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In a long overdue action against the Vaccine Syndicate including World Health Organization (WHO) officials, Big Tech and Pharma companies regarding their questionable actions related to Covid-19 pandemic, the Secretary General of Human Rights Security Council has lodged a formal complaint against the Vaccine Syndicate with the Prime Minister of India’s office.

In his 132 page complaint (read all documents below), the complainant has given all the proofs of the crimes committed by the Vaccine Syndicate assumed to be headed by Bill Gates.

In another case of unauthorized experimental trial of HPV vaccines causing death of 8 female children, the Parliamentary committee of India has already recommended investigation and prosecution against various persons including office bearers of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Immediate direction for implementation of Parliamentary Committee’s 72nd Report and recommendations of investigation and prosecution of office bearers of ‘toxic philanthropist’ and Vaccine Syndicate’s Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the concerned officials of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) responsible for death of 8 female children because of unauthorized, unlawful & unapproved vaccines.

You can read here the untold story of how Bill Gates funded NGO PATH killed tribal girls in India in unauthorised clinical trials and got away with it.



HRSC Letter to the Prime Minister of India:

Case status with PMO:

Letter by Indian Bar Association to Prime Minister of India:

Case status of representation given by Indian Bar Association:

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  2. There's an enormous sternness, a "no time for nonsense" atmosphere in the air. In Europe, Greece, Italy, and Spain, huge forest fires are raging. Flooding has ravaged areas in Germany, Belgium and the Southern county of Limburg, the Netherlands. Where I live in the centre, it's raining most of the summer, with warm temperatures, much humidity. In France, all medical personnel MUST accept vaccination, or lose their job. In the UK, all care personnel works under the same rule: vaccination.
    In the Netherlands, we're free to choose, according to law, this cannot be changed. Or are the lions loose? UK-Column is a credible and thorough team of researchers and reporters:

    UK-Column 29th of July 2021: Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium – Day 1

    The truth-teller allies are growing stronger, more impactful, almost in a 1+1= 3 manner it seems.
    A kind commenter, AndyinHawick, left these links (below) so that it's easy to find access to all parts.

    Andy's comment of 2 days ago July 30th 2021:

    Andy's comment of 1 day ago July 31st 2021:
    Second session:

    Andy's words:
    "I hope that these are helpful; I'm working on the second day now. It seems like people are finding them and viewing them, which is great. These are such fantastic presentations discussions that we need to publicise them as widely as possible."


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