In this video Polly shows you a potentially HUGE discovery about a man who smuggled 22 vials of biological material out of a Level 4 Canadian lab back in 2009… and how that same lab was involved with the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the year leading up to the COVID19 ‘pandemic.’


For references go to Bitchute Source and scroll down and click MORE under the video



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  1. Breaking News June 21 , 2021 – United Network News

    Where to forward your Cv Below Global Intelligence Agency

  2. Breaking News June 21 , 2021 – United Network News – Kimberly Goguen

    Interim Head of State America – Highest Global Security Clearance 74

    The Global Intelligence Agency "Confirmed" Ratified in the Hall of records

    As the "Only" official Global Military and Global Intelligence Forces Worldwide.

    job opportunity applications welcome Every Country And City For Global Peace 🙂

    • Hello United, please be more clear and complete with your "Breaking News June 21?
      It's not even on-topic here.
      What's the use of this, when I try to open the link in your first comment, and the link giving access to the entire content, announced below the video in the link of your second comment?
      "Could not access the requested content
      To get access you need to make a purchase"

      • I'd ignore it if I were you. 'United' is just another sock-puppet account. It used to post under the name 'WeAreThePeople.' It's part of the largely discredited Lifeforce (Life FARCE, more like) -riddled with infighting, power games and fragile egos – and Goguen, once a part of THI, has since sold out. She (Goguen) is supposedly The Trustee of the former Manna World Holding Trust, which allegedly has access to a vast, secret stash of money, gold and associated assets, stolen from the World's people. She's continues to make grand promises, claims she has control of the Quantum Financial System, yet seems singularly unable (or unwilling) to release funds to any people's organisation that isn't somehow connected to deep state interests. All that money and she can't even organise a decent TV channel. Ask yourself this question: If Goguen et al are really FOR humanity, why do they promote apps and fresh air currency, backed by the same old names that control the central banking system? IN my opinion Lifefarce is just another human energy harvester. By comparison, Benjamin Fulford's yarns are at least entertaining!


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