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  1. In The Netherlands, Jaap van Dissel, head of the RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, in an interview, said:
    "Vaccines are a triumph for science, but have yet to translate into a triumph for public health"

    Jeff G. — Viral Misconceptions – Presentation on The True Nature of Viruses
    Pasteur and Bechamp views as opposites Apr 1, 2020
    Jeff G.'s website:

    The Deception of Virology & Vaccines — Why Coronavirus Is Not Contagious
    "This post intends to go to the heart of virology and vaccination itself, and what vaccination is propped up by—the entirety of virology and vaccine science is predicated on one thing—that viruses are infectious agents that cause disease. Without this theory, vaccines would not be 'effective' or 'work' in the minds of the people. Without the virus theory, vaccines would crumble like a house of cards. I will show the pseudoscience behind the theories that prop up virology, and the vast problems with it.

    FIrstly, viruses are not living organisms or living microbes. They do not have a respiratory system, nor do they have a nucleus or digestive system. Viruses are not alive and viruses are not contagious. The fear behind Coronavirus, for instance, is wholly unwarranted. Forget everything you think you know about viruses and bacteria. You have been lied to.

    The science of virology is based upon the study of viruses, however, no real footage of viral activity exists (except for a recently released (2018) short footage of an HIV virus which shows merely 20% of the virus theory process). Such footage is merely 3D animation and models. Scientific Encyclopedia states viruses have been obtained for experimentation by means of extremely powerful centrifuges which must be specially built. Viruses are so small that they average around 0.1 microns in size for a typical virus.

    Observation Of Viruses Is Inherently Flawed.
    Viruses are observed in cell cultures/petri-dish environments:
    Cell cultures are grown in controlled conditions outside their natural environment, wherein cells are artificially kept alive by fluids that are toxic and do damage to cellular activity. In such a sterile environment, cells cannot utilize the full range of their normal cleansing methods as they would in the human body.

    Those processes are:
    • Phagocytosis (and all of its processes)
    • Bacterial
    • Fungal
    • Parasitical
    • Viral (virus)

    In the processes of phagocytosis, cellular debris and dead and dying tissue are absorbed and discarded for elimination out of the body. It is bacteria that first and foremost carry out this process in large part—mainly as scavengers. Fungus and parasites are called upon as needed in special cases, and in this process, small amounts of viruses may be utilized to accompany all other processes. All of these processes are alive, but viruses are not alive. In such an artificial environment wherein cells are kept alive but not healthy by serums, cells will degenerate, and their viral janitors will become prominent. Viruses do not multiply on their own.

    When added to fertile petri-dishes that sustain cellular life, no additional viral protein structures appear. Only when cells are added is there multiplication of viral protein structures. However, this is because petri-dishes are not the proper or healthy environment for cells, and so viral waste occurs. This is because cells must manufacture viruses to cleanse themselves in such a toxic environment since they do not have access to the full range of their cleansing processes as would occur in the body. I will show why—

    Note: Viruses are necessary to dissolve dead and dying tissue when tissue is so toxic that living microbes cannot feed upon and eliminate those tissues, waste, and cellular debris without being poisoned to death."(end of quote)

    So far Jeff G.'s point of view, which is in sync with what I've studied, and learned as a student of Chinese Medicine, Holistic Nutritionist and Healthcoach, plus attending lectures of my doctor on Classical Homoeopathy in the 80's. I do remember one of my teachers, saying "We need to stop hating bacteria and viruses, for that attitude, joined by attempts to put an end to their impact, causes them to come back with a vengeance". We fear what our mind tells us that we SHOULD be afraid of, feeding the crib of that what keeps us in the loop of fear. Not only external parties are using mind-control, there's an innate tendency in us that sustains loyalty to a state of fear as well.

    Here's an article related to the debate about vaccine-passports:
    on a framework for the issuance, verification and acceptance of interoperable
    certificates on vaccination, testing and recovery to facilitate free movement during the
    COVID-19 pandemic (Digital Green Certificate)

    Key elements of the European Commission’s legislative proposals:

    "1. Accessible and secure certificates for all EU citizens
     The Digital Green Certificate will cover three types of certificates –vaccination certificates, test
    certificates (NAAT/RT-PCR test or a rapid antigen test), and certificates for persons who have
    recovered from COVID-19.
     The Certificates will be issued in a digital form or on paper. Both will have a QR code that
    contains necessary key information as well as a digital signature to make sure the certificate is
     The European Commission will build a gateway and support Member States to develop software
    that authorities can use to verify all Certificate signatures across the EU. No personal data of the
    Certificate holders passes through the gateway, or is retained by the verifying Member State.
     The Certificates will be available free of charge and in the official language or languages of the
    issuing Member State and English.

    2. Non-discrimination
     All people – vaccinated and non-vaccinated – should benefit from a Digital Green
    Certificate when travelling in the EU. To prevent discrimination against individuals who are not
    vaccinated, the European Commission proposes to create not only an interoperable vaccination
    certificate, but also COVID-19 test certificates and certificates for persons who have recovered from
     Same right for travellers with the Digital Green Certificate – where Member States accept proof of
    vaccination to waive certain public health restrictions such as testing or quarantine, they would be
    required to accept, under the same conditions, vaccination certificates issued under the Digital Green Certificate system. This obligation would be limited to vaccines that have received EU-wide marketing authorisation, but Member States can decide to accept other vaccines in addition.
     Notification of other measures – if a Member State continues to require holders of a Certificate to
    quarantine or test, it must notify the European Commission and all other Member States and explain
    the reasons for such measures.

    3. Only essential information and secure personal data
     The Certificates will include a limited set of information such as name, date of birth, date of
    issuance, relevant information about vaccine/test/recovery and a unique identifier of the Certificate.
    This data can be checked only to confirm and verify the authenticity and validity of certificates.
    4. Third-country nationals
     This proposal aims to facilitate the travel of third-country nationals within the EU by establishing a
    common framework for the issuance of interoperable certificates on COVID-19 vaccination, testing
    and recovery.
     This should allow third-country nationals legally staying in a Member State and who are entitled to travel to the other Member States to demonstrate that they fulfil public health requirements
    imposed, in compliance with Union law, by the Member State of destination.
     Third countries should be encouraged to recognise the Certificate when waiving restrictions on non-essential travel. In particular, this could include interoperability between technological systems
    established at global level. The proposal also aims to ensure that restrictions to the freedom to travel currently in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 can be lifted in a coordinated manner as more scientific evidence becomes available.
     This proposal establishes neither an obligation nor a right to vaccination. Vaccination strategies
    are a national competence of the Member States"


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