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Introducing Liberty First Legal. A nonprofit firm for legal assistance to the public. Also offering a Covid Vaccine Exemption Letter. Know your rights. #LibertyFirst
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  1. I need help with an exemption from taking the vaccine. My employer is demanding compliance or I will be fired. Can you help me?

  2. I am a Christian criminal defense attorney and just attended a Clinical Legal Education seminar in a BLUE state in order to keep my license to practice law current. One of the presenters at this C.L.E seminar stated flatly that applying for a religious exemption based on the use of fetal cells in the development of Covid-19 objections was the height of hypocrisy based on the fact that fetal cells from aborted fetuses had been used in the development of all current over the counter pain relievers and antihistamines. Can you speak to the accuracy of that allegation, please? As a severely allergic non-specific asthmatic, there is no way I would ever take the covid-19 vaccine, but I want to make sure that I am on good legal grounds. (I usually watch you on Victory News with Greg Stephens.) Thank you.

  3. I received religious exemption today/ i work at a catholic hospital chain on long island, suffolk county. told we had to sig

  4. I am applying for religious exemption at the catholic hospital i work in, told they will be denied out of hand. I work at St catherines hospital of smithtown ny. I have been there 5 years, worked throughout ''covid and had covid last year. by september 27th 2021 we're told we'll be suspended for 2 weeks without pay, beyond that? unknown
    I received a religious exemption today from my church, any advice on how to submit? Thank you in advance, Michelle arenth

  5. I can not get the website to come up. I have submitted 2 religious accommodations and a medical one. They said my religious one was denied and that it was in the mail.

  6. My employer has mandated that I be fully vaccinated by October 31st. They are saying that the EEOC allows it. They are allowing a limited number of exemptions, either religious or medical. We have been told we may be terminated without the vaccine. They are sending out daily emails to all employees touting how safe the vaccines are and how we will be part of the solution. They also have a sweepstakes going that gives prizes to vaccinated employees.

  7. Hi, if u can please send me a letter of exemption. The Governor in my state of California is mandating all school employees to get the vaccine. I also have a question, will religious reasons be an exempt, being that these vaccines contain fetal tissue of aborted fetus?? Thank You!

    • For some reason I can't figure out how to leave an initial comment, but this website will allow me to Reply.

      For those asking about the vaccine exemption letter, apparently Liberty First Legal has been inundated with requests and are helping people with individually crafted letters as demanded by state and local laws as quickly as possible BUT each letter requires research in order to reference the relevant state legislation and at the moment their staff have more requests than they can handle sp there is some waiting involved because there isnt just one form letter that works for everyone.

      Liberty First Legal's website is here:

      However, KrisAnne Hall and her team have assembled this memorandum to help you combat these illegal mandates:

  8. I have just received notice that my employer will require COVID vaccine. Kaiser permanente a non profit union organization is requiring this by Sept 30. I would like a letter regarding my right to refuse.

  9. I am upset I have a friend sent to you who her husband is a Judge, and you tell her you don’t have time to help her. REALLY😳

    • Why isn't her judge husband helping her? He's supposed to know the law, yeah? Liberty First Legal is a small nonprofit organization, it's not like they have unlimited manpower and KrisAnne is literally one person who spends all her time travelling and teaching. You and your friend can both learn a lot by watching the KrisAnne Hall Daily Journal on YouTube or Bitchute. Maybe then you'll understand the limitations they're working with 😲

  10. Please let me know what I need to do to receive your Letter of Exemption, we have restaurants refusing even entrance, as well as service, if un-vaccinated here in Arizona, as well as employers saying jobs will be lost if not vaccinated.

    Jerry Whiteley
    1789 East Mesquite Avenue
    Apache Junction, Arizona 85119

  11. I would like to get an exemption letter or card. Please let me know what I need to do to get one.

    Thank you
    Pam Daniell

  12. Please send a copy of the Covid vaccine exemption letter. My daughter's employer is on the verge of making it mandatory.

  13. Requesting a copy of your Letter of Exemption" so I am prepared when the knock comes on my door.
    Saw your info on the Brad Barton show.
    Thank you for your assistance. If there is a fee, I'm willing to compensate. ✝️

  14. Go to https://donor to get a plastic wallet -sized VACCINATION EXEMPTION card & also ones to protect kids!!

  15. Also go to for LEGAL ATTY EXEMPTION LETTERS & statements of your Civil Rights to refuse the poisonous shots ( contain GRAPHENE Oxide & SM-102 as PROVEN poisons to humans & animals)!!

    • Go to https://donor for plastic wallet-sized VACCINATION EXEMPTION cards & other protection cards for kids too!!

    • Go to legal Atty or buy the Vaxxx Exemption plastic card like I did on the TELEGRAM Covid Vaccine Injuries Chat channel. Hurry!!

    • Go to to get a letter or buy the plastic Vaccination Exemption card shown on TELEGRAM’s (app) Covid Vaccine Injuries Chat channel.

  16. I am interested in the exemption letter. My employer has hinted that unvaccinated people will have to be treated "differently" and my university is requesting vaccination verification to register for coursework.

  17. I'm unable to access your Liberty first legal website. I am interested in receiving your vaccine exemption letter, but don't know how to reach you.

  18. I was just informed today that as of June 1st 2021 if we dont have the jab with card that we will no longer be employed at my position any longer. My headquarters is in California and I work remote from Illinois, they stated they are checking but their lawyers stated they have the right to do so.

    My work has also offered $500 for every person who gets the jab now only 7 of us are left that dont want to get it so this is the next step 🙁

  19. Gone through your site and haven't been able to find your exemption letter anywhere. My employer is mandating it, as of July 1st we all have to have it and this is their policy:" An employee who fails to comply with any of the provisions of this policy is subject to appropriate corrective action up to and including, without limitation, suspension (with or without pay) or termination." Only excuses are religious beliefs or medical slip, and it has to be major for any of ours to give those.


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