Dr. T from the UK is interviewed by Not on the BEEB’s Mark Playne. In this interview she shares her own personal discovery of “worms” embedded within the fibers of standard manufactured medical masks. Her experiments were initially performed in order to dispute the rumors she had been hearing and much to her surprise she could see quite clearly through high power professional microscopes that the masks did indeed contain black “worms.” She wanted to see more for herself and she purchased the medical quality manufactured masks (different grades) by five different manufacturers to see what brands contained the “worms” and much to her dismay she found that all brands had them. They were definitely exhibiting lifelike movements that indicate that they are “alive.” She has heard about the theories related to nanotechnology and she is not making assumptions here but there definitely is an infestation of wormlike beings woven into the fibers of the masks. She would like other scientists to step forward and examine the masks in more depth. She asks everyone to share this information and encourages lab professionals to examine with professional microscopes and to SPEAK UP!

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  1. It would be very interesting to obtain unopened boxes of these masks manufactured some years ago before the plandemic to see if they also have the worms.

  2. YouTube Channel UK Column is one of a few channels offering factual and critical reports, observations and testimonies, related to the pandemic management and the general situation in Britain. Here's a NHS Vaccine Specialist who speaks out:

  3. I wear this mask only about an hour a day…
    I sterilize it in a veggie steamer in a covered pot…bring water to a full rolling boil, then remove from heat and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes…surely this would kill those critters, right??? As steam kills everything, no?? Would like to hear everyone's thoughts on this!!!!!

  4. Has anyone considered that it might not just be masks that these things are appearing in? What about duvets and pillows, especially those made of man-made fibres; and then there are toilet rolls – we all use those! These things could potentially be everywhere. Damn, they could even be spraying these things on us via chemtrailing.


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