Hal Turner just broke this on his show. A Russian hacker went on the dark web and found a database that shows vaccinated people’s info (like their vital signs, their exact GPS coordinates, whether they are sleeping or awake) being uploaded in real time. People who have received the vaccine are now being tracked in real time by this Artificial Intelligence 5g system. They have become transmitters, transmitting all info about themselves back to the mothership aka the AI receiver. This is wild dude…. It also shows the exact info of the firmware, CPU info and processor that is inside the person.

You were unhappy about unknown people hacking your phone, computer devices and internet… How do you feel knowing you’re body and activity is also being hacked?

And who would have studied such a concept?

Professor Charles Morgan gives a lecture at West Point to US soldiers in the Visual Information Division on the latest technology in the field of Bio-Warfare, DNA reprogramming and human cell exploitation.. I have been saying in previous videos that the Corona-con JABS will have the capability to not only change human DNA, but can also enable a persons thoughts and actions to be influenced by remote control.. I can understand if some people thought that I was losing the plot, but I can assure the doubters that this technology absolutely exists and is going to used en-mass through the implementation of the CV19 JABS..

If you watch this video you will see the professor confirm what we have been saying on our videos for many months, in that it is now possible to control the mind of another person by remote control and to also take control over their physical body movements, thoughts and functions.. This is NO conspiracy theory, this is an absolute FACT!! I also wanna say that even this technology is still far behind the latest advancements which are kept from the public domain and are often used against the general public. I remember watching a documentary online many years ago in which a whistle blower stated that the current technology that we see being brought into the public domain is already over 25 years old, that has continued to make me aware that the so called latest advancements are in essence old technology..

The professor reveals that they can now store & conceal images and movies in DNA and bacteria, he also says that just 1 gram of human DNA can store the equivalent of 7 BILLION iPADS, think about that, just 1 gram, that is absolutely astonishing!!! He says that information and images can also be stored in bacteria on the human body which can then be placed in a dish and the information removed and also that when those same bacteria reproduce that it’s offspring’s will also be encoded with that same information. He also says that it is possible to programme a cell and direct it to target ANY part of the body, including the brain which can then also be reprogrammed and controlled from an outside force.

This means that the CV19 JABS can contain all the technology that you will hear in this video and it is CHILLING what that same technology can do when they are primed to target and attack!!! Such is the level of accuracy of this technology that miniature nanobots about the size of dust particles can be programmed to attack any portion of the body to deliver a payload or virus directly into the bloodstream, organs, brain, eyes etc. The reprogrammed DNA cells can also lie dormant in whichever portion of the body it has been directed to and can remain there undetected until the appropriate electronic signal is delivered to re-activate it.

He also says that they can manage and change peoples memories and perception and that they don’t even need to persuade them, all that is needed is to change their memory through audio and visual images, in other words TV, which is exactly how the the general public have been lured into believing in the great Corona-con.. If you’re a Christian you need to know that these JABS will enable the Luciferians to change your DNA and alter your perception of God, in fact, you will be programmed to detest him!!! The bible forewarns that the nations and people of the earth will hate biblical Christianity and will persecute bible believing Christians and this is how that is going to happen, they will alter the perception of every person who takes those demonic DNA changing vaccines.. This is a spiritual war, it has been foretold in the bible almost 3000 years ago and is now taking place before our very eyes!!!

It is also worth mentioning that they can ERASE memories and install FALSE ones, just imagine if this is used to deceive the inhabitants of the earth into worshipping the beast, and off course IT WILL, because that’s exactly what it was created to do..

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  1. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars exist for quite some time, I believe. These weapons are either designed by human brains from the time warfare entered the Earth's plane. Creations of a scenario, a story about the cause and effect of conflict between 2 opponents, within a tribe, or a larger number of opponents in 2 tribes with the potential to grow into a battle that involves the entire tribe. Expansion of warfare is limitless, as long as humanity lives in "Us and them" continuing the blame game, with dices showing six sides with the words "power" "money" "attack" "defend" ""divide" and "conquer".

    Weapons become more and more silent, nowadays, and wars continue quietly more often, with an orchestration becoming more and more clever and complex through time, with the invention of chemistry, digital technology, and even, a certain investment in mediation, more or less in self-interest, by ET beings.

    More rumors, factual – and fairy tales, suspicions and conclusions based on half a word, Chinese whispers, are beginning to float in the virtual cloud. Some of these may be the result of mind control and nano-technology: erasure of memory, and replacement by false ones. That goes for consensus reality as well, which is of all times when groups of people live in a closed circuit of living conditions.

    I believe that the development of mind control and scalar weaponry is real, and in some ways it all reminds me of the times before Atlantis fell. Not that I'm living in anxiety, expecting a repetition of that "fall", it's mainly a similarity in the human free will to experiment and experience. "Free will" is maybe not always as free as we like to think.

    For those readers who wonder about what scalar weaponry is, scalar waves are a higher form of radar waves, but they go one step further by passing through anything solid too and are able to detect and be able to be made into a focused beam to target anything through the earth or sea as well.

    An example of an event with far reaching consequences, as far as I've understood the incident, is the clash between two spacecrafts of ET beings at Rosswell, Mexico, caused by the use of scalar weaponry, resulting in a "forced landing" of these spacecrafts. Colonel Philip Corso wrote a book about that event: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/391849.The_Day_After_Roswell

    I'm coming back to it nowadays, as often as I stumble on doom and gloom scenarios, that the outcome of humanity's present journey, through a development, call it an awakening, of consciousness that is beyond the scope of what the human brain is capable of grasping, is benevolent. What's the use of a spell of breaking news, day after day? What's breaking?

    The nature of our present time, the closing gap between idea and the counting of time, plus an increase of concentration due to "presence in balance with love, with compassion, all these aspects of transformation are bringing idea and manifestation closer together, potentially, in sync with authenticity, with being who we truly are… becoming as well.

    And the wisdom of life's laws, allows only those of us attendance in that "workshop", that are consciously choosing to create, build and allow others to do the same. In freedom of expression.
    To me, the most disempowering emotion that is in the way of that to develop and grow, is fear.
    Too many posts in PFC's pages are familiar, or should I say "linked" with that emotion, and I wonder why what's expressed about the nature and intention of Prepare for Change:

    "The Prepare for Change Network’s mission is to facilitate the creation of a New Society by connecting people, informing them about the true situation on the planet, raising the frequency of consciousness, preparing the people for the arrests of the negative elite, the financial reset, and the disclosure of the Secret Space Programs and our true place in the cosmos, and during these actions maintain a calm and peaceful society during and after these changes, collectively called The EVENT".

    is in contradiction with the content of many of PFC's posts. This part of PFC's mission "Informing us about the true situation on the planet" is open to as many interpretations as there are PFC-members with being true to that mission in mind. Even the man who calls himself Cobra, is expressing his interpretation of events and what's called The Event. To some of you, reading this, that last statement might be felt like a kick against the shin.

    To me, there's an element missing in PFC's mission, and that's the engagement of PFC members' daily practice, living in a mode of curiosity, wonder, neutral observation, in the thick of turmoil, in the eye of the storm, all sorts of living conditions. To me, it's these personal experiences, shared, included in what's presented, in written or spoken word, that create a living connection out of interest, recognition, with inspiration in tow as well. Experiences of life, in ups and downs, from moderators, guest authors, contributors, participants, and visitors who read articles and leave comments.

    Maybe the question should be asked "What's first, the chicken or the egg?" regarding the way this site is functioning in sync with PFC-members' presence in the cloud, their activity in communication.
    Did it grow from more to less, through time? Can it grow from less to more through time? And when these observations of mine are only vague sentences to you, the reader, or even, when it's the case that hardly anyone is taking notice of it, what value of communication, and participation can be found, for me, within the pages of PFC, when that's the case?


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