“All of the COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ are bioweapons. Graphene oxide is not listed in the patent applications because it is poisonous to humans, and because it is the main ingredient in the hydrogel which can be used to create a brain-computer interface and a drug delivery system. There are 4 ‘lipid’ nanoparticles in the COVID-19 vaccines. Graphene oxide, 4,000 times stronger than titanium, can withstand 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures and is an excellent conductor of electricity, and can host a magnetic field. When the graphene oxide in the vaccines becomes positively charged, such as by electromagnetic radiation, radio frequency, wireless devices, wireless networks such as 5G, etc., it will annihilate anything it comes into contact with and therefore can cause great damage and death depending on how much of it exists in the body and where it is located. Multiple COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ and booster shots may increase the amount of graphene oxide in the body. The COVID-19 vaccine study should have been stopped when, during a study with mice, 80% died within 24 hours and the remainder died within the next few days. With this round of vaccines, they rushed this thing out and they’re just seeing how much they can put into people before they die.”

~Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

         “If People get jabbed after watching this they are beyond saving”

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  1. These are the official names of the 5 vaccines, used in The Netherlands, and the kind of vaccines that they are, measured until Aug. 1 2021. (starting date isn't specified)

    Pfizer Brand name COVID-19 vaccin Comirnaty – mRNA vaccin – severe side effects: 1.656
    Age group most affected 50-59: over 10.000 – Affected nervous system: 28.395

    Moderna Brand name COVID-19 vaccin Spikevax – mRNA vaccin – severe side effects: 241
    Age group most affected 40-59: 5.000 – Affected nervous system: 10.672

    AstraZeneca Brand name COVID-19 vaccin Vaxzevria – Vector vaccin – severe side effects: 703
    Age group most affected 60-69: 15.000 – Affected nervous system: 28.715

    Janssen – Vector vaccin – severe side effects: 99
    Age group most affected 50-59: 3.100 – Affected nervous system: 8.029

    Vaccin unknown – severe side effects: 22
    Age group most affected 50-59: 33 – Affected nervous system: 95

    Dutch source: https://www.lareb.nl/coronameldingen

  2. This is very real, besides all the videos about people's arms getting magnetized after the injections on odysee, my neighbour took the shot as well, confirmed this and send me a video. He said his friends and relatives also get the same thing.

  3. … great site here ~ XLNt info!
    I'm proud to be a "consp!racy theor!st" … since that's where the TRUTH is found.
    Keep on "digging" ~ & may you be blessed with protection!
    ~ Krishna Davinci

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    Order of the Black Sun Are now all "SLAVES"



  5. Am I missing something? Where can I find (proof of) the testimony of Karen Kingston, former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries? The text in purple may well be a text made by any person who has grown familiar with all these medical and pharmaceutical terms, floating in the cloud nowadays.
    Not that I'm taking the purple text for untruth, it's just that proof of that text actually spoken or written by Karen Kingston is missing.

  6. Extremely Urgent Breaking News 27th July , 2021- United Network News Special Report

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  7. July 2021
    VAERS Whistleblower: “45,000 Dead From Covid-19 Vaccines Within 3 Days of Vaccination”, Sparks Lawsuit Against Federal Government


  8. My family and I will NOT be bowing to the NWO, we will not be subjecting our selves to their new white coat religion. We do not consent to their depopulation reset…the last one was less than 500 years ago. It’s time to exterminate those parasites and cleanse the Earth of our greatest enemy terrorists…the 13 Zoro Astrian bloodlines.

    My husband’s employer has been saying all along that they will not be requiring anyone to get the inoculation. However, last week, they seemed to change their position just a little bit, making it sound like most of the 300,000 employees have [been stupid and] got it.

    They’re trying to make those that haven’t and won’t bow down to feel like they’re alone. That’s how the bloodlines operate…singling out and creating division and stamping people with scarlett letters. History repeating again. When will humans EVER learn?

    My understanding is that lawsuits can not be filed on the basis of the US Constitution and Amendments because businesses are private corporations that fall under Commerce Code which…get this…they made to supersede the Constitution! But when they violate those codes, the Constitution is reinstated. Social media platforms that censor the truth are also violating antitrust laws so then the First Amendment is reinstated.

    Attorneys are incorrectly arguing First Amendment when they should be starting with Commerce Code and antitrust laws, as explained here by Dr David E Martin-



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