By Lisa Renee – Energetic Synthesis

Dear Ascending Family,

One important factor of kundalini activations during the spiritual ascension process is that no one informed me about what was going to happen to my sleep and that I would feel tired all the time. Actually getting some sleep at night and waking up and feeling somewhat rested became something that happened less and less over time. Maybe this is more of an issue in the western culture, as there is not much energetic space given to people to just rest and explore their spirituality. I find that my body doesn’t turn off until nearly the time the sun is coming up. I’m on watch for the night shift and there is no sensation of deep sleep to be had.

Currently, I can barely remember what a restful night of sleep used to feel like, and like many things, the process of laying down to go to sleep has changed and feels surreal.  I know I’m not the only one, many of us are feeling this way. Why can’t we get some good sleep anymore? What does being awake and being asleep actually mean in these days? Before the kundalini rising I do remember the days of going to sleep at reasonable hours and actually feeling relatively rested in the morning. It appears those days are long over for me, and it may be something you’re going through too as an ascension symptom and bodily change. Many of us are working hard in other dimensional planes during the night, or when we shift our brain waves into the theta state while still upright and supposedly awake while in the matrix.  Higher spiritual embodiment and communing with cosmic frequencies really does a number on the physical self’s metabolic processes and bio-rhythms. As I’ve gone further and further out there, there has been more responsibilities from the Guardian teams, and as a result the state of sleep and sensation of rest has been drastically altered.

In the earlier stages of my awakening, I was under the impression that communing with higher frequencies and undergoing initiation into embodying my higher spiritual layers would give me plenty of life force energy to feel exceptionally light and energetic. I’d be able to power through all my to-do lists and workload in a single bound! This was a false assumption, and since my early and naïve years of awakening, I have since been radically corrected. I have learned that there is vast difference between vital force energies that animate within the lower body, that give rise to the sensation of feeling energized, versus the focused direction of higher spiritual current in the body that actually requires these same vital forces to help you embody. Down here on earth, it’s all about embodiment, getting as much of the higher spiritual intelligence down here into matter and into our physical body, as possible. The more I embodied, the more tired I was feeling! How could this be? Apparently because remote viewing and consciousness projection actually require a proportionate amount of my vital forces in order to operate simultaneously on multiple realms.

And as a result of the constant siphoning we are exposed to on the earth that is designed to prevent us in accumulating more abundant consciousness energy, I’ve found that I have to radically conserve my bodily energy in order to get my higher consciousness work done. In some ways I feel like a bear that goes into hibernation for a time, or my nervous system turns off into stasis for a temporary phase in order to generate some more energy that I require for consciousness work. When I’m enduring this stasis state, it’s like walking in a null zone, all I can do is basic 3D body functions that do not require high energy output. High mental focus or consciousness energy is being conserved, and any sessions or projects that I had been working on previously, come to a standstill. In this stasis state I feel flattened out, exhausted. This is how it has been since December, when planet earth’s structural changes for the bifurcation were at their pinnacle shift in the field. Many of you may be laying on the couch or in bed wondering why you cannot get up, and even though you slept, you cannot seem to get anything else really accomplished but laying there. For many of us we may appear like couch potatoes, but this is not actually what is really happening behind the scenes, we’re gathering all our energy for embodying!

Over time I learned that if I expended too much physical energy in this realm, or I gave too much energy in places that were not aligned, my work in other realms suffer! All the spinning plates would crash to the floor. So achieving energetic balance in multiple realms has been the important spiritual lesson, how to sustain the body and consciousness with the limited resources we have available in this moment. Whomever said in the New Age that we have unlimited access to energy in this realm doesn’t know the reality of the NAA parasites, must exist in a completely different bio-neurology, or has not spiritually embodied yet! The embodied state refers to self-sourcing, being internally directed and not taking energy from other people. We’ve got to embody our own source light within and direct that light source, as the energy source that maximizes our spiritual purpose in the world. I’ve found energy and time management in this material world as a spiritually ascending person is not exactly easy, as the 3D people that are parasitic tend to have a lot more vital force to use to direct their manifestations that serve the asleep world. It’s actually quite a complex process managing usable energy in this realm. It means that to accomplish this mission, I’m in a permanent cycle of energy conservation, gathering inner sustenance and then directing it in purposeful ways in order to meet my responsibilities.

I asked the Guardian teams over the years for a weigh in on this topic, because I wanted to let them know how darn exhausted we are down here. They don’t deal with this density and it’s a very different reality for them. Here’s a few tidbits that were interesting about the sleep state changes and the reasons why we’re so tired on an ascending planet.

Oscillation to Vibration Incompatibilities

Apparently when the fundamental matter vibration is being exposed to higher oscillations of higher spectrums of frequency, the stages of absorption of the light into the cells surfaces the density (miasma) recorded in the cells, and when the accretion into the lightbody and cells is occurring, this can feel like the body is carrying weights and we feel tired like we’re lumbering around while knee deep in mud.

The combination of both the pattern of Vibration (contraction) and Oscillation (expansion) speed is what determines the frequency rate of all energy and all things. As our personal, collective and planetary consciousness rises in frequency, the matter world becomes less dense. Our physical bodies also become less dense as our frequency increases. However in the world of matter, as we drop density we can feel that our body is experiencing energy loss and we feel really tired. Sometimes, our Blueprint is holding a much higher frequency and energetic download, which is accreting and not yet absorbed, and this can make the body feel extremely dense. It is important to know this is a common Ascension symptom when the physical body is acclimating to embody higher frequency.

When we have Ascension Flu and exhaustion symptoms, from acclimating to new energies, this is not an entropic process. This is actually helping the body to acclimate to embody more light in the cells, and generating more ATP. At stages of lightbody accretion, the body will experience oscillation to vibration incompatibilities, through the exposure to higher frequency rates in the blueprint versus the body. When this occurs, it is possible for the person to experience sensations of heavy density, shadow clearing, and as the body senses the gravitational pull, this creates pressure. The energetic pressure can feel as if it is bearing down on the body from the crown of the head. Tension and stiffness from the influx of new energy will apply pressure for the body to circulate and distribute these energies. This is first commonly felt in the head, neck and shoulders. Sensations of pressure, moving down with thermal energies circulating in other areas of the body comes later. During the body’s absorption phase, the lightbody is more unstable. Before the new frequency is fully integrated, while in this phase, you will feel tired and need more sleep.

Changing Position in Time Field in Incremental Degrees

When we change position in the time field, as we are doing now as a result of the bifurcation, our location on the grid shifts in incremental degrees. In our lightbody structure we have a clock shield template that adjusts the difference between the biological time record and the space-time we inhabit. This internal lightbody structure is constantly shifting now to slowly accommodate the shift to the next harmonic, and the location we are interfacing with horizontally and vertically within the planetary architecture.  Essentially during this phase we are time travelers skipping to the future timeline, and our body is not used to traveling through time in this way so rapidly, so the body is acclimating to this change and needs to conserve energy to adjust. Dormant functions in the lightbody are coming online as we get pulled away from artificial technology and frequency fences that were suppressing and constricting the lightbody in the 3D timelines.

Additionally, over the last year, I found myself observing dimensional areas in the planetary body that were flipping in 45 degree angles and one large section of the planet’s dimensional plane that did a full 180 degree flip. Day was night and night was day, it was the correction of many reversals that were used in the lower matter realms. These were new areas being prepared for moving the grounding location in the bifurcation of time that were not running reversal current. This flip in the field changed the bio-rhythm for sleep, and is why currently I’m awake all night and sleep at daylight. We’re getting used to living in the matter world without Ai time loops and the reversals used to feed the alien machinery.

DNA Activation

We are building new information into the cells of the body in so that we can reprogram our own DNA, this requires energy and we’re tired. The cells have been coded for this time in history, prior to the time of human birth. Many people are finding that they are drawn to a certain information, people, places or events in history. They are finding that being in that environment, whether with that person or in that physical place, is creating a type of trigger, a trigger in the cellular memory. This is creating the firing or triggering of new information in the body. There is a type of overlapping and a blending of many processes taking place as these triggers are being activated. Then the new information is activated and brought into the mind.

This activation of cellular memory is taking place on a multitude of levels within the body. The more we are in alignment with our body wisdom, the more there is a movement consciously towards that which will trigger that cellular memory and activate the transformation within the DNA.

A fundamental renovation is occurring in our spiritual house, which is our physical body while we are living in it.

Using the analogy of remodeling our home, the workmen strip off the old roof, tear up the old floor, disconnect your old plumbing and turn off your electricity to re-wire the home. This all occurs while we are trying to live there and function in our day to day life. In the same manner, our body is undergoing the same remodeling as we are trying to keep ahead of the changes and piles stacking up, while feeling extremely disoriented and inconvenienced as this occurs. The changes in our physical body-spiritual house are occurring because our DNA is being restructured. The most concise repository of information in our personal blueprint is found in the original cellular DNA of our bodies. Our human DNA will evolve from two helixes to twelve helixes or more. The Diamond Sun twelve strand DNA was originally in human bodies about 300,000+ years ago.

Recalibration and Etheric Upgrades

Apparently, during the night is the most active time for most of us to receive recalibrations and etheric upgrades to our lightbody, so many of us are being worked on heavily during the night. To receive these lightbody upgrades we must be passive or stationary for best results, and if we’re running around in the physical it is not the opportune time. This is another reason why it’s suggested we meditate more so we can open the space for more higher exchanges to occur, hopefully that we can more consciously participate with the process by making contact with our higher self or star families.

When we are getting recalibrations and upgrades in our nervous system it can feel like tingling, needles and flushing in hot or cold temperatures in the meridians. Our bodies are being shifted in thermodynamic ways and with so much light entering the fields of the body, some of the symptoms we experience are actually preventing our physical vehicles from bursting with the intensity of light. During upgrades we may experience a waking up every few hours to see a clock flashing different master numbers, sometimes all night long. This triggers cellular memory. How many of us have looked at the clock to see a series of number codes, like 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and 5:55 all in one night! When we are supposed to be somewhere like work in the morning, it’s not a happy event getting out of bed.

Bear in mind that all who are on the planet at this time, all forms of life are and will continue to be effected by an increase in intensity of light that comes directly into and around the field of the planet. So even those who appear totally unconscious of the changes happening, they are definitely being effected and will continue to be impacted. Why are they experiencing greater agitation, why are they experiencing many parts of their life are no longer working? Why are they experiencing less control over the mental body than they are used to? Ego dismantling is a world wide epidemic!

There is a great deal of confusion among the masses because there has not been a large enough body of clear information made available to support comprehension of the planetary shift, and we know the reasons why. These times are unprecedented and there is nothing from our past that can compare to what is currently happening and what will continue to accelerate in order to meet the disclosure timeline. Fasten your seat belts, as we’re in the planetary plasma activation and consciousness rebirth cycle that is preparing us to meet the next level of embodiment we are due for by March 2022 and beyond!

With Love and In Service,

Energetic Synthesis – Lisa Renee

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  1. THANK YOU so much for revealing your own experience of exhaustion, sleeplessness, and general energy depletion. I have been going through the same and wondering if I will ever be okay again, frustrated because it is difficult to impossible to get through my to-do lists that used to be easy. Thanks again, this means a lot to hear it from another.

  2. This article takes a very complex subject and expresses it in a way that most people can understand. Thank you.

  3. I'd rather think there is positive reason for waking up after being sound to sleep, and I feel like my head was being whomped all night, third eye like mad eye Moody. …been having to sleep different places, and must hang out in my chakra system helps.


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