The Light Forces are in the middle of the main offensive of clearing Chimera underground bases.

Since 1996, the Chimera has captured many Pleiadians and Resistance members, took them underground, and as their last line of defense, the Chimera are now using those hostages in dark sacrifice rituals, then capturing their soul essence and forcing them to incarnate again in another cloned body which is captured as a hostage in a Chimera base, repeating the process. This creates an immense amount of suffering and thus generated loosh is then gathered and projected with scalar technology towards the surface population.

This is a very difficult time for the Resistance forces and for the Pleiadian fleet, and they need assistance from the surface population.

They are asking for as many lightworkers as possible, to meditate as often and whenever they feel guided, for this situation to be resolved as quickly and as painlessly as possible.


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to assist in liberation of all hostages from underground bases

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody captured in underground bases. Visualize Light forces liberating all hostages from all remaining underground bases, and removing all dark entities from all those locations. Visualize this process taking place throughout the whole honeycomb underground Earth quickly and smoothly. Visualize the whole honeycomb underground Earth finally being free from darkness and slavery, free from all evil beings.

6. Ask the Goddess presence (the divine feminine) to direct energies of healing to all rescued hostages so that their traumas are completely healed. Let these energies then flow onwards and expand to the surface of the planet so they can heal all other situations worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into these situations for a few minutes.

Guided audio video for this meditation is here:

Goddess wants liberation and liberation will it be!

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  1. A slightly different tone on this subject. I've studied the calendars of the ancient Maya priests, the planetary changes, and those of the sun, plus the possibility of ET life, for over 20 years. Initially, I came in touch with more or less secret knowledge, as a transcript-writer of interviews, recordings of whistleblowers' testimonies, in a connection with a translation team. Due to the existence of the internet of things.

    Here's a vimeo of April 2020 with the participation of Dr Steven Greer in it:
    A powerful statement in this video is the following:
    "Colonel Corso had an encounter with an ET craft with a being in it, that asked him to stop using radar warfare devices, for they interfered with the frequency of that being's craft. Colonel Corso leaned forward and asked "What's in it for me?" and the being answered
    "A whole new world, when you can take it".

    And that implies our conscious choice, to willingly open our minds and hearts, using common sense.
    Nothing will be forced upon us, unless we call it forth, individually or collectively. Be vigilant, beware of what you wish for, when we're building the bridge to the great unknown, that was part of our existence, our way of life, also on planet Earth, once upon a long long time ago. As I perceive it.

  2. Yes,
    Let's heal our planet and bring it up to it's beautiful potential Now.
    We are doing our part helping fellow Targeted individuals. We are
    Citizens Against harmful Technology at If
    you are a Ti in need of support, knowledge and comradery come
    to our Sunday conference calls & subscribe to our free weekly
    newsletter. Thank you for your efforts PFC & especially the
    info on Radio Isotopes. Those words popped in my head a few years
    ago & I recently found you in a search to see why RI came to my thoughts.
    My whole body hurts. I've been a whistle blower for decades exposing evil.
    Now as targets we do what we can to expose the Truth and help others.
    Picture us taking our planet back to the Love we truly are ….

  3. A very powerful incantation. I will use it again as much as I can to help. With the love and light of the one creator, and so it is! xx


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