A long but detailed revelation from a reformed insider, a must listen for truth seekers!

X Factor Winner Reveals it All !

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  1. https://strangerinajewishworld.blogspot.com/2020/09/leaders-and-freemasonrysatanism.html

  2. I command you for your effort and your gut! I must see for all those who are not arrogant nor ego driven to understand where you are coming from. Big love!

  3. Imagine being at the low point where humans are so retarded that they need the winner of TV show to tell them what is what.

    Read "Born in Blood" and you will save time.

    Masons are Satanic as they worship the Great Architect of the Universe. Satanism is defined by Gnostics as :
    – 1 worshippers of Jehovah
    – 2 activists in the NWO
    – 3 advocates for the destruction of the self, Spirit, Selbst, Ego
    – 4 destroyers of nature or self for their cause
    – 5 believe in their final cause above all
    – 6 originates in Babylon
    – 7 are a Sacerdotal cast (Hebrew Priests)
    – 8 Worship Saturn (Time and Matter)
    – 9 Usually practice rites from subverted Church of Rome aka Sodomy and Pedophilia…

    There you go.


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