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Regarding the dark side of men, all men have the potential to be extremely evil.

Men who have a loving, supporting wife, who are in healthy families, probably don’t have to deal with their dark sides too often.  However, if these same men joined the military and went off to fight in a war, these same men would have to deal with their dark sides much more, as toxic circumstances make the inner shadow much more powerful.

There have been instances when men fighting a war invade an innocent village and kill the men and rape the women, and even rape the children, and then kill the women and the children.  These same men who were model citizens of society with their loving wives at home… one would never suspect these men to be capable of such atrocities.  Yet, history is full of genocides that have been carried out by men who would otherwise not be thought to be remotely capable of such atrocities.

It’s important to realize that all men, regardless of how good they may appear to act, are capable of committing the most horrific atrocities if placed under the right conditions.  All men have a beast inside.

The key is to not be ashamed of having an inner beast, but instead to be aware of this inner beast, and discipline this inner beast, to be a good man in both stable and unstable circumstances.  Jordan Peterson explains this in the following video:

Jordan Peterson – A Harmless Man Is Not A Good Man




(Women of course have a dark side as well, but the writer of this article is male.  Women could give perspectives on this article and/or write an article about the dark side of women.)

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  1. And that my dear Starlight is called the spirit of the "AntiChrist". The AntiChrist is not a "person" but a powerful spirit of darkness! Every human being has "God" and also the "Beast" within, by exercising our free will we either choose to experience "God" or manifest the wrath of the Beast better known as the "AntiChrist"….

    • Edward Morgan, in distant past I would have never thought there was such a thing – that it was a myth. Not anymore though. Maybe the "AntiChrist" becomes extremely active (desperate) just before its defeat.

  2. I recall going full animal back in the summer of '75. I was walking down a street. I was wasn't doing anything. Then I came under attack by a potentially vicious dog out in the middle of the public street adjacent to where the dog and its family lived. I drew a six-inch blade and crouched forward ready to slash the beast immediately when it came into range. I was massively ready and eager to kill. If the beast would have come into range, I would have not only slashed it, but would have sought to follow up with stabbing and slashing the body apart. As it turned out, I scared the hell out of the dog and the teenaged son of the irresponsible dog owner who were working on a car. I pivoted to keep facing the dog as it made a full circle around me and then took refuge behind the owner's son. Then the owner's son backed up and stepped on the dog's paw, illiciting a yelp of pain from the dog. The irresponsible dog owner picked up a tyre iron and said something, but I paid no attention to what it was. I fiercely yelled "call him off immediately!" Then I yelled that if that thing ever attacks me again, i will butcher it. Then I yelled that I would report him and his vicious dog to the police.

    All right, you can judge me if you want to, but I had no time to pontificate on my reaction until after the fact. All I could think about were those fangs coming my way at a run. Even that I did not need to think about for very long. I was surprised by mine own behaviour later when I could calm down and think about it, but I was thankful that I was not bitten and felt no sense of shame or embarassment. There are times, rare in my life, when one needs to just get profoundly ugly. I wish it were not true, but it is and was long before my time.

    Several years later, I was a 33 year-old infantry trainee at Fort Benning, Georgia taking bayonet training. Even though it was just training, I felt that vicious, deperate animal consciousness come over me again. I fantasized about killing my drill sergeant who was passing by at the time. I suspect that the proclivity is hard-wired by nature to kick in when it is needed.

    • Quentin Holt, Deplorable Thougth Criminal, I've scared myself in the past by what I've thought of doing. There's this kind of 'evil intelligence' that exists that takes ahold of people without warning. Many times in the past the only way I could prevent conflicts from happening was to plan ahead and keep my guard up. I would be very hostile but would plan ahead to take different actions. Things would occasionally find ways to slip through though.

      At my job recently, for example, a customer was complaining about there not being any carts in the cart bay, being quite obnoxious to say the least. The store was having a very hard time getting new employees, and we were shorthanded. I hadn't clocked in yet. I found myself telling this customer that we are hiring and he can go out and get carts for us lol! Things went 'down hill' from there. Your example is the same kind of thing. Being in physical danger can really set things off. There is this 'evil intelligence' finds ways to take advantage of the fight or flight response, putting it in overdrive. It finds its way in that way. Previous traumas can really amplify things as well. I may write something about this 'evil intelligence' in the future. It knows how to set things up ahead of time through negative synchronicities in order to obtain certain results. I've noticed many times in my own life, and in the world at large, that there were just too many coincidences taking place at specific times, causing specific (unwanted) results.

  3. Kilroy Washere, I am the writer of this article. I did not mean that every military engages in this kind of behavior. When researching genocide though, clearly there have been countless times when these kinds of atrocities happen. History is full of atrocities far more than I ever thought possible. Perhaps I should have used other scenarios where drugs are involved, which makes this more likely to happen, where groups of youths are given drugs and guns to do this sort of thing. I meant no disrespect to the military you served under, nor was it my intent to make the military look like a bunch of thugs and so forth.

    I agree that people are not victims of circumstance, which is why it was my intent to point out that there can be a mastery of one's own 'inner demons.' Often times from all the negative feedback I feel that my writing is falling on deaf ears and/or my writing gets taken out of context, so perhaps there's no further point in writing for any audience. If people are going to be hostile like this, perhaps I should move on to other endeavors. I've had about enough. I suppose I should be able to 'take the heat,' but I have better things to focus on when people are just wanting to pick fights all the time. I suppose I haven't always been the nicest in the past, so now maybe it's going full circle lol! I don't know.

  4. Having served in the Military I and many like me are very qualified to weigh in on this topic.
    I have never read such tripe in my life. Doing evil is a choice not a circumstance.
    Have such things happened in the past? Yes they have and we’re for the most part encouraged by the higher ups as a form of psychological warfare against the civilian population. I will not point a finger at any group or Country however, the history speaks for itself.
    Yes, life presents all humans with choices both good and evil. To indulge your lower being is a choice and those that choose to participate in such activity would in a second do the same at home if they thought they could get away with it. Criminal behavior is just that and should be punished and often is when the right circumstances presents itself and often do in a combat situation. Getting rid of garbage can be as easy as being a second slow to respond.
    Creatures like the ones you speak are looked upon with disdain by real soldiers. Animals with such a character flaw like this have no place in a professional Military. This type of behavior presents a threat to the group and therefore is dealt with quickly and quietly.
    So, please take that crap somewhere else as you have zero idea of what you are talking about. Your indoctrination runs deep.


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