans can’t stop it, it’s law….

    I will not post my name here on, because getting shot at by MAGAT’s or Cabal operatives is not, my idea of fun, so I’ll just say:

    Victory to the Light, Love and Truth
    Best wishes to all in finding that light of truth,
    It’s clear, so many, so desperately need,

  3. Is it possible Cobra was taken over and is actually cryptographically listing the steps to our eradication while the elites laugh and throw darts in the comments?

  4. I can understand peoples undesirable comments as things seem to just go on and on. I believe that this website and many others that are aligned with the event did set up far to early. By presenting such hope nearly 8 years ago you now have a situation where people feel that it is never going to happen. Just when we think that we are ever so close new obstacles suddenly appear.
    Having said that i know that the Event will eventually take place. Not only should we all realise that we are talking clearing of evil millions of years in the making, i believe that Cobra needs to try and see it from the peoples side. Our lives are short in earthly terms so waiting 8 years or more does feel like a long time, especially when experiencing pain , suffering and sorrow.
    Thankyou to all that continue to fight for humanities freedom, the greatest challenge there is.

    • The other side seems to be aiming for 2028-2038, but if I were smart I would aim sooner. What worries me is someone worshiping the "Roman Empire of God" in the comments of the blog, old-school communitarianism i.o.w. reformulation of great reset policy. Could we *not* abolish private property for all citizens? I hope at least we can keep light workers out of stockholm syndrome for that long.

  5. REPORTER: John Rolls: Trump and the patriots have setup the DS from the beginning, the entire plan is now coming into focus. Optics are very important and the [DS] is going to be blind sided when it all starts to go down, they will have no one to blame. No one has ever done this before, its not about winning the election it is about destroying the entire system so this never happens to another president again. What we are witnessing is the power being returned to the people.


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