An older video but a nice one suggested by one of our subscribers:

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  1. This is a scam, my friend who has a very good engineering mind, built it to the exacts specs of this video and it doesn't work. Sorry Folks.

    And people at PFC , come on folks, your discrediting all of us and yourselves by not vetting these types of things before you post them. We don't want to prove to the sceptics that we are lazy minded slack jawed idealists gazing into our dream worlds while ignoring basic facts.

  2. total scam. 3v coin battery is clamped/hidden in a hole between one side of the back magnet and the coil. other side of that magnet is foam taped in place, same as other magnet. The large coil is simply CUT forming 2 halves, and these are then epoxied, not soldered together and after drying, the Piggy-tail is also epoxied in place. As such, there is NO electrical connection between the 2 halves of the coil. Next, The Front magent is attached with 2 pieces of sticky stable foam tape to the coil, and hold IT without bridging epoxied break, and on the other side, the 2nd magnet with the tiny 3v coin battery is simply sandwiched between the coil and the magnet (which it sticks to naturally, and then held against the cut coil by another piece of sticky foam tape. Power goes goes from the front of the battery touching the cut coil to the wire sticcking out on the end closest to the camera, and from the back of the battery, thru the magnet it is stuck to and out the far end of that cut coil and the wire furthest from the camers. Like I said, a total scam. It will run the motor or light the lamp till that battery runs out of juice.

    We should find out WHO he is, knock on his front door and throw a bucket of PIG BLOOD on him.


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