From Jamie Phillips:

Today I will be concluding the AI article series by talking about how the Elite are trying to fool the masses by moving us into SMART cities by playing off the global warming scam card. As many of you are aware, B1ll G@tes already is acting on his plans to block out our natural sun by upping the ante of the toxic chemtr@ails being released into our atmosphere. This in turn acts as a thick smoke shield against the natural rays of light getting through and increasing the vibrations of the planet whilst simultaneously causing havoc on our nervous systems with the overhaul of n@n1te technology layered in these toxic chemicals that penetrate into our biology in the air we breathe. This is being implemented at more of an accelerated rate because the globalists are aware of the soon coming ascension solar flare and think they can stop it by blocking out the light of our sun and rushing us to conform to the transhuman nW0 agenda before this flash arrives. The stronger rays now coming from our sun (higher densities as a result of nuclear fusion) hold awakening codes for the people on Earth and so they look to limit these activations from reaching us so we remain in the lower vibrations and stay controlled until the point that we submit to becoming transhuman slaves in their cloud system. This is the end game and will split humanity between the old and new Earth timelines depending on whether you conform or resist.
Vitamin D from the sun is really vitamin DNA and a deficiency in vitamin D is often a huge indication as to why many of us fall ill or become depressed in the winter months because of a lack of sun exposure. By eliminating sun exposure all year round, this is one of the most effective strategies the globalists are using to destroy our DNA by phasing out the sun on a permanent basis. The last two parts to the AI series I have put together have been rather depressing let’s face it and has been my least enjoyable subject to talk about so far as I have been writing these posts. However, it is important to understand what is going on so you don’t fall into the traps that are being set for the whole population. Although it may seem all doom and gloom, it is definitely not, and I have a short channelled message which talks about the timeline split which is upon us and is rather positive for those holding the higher vibrations.
This message is from Zues, an advanced Andromedan light being – ‘The world is open to all. New beginnings are due and will be fruitful. The fall of mankind will not be kind for some. But those that are ready will rise up and ascend. This is how the vibration rises with love. The gate is open now and life will go on. The planets are aligning. There will be a flash on the third length of the sun. This is us showing you we are near. Like the star they followed for Jesus. We are here for you all. Believe and connect with us more and it will grow stronger within.’
The simple explanation is that a flash will ascend the souls that align with the light and those that do not will witness and experience the repercussions of an ignorant world that chooses not to spiritually evolve and continue to dabble in duality. The more that we align with the light and truth, the quicker the solar flash will come as the energy becomes stronger through a collective effort. The Law of One stresses that those on the old Earth will go on to reincarnate on other third dimensional planets when they eventually pass away on the Earth plane and this has also been amplified in Dolores Cannon’s material too.
The shift is definitely getting nearer as each day we are moving into an area of space with more light and the light and electrons are different than before. The shift in dimensional spaces operate under a different law of physics which corresponds to the changes in the universe’s sacred geometrical structures. The angles are contrasting, enabling energy to flow differently like when you compare the seed and flower of life to the lotus of eternal life. One holds a constant flow of energy and the other one does not (Fibonacci vs Krystal spiral). What we are being told is that it is not only the Earth that is ascending but that the whole universe is shifting and transitioning into a lighter density. This means the entire universe will be rid of all war and destruction for those aligning to the lighter densities. The New Earth is based on the model that has been developed on planets around Sirius; Sirian human like races have third dimensional physical bodies but travel and communicate across the galaxy using fourth and fifth dimensional technologies. Ascension may be integration on some level.
The global warming agenda is nonsense (what they are proposing at least anyway) and is essentially guilt tripping humans into voluntary slavery through confinement in these SMART F1ve JEe cities. According to geographer and Climatologist Professor John Sweeney, 98% of greenhouse gases which hold the heat in our atmosphere is water vapour and clouds. Only a small proportion is CO2 and within that, the vast majority of this chemical compound isn’t human generated. When we are blamed for our carbon footprint, bear this fact in mind. Secondly, as the sun gets brighter, CO2 will eventually be removed from the atmosphere so planets will no longer be able to grow. This is why we have preparation and planetary exit strategies that take shape through various space programmes and their agendas to colonise on other planets. We obviously cannot do anything about the sun unless we attempt to block it out! This would sound logical except we need sunlight to survive organically. Maybe this is why the Chinese have created a fake sun to mimic another level of a simulated reality. The problem with this strategy is that anything else organic and purely biological won’t be a vibrational match to these artificial frequencies so everything natural will either mutate or die unless we turn inorganic ourselves.
Like I discussed before, many of the ‘global warming’ problems are caused by H@arp technology which is used to manipulate the weather and therefore affect the climate and the temperature changes on the planet. These technologies have contributed to the warming of the oceans which is responsible for bleaching much of the coral reefs which provides the sustenance for 25% of all marine life to exist. 93% of the heat in our atmosphere is absorbed by the ocean and only a few degrees in temperature change within our waters can severely affect the life that the ocean supports as a direct result of H@rp (see part one for more info on this).
The sun is approximately 5 billion years old, and as it ages, it slowly grows hotter. It was initially only about 70% luminous as it is today. This is what people refer to as ‘The Faint Sun Paradox” that was born out of the realization that the sun was cooler in its infancy as the Earth contained more liquid water. Astronomers estimate the sun’s luminosity will increase every billion years and in 1.1 billion years our planet will be too hot NATURALLY to support life anyway. Other planets can also play a pivotal role in the increase in temperature of the Earth by causing tidal bulges on the sun, redistributing mass as a result which then influences the Earth’s orbit. It is one giant package of complex interactions. The sun doesn’t just rotate around its own centre of gravity, rather our star dances around a barycentre. This causes both the Earth and the sun to wobble, changing the distance between these two and manipulating the heat levels of our planet as a direct result. Solar radiation and solar wind exert pressure on our planet which also causes distant changes between the Earth and sun. In short the Earth is moving closer towards the sun so of course it’s going to get hotter. If we look at this further as to how the distance between the sun and the Earth is shortening, it has absolutely nothing to do with our influence as a human species. Instead we can examine the impact and relevance of Chaos theory to support the recent changes in planetary positions/alignments.
Chaos theory suggests we go through different periods where we get closer and further away from the sun. The Earth’s orbit which is oval shape and not circular means the distance between the Earth and the sun isn’t constant. The elliptical orbit means that its trajectory is not fixed in location either. Within the oval shaped orbit, there are inconsistencies in following the normal alignment pattern due to general relativity. Other planet’s elliptical orbits also do this therefore they are also inconsistent and interact with our planet’s trajectory which is sharing a different magnetic field throwing them off course hence the term Chaos Theory. It’s all rather complicated!
Other reasons for the Earth warming, identify with the surge in heat stemming from the sun itself through an increase in nuclear fusion activity which is the process that powers and regulates the sun’s natural energy. Chemical elements smash into each other in the higher densities/temperatures and then fuse into bigger or heavier chemical elements. These fusions of elements also cause a stream of exotic particles very much like gamma rays which make the sun so positively radiant. The thermonuclear fusion reactions convert hydrogen to helium which migrates out into space. The hydrogen atoms become compressed under immense pressure and fuse together releasing huge amounts of energy in the form of heat. The more hydrogen atoms that are fused, the more heat is released as the sun grows whilst simultaneously getting lighter. Preparing for the great solar flash or otherwise known as ekpyrosis which translates as ‘a fiery release of massive energy from the sun’ seems to be what the increase in nuclear fusion activity is all about! We’ve also heard much about the increase in gamma rays being sent to Earth which hold the spectrum of 40-100hz 5D frequencies which are targeted to awaken humanity by other channelled sources and even picked up on the Schumann Resonance data graphs. This is being sent by both our sun and other benevolent extra-terrestrial species to assist in our ascension process.
The statistics that dominate the mainstream media narrative when looking at rises in the temperature change on our planet, do not take into consideration the peaks and dips in temperature that our planet has gone through for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years prior to when records supposedly began. After declining through the little ice age after 1200AD, the lowest temperatures were recorded at 1650AD before naturally rising again. We have steadily been rising out of that low peak and THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL but instead, these figures are being pinned on global warming when actually it’s a natural cycle that the general public are simply not aware of or educated on.
So there you go! Take what resonates and leave the rest. Of course, C02 emissions do contribute to global warming but not to the extent that it will cause global cataclysms. If anything, it will be the radiation levels caused by the new AI impeding technologies that will distort the old Earth crystalline grid and plummet the world into Chaos. Those that stay clear of these brainwashing agendas and do not conform to the NW0 instructions, will ascend and this is all we need to focus on right now. Stay positive, live in love and light and do what makes you happy! Much love!

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  1. How about Pole Shift? Will it ever happen? So confusing. I can't image the possibility of us getting the benefits of solar flare, and then all of the sudden most areas of the earth, especially USA, is destroyed by pole shift.

    Hope someone will answer my question. Thanks.

    • Hi Alicia,
      I do not believe that the Pole Shift will be deadly for most of humanity. We have been living within the magnetic fields of Earth for eons, and the "shift" should not be deadly or dangerous to us as long as we take simple precautions such ass:
      * Stay away from Coast Lines (50 to 100 miles inland)
      * Find a good strong structure (caves are best) but some strong poured concrete buildings may be okay (single story only – and NOT Concrete block -POURED concrete walls).
      * Bring two weeks worth of food to weather the event inside of the structure.
      * subways may be okay, but make sure there is good drainage (stay near enough to an exit in case you must leave quickly).
      * CAVES are best – look for those where evidence exists they were used previously.
      * Nuclear fallout shelters may also be strong enough since most were "poured" concrete for strength.
      GOOD LUCK! And remember – your greatest enemy is FEAR.

      Frankly, I am not even sure we will see a rapid "physical" shift of the planet as some predict. I suspect it will be a SLOW moving event and we WILL primarily see the effects of the magnetic shift.
      We know that the event occurs every 12,000 years and many humans DO survive (those who prepare, that is).
      Good Luck,

  2. Yes, this resonates….Global warming is a natural phenomena as explained…but pollution from coal and other carbo sources can be taken care of if there was a true initiative to limit pollution…we could all be driving around in cars that use regular water to power them…technology was developed many years ago to separate hydrogen and oxygen and burn them instead of Gasoline…man actually patented the tech…but he was killed…. Anyway…this is the least of our worries…need to have the solar flash…get rid of the Reptiles control over human consciousness first…all else can be fixed in time, step one, turn off Matrix mind control system that is located on the Moon and Saturn…any benevolent ET's out there….how about a little help….!


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